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Almost exactly a year ago, Teen Vogue published an article headlined, “On GLAAD’s Spirit Day, 10 LGBTQ People Explain How to Cope With Bullying,” regaling its readers with the woes of LGBT discrimination and bullying. Now, they’re defending the harassment of the only openly bisexual female senator because she voted down a $15 minimum age and the ending of the filibuster. 

In an op-ed headlined, “Kyrsten Sinema’s Privacy Isn’t More Important Than American Lives”, Teen Vogue states that “The LUCHA activists who confronted Sinema at ASU were telling her exactly why they were there and what they want.” while blaming the victim calling her an “obstructionist” to the leftist agenda. 

They continue to defend the harassers claiming that their behavior was not “undignified,” but rather Sinema’s disagreement was. While preaching for solidarity against bullying of LGBTQ youth, they also tell their youth readers that it is “dignified” and justified to bully a bisexual senator because she disagrees with them.

Accuracy in Media has previously called out Vogue for media malpractice, including promoting Marxism, leftist ideas, and condemning capitalism to its millions of young readers. 

Teen Vogue’s hypocrisy towards the treatment of non-Leftist LGBTQ people is alarming to say the least. The outlet is justifying the harassment of a sitting senator because she disagrees with radical Leftist policies. 

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