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In a new article calling for a “women’s strike”, inspired by an Icelandic movement where women quit working for 24 hours to protest an alleged wage gap, Teen Vogue hides a particularly sexist viewpoint, that Republican women in politics have no idea what their party stands for. Which according to the teen outlet is “opposition to women’s rights”.

The article claims that “Republican women in Congress, despite their growing numbers, are stumping for the men who refuse to see them as equals, politically or bodily, begging the question: Does representation matter if it’s within a party (or parties) that are diametrically opposed to women’s rights?

While peddling the case for abortion, LGBTQ privileges, and “equity,” the author states with no evidence that the “Republican Party has galvanized around limiting women’s rights out of fear of women’s collective political power, should they ever attain economic equality with men.”.

Teen Vogue’s inaccurate statements about the main beliefs of the Republican Party are the least shocking parts of the article. They perpetuate a completely un-feminist idea that having women in power is only good if they believe in the leftist ideology. Their millions of young female readers will be leftist activists rather than feminists if the publication continues to believe only women with conforming ideals matter.

The popular publication has been the subject of ire from Accuracy in Media during 2021. They’ve been caught marketing Marxism to teens and calling the Pledge of Allegiance racist.

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