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What similar experience does the Obama Administration share with the University of Texas at Austin?

Hint:  Last week the University announced a collection of one hundred brains, preserved in formaldehyde, were missing.

Univeristy co-curator Tim Schallert’s comment “We think someone may have taken the brains” is appropriate to describe an Obama Administration that has foolishly failed to de-rail Iran’s nuclear bomb-bound train. It is an Administration that fails to understand, or chooses to turn a blind eye to, Tehran’s true intentions.

Iran’s mullahs understand this, evidenced by a brazen statement made by its top cleric. The statement came only 24 hours after the latest deadline for the U.S. and Iran to reach an agreement to stop Tehran’s nuclear arms program passed without a meeting of the minds.

To put Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s statement into context requires reflecting on the current Muslim-on-Muslim violence in Iraq and Syria.

Muslims have hated and brutally murdered each other long before America arrived on the scene. In a tradition spanning 14 centuries, Muslims of one sect have condemned members of all other sects as non-believers-unworthy of life. Thus, Sunni ISIS continues conducting brutal assembly line executions of Shiite and Alawite opponents.

Despite this sectarian hatred, Khamenei stated it can be bridged by Islam’s even greater hatred for Israel and the West.

In a televised broadcast on November 25, 2014, Khamenei explained Iran’s support for all-sect Muslim terrorist organizations is not “bound by religious differences.”

He boasted Shiite Tehran’s support both for the Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah as well as the Sunni terrorist group Hamas would continue.

Astonishingly, Iran willingly accepts the slaughter of its fellow Shiites by Sunnis as “collateral damage,” motivated so by a greater hatred for Western non-believers.

Accordingly, Tehran assists Hamas Sunnis who, ultimately, will be committed to killing their Iranian Shiite supporters.

Of concern too is that, for eight years now, Iran has been spreading its influence in Venezuela through Hezbollah. Tehran’s proxy terrorist group has quietly been building a missile base there.

In 1962, President Kennedy used the 1823 Monroe Doctrine to justify forcing the removal of Soviet missiles in Cuba; yet Obama does nothing to demand the removal of Iran’s missiles.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah teams up with Mexican drug cartels, gaining access to our southern borders.

The intentions of a nuclear-armed Iran are clear. Not limited solely to a missile delivery system, it will look to Hezbollah as a delivery source as well.

Khamenei bragged during his broadcast “America and the other colonialist European countries banded together and did everything…to bring Iran down to its knees on the nuclear issue…They (did not succeed)…They never will.”

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand Iran’s game plan for America. For Khamenei to openly brag about Iran’s support for terrorism against the West-the day after a nuke agreement deadline has passed and Obama has granted yet another extension-suggests the Supreme Leader recognizes a brain drain has taken place in Washington.

Meanwhile, Obama seeks to make Iran, which views America as its mortal enemy, an ally against ISIS. This foolish approach puts priority on stopping ISIS and not on the more serious Iranian nuclear threat.

While Vice President Biden agrees an agreement with Iran is unlikely, he claims the U.S. will never allow Tehran to acquire nukes. Iran has heard such empty threats before from this Administration.

As Obama continues embracing Iran, one can hear reverberating in the background the line made famous by the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, “If I only had a brain.”

Which raises another question concerning the incident involving the missing brains at the University of Texas: What is the difference between the Obama Administration and the University?

Hint:  The University later found theirs.

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