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Five Facts CNN Gets Wrong About the Border

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently spent time along the border, seeing firsthand the growing crisis. Cuomo summarized the border as the following: “The Republican base cares deeply about immigration. And Trump has spent his first two-plus years in office serving that base. What that means is that the policy is secondary to the politics here. So […]

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The Economist Applies False Label to Ben Shapiro

The Economist, an influential magazine that had a history of being more balanced and has taken a leftward turn under both presidents Obama and Trump, incorrectly called conservative media figure Ben Shapiro “an alt-right sage,” but then later corrected itself. The episode illustrates just how little many mainstream media outlets understand conservative leaders. “.@TheEconomist has […]

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‘The View’ Called Out for Workplace Hypocrisy

Even as the liberal cohosts on ABC’s The View have hounded conservatives as creating hostile work environments for women and minorities, a new book about The View alleges more than 100 examples of a hostile work environment. “Variety’s New York bureau chief Ramin Setoodeh has been working on Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story […]

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Slate Turns Pi Day Into Attack on Trump

When most Americans think of Pi Day – March 14 (3/14 is the date; 22/7ths = 3.14 for fellow math-challenged types) – they think of a celebration of mathematics, deals on pizza and what kinds of pie they prefer. At Slate, it was another excuse to bash President Trump. Matt Rozsa’s story: “Scientists in Congress […]

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Rollback of Rule That Never Took Effect ‘Could Threaten Clean Drinking Water for Millions’

President Trump’s plan to rewrite the Clean Water Rule amounts to a “rollback” that “could threaten clean drinking water for millions of Americans,” read the headline on Newsweek’s website. The plan the Trump EPA plans to unveil on Tuesday “would weaken federal clean water rules designed to protect millions of acres of wetlands and thousands […]

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NBC News: Criticism of Snipes is Based in Racism

Brenda Snipes refused to say how many votes remained to be counted in Broward County during the midterm election. She “mistakenly” included 22 absentee ballots that are considered illegal because the signatures on them don’t match the signatures in voting records. She failed to upload all the in-person early votes and available absentee ballot vote […]

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Post Again Attacks Trump With Only Anonymous Sources

Following a pattern that has existed since President Trump took office, the Washington Post on Wednesday ran a story, based on no evidence and no on-the-record interviews, saying the president had lost his cool and was acting irrationally on his recent trip to Paris. Trump’s trips abroad have generated a series of these stories, which […]

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Schumer Credits Trump on Trade Deal

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took the unusual step on Monday of praising President Trump for the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. “As someone who voted against NAFTA [the North American Free Trade Agreement, which the new deal, called USMCA – or U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement – replaces] and opposed it for many years, I knew […]

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