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West Philly Program Teaches Kids How to Spot Fake News

A West Philadelphia after-school program is trying to teach teens what their parents and other adults struggle with—how to identify fake news. The program at Mighty Writers West offers a weekly class called Fake News Finders that teaches kids from 10 to 14 years old the difference between real news, propaganda and entertainment, and how […]

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Bias Buzz: Less than Two Weeks Until Election Day

Don and Brian tackle ObamaCare’s woes and 22% premium increase (so much for ‘Affordable Care Act’), the amount of scandals facing the Hillary Clinton campaign with the continued leaks by¬†Wikileaks, news of voter fraud in several states, Michael Moore’s defense of Hillary Clinton, and more! Here is the iTunes link, so please subscribe! Below is […]

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April 2017

4/6/2017 - NRA Released Video Detailing the Legal Challenges to the Second Amendment

March 2017

3/21/2017 - West Philly Program Teaches Kids How to Spot Fake News

3/17/2017 - Dana Loesch Discussed Importance of Gun Rights in Safety during Riots

January 2017

1/4/2017 - NRA President Wayne LaPierre: ‘Deceitful Media…Tried to Distract Americans’ by Blasting Trump

December 2016

12/21/2016 - Does the Liberal Media Care about the Kurds and Kurdistan?

12/16/2016 - Austrians Worried about the Migrant Crisis, Their Own Safety

12/9/2016 - Weather Channel Gets Political? Meteorologist Criticizes Breitbart Article on Climate Change

November 2016

11/25/2016 - Even Saturday Night Live Mocks Liberals’ Fears of Trump with ‘The Bubble’ Skit

11/8/2016 - Social Media Sites Look to Grab a Slice of Election Day Viewers

October 2016

10/26/2016 - Bias Buzz: Less than Two Weeks Until Election Day

10/25/2016 - NRA President Issues Urgent Message to Supporters, Warns of Obama’s 3rd Term via Hillary Clinton

10/12/2016 - Did Trump Campaign Unlist YouTube Video Ad to Create Buzz? [Video]

September 2016

9/29/2016 - Bias Buzz: Debating the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate

9/16/2016 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters ‘Basket of Deplorables’, NCAA Withdraws from North Carolina & More

August 2016

8/10/2016 - The Bias Buzz: Wrapping Up the DNC Convention, Hillary Clinton’s Speech, Melania Trump & More

June 2016

6/2/2016 - WATCH: Shaq, Ex-NBA Player, Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

January 2015

1/28/2015 - Google admits to Screening Questions in Obama Q&A Session

March 2014

3/9/2014 - Turkey Clampdown Continues: Erdogan could ban Facebook, YouTube

September 2012

9/5/2012 - Social Media Use Soars During RNC Convention, As TV Audience Drops

January 2012

1/30/2012 - Obama to Hold First Completely Virtual Town Hall Today