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No, Liberals, Antifa Members Can’t Compare to World War Two Veterans

Antifa, or alleged “anti-fascists”, were recently compared to veterans of World War Two by an editor at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg. His reasoning? Antifa charged white supremacists and neo-Nazis at Charlottesville like World War Two veterans did during the war. Here’s what Goldberg tweeted, comparing ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie’s portrayal of veterans to “a group […]

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Ronald Reagan’s Pearl Harbor Proclamation

We at Accuracy in Media recognize the sacrifices made on that day, where U.S. servicemen died in Pearl Harbor when Japanese bombers attacked the U.S. fleet stationed there. We remember December 7th, 1941 through the words of Ronald Reagan in 1987: Proclamation 5751 — National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 1987 December 7, 1987 By the […]

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August 2017

8/18/2017 - No, Liberals, Antifa Members Can’t Compare to World War Two Veterans

December 2016

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November 2016

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August 2016

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May 2016

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5/28/2016 - Obama’s Hiroshima Speech Lacked Historical Context

5/25/2016 - Poland Plans to Remove Soviet Monuments, Upsets Russia

5/12/2016 - World War Two Veteran Celebrated 110th Birthday, Credits “Cigars and God”

5/6/2016 - Oldest American WWII Veteran Passes Away at Age 110

March 2016

3/14/2016 - Congress to Push for Medals for WWII’s Ghost Army which Fooled the Nazis

December 2015

12/29/2015 - Japan, South Korea reach Agreement and Compensation for World War Two Sex Slaves

12/7/2015 - Remembering Pearl Harbor

July 2015

7/6/2015 - World War Two Jokes during Women’s World Cup Offends People

June 2015

6/9/2015 - Baseball Broadcaster Vin Scully shares 3 Stories about D-Day during a game

May 2015

5/11/2015 - Op-Ed: What Obama can Learn from VE Day

5/10/2015 - Putin Holds Largest Parade since World War Two, Slams West

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

January 2015

1/27/2015 - Without Obama, Survivors will Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s Liberation

June 2013

6/4/2013 - Last WWII Vet serving in U.S. Senate, Frank Lautenberg, passes away at 89