Accuracy in Media

America and Western Civilization at a Crossroad

In what may be the mostly timely and important book of the year, Michael Widlanski lays out the current predicament that confronts America—and the West—and the potential consequences if we don’t recognize, acknowledge and combat it. The book is titled The Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat. At a time that […]

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The Vanishing Western Tradition

It is astonishing that those in the West are living through the near extinction of their civilization. For students in the Academy today, the Western Civilization history course, virtually a standard curriculum offering 30 years ago, has disappeared. This survey course covering classical antiquity to the present was the glue, the all embracing narrative, that […]

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April 2012

4/10/2012 - America and Western Civilization at a Crossroad

December 2011

12/13/2011 - The Vanishing Western Tradition