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New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

The New York Times said the following about the mostly ‘peaceful’ protests against incoming President-Elect Donald Trump: Most of the gatherings have remained peaceful, but tempers have flared sporadically. Demonstrators burned trash cans in Oakland on Wednesday night, and tried to block a highway on Thursday before the police intervened. In Portland on Thursday night, […]

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Marijuana-Impaired Driving is a New Danger

Cause and effect? Or is it correlation? The Daily Signal has more on this: According to the Washington State Marijuana Impact Report, the incidents of marijuana-impaired driving are increasing dramatically. Fatal driving accidents have risen 122 percent between 2010 and 2014, according to the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission. Marijuana is big business in Washington […]

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Seattle May Day Demonstration Results in 1 Molotov Cocktail Thrown, 9 Arrested and 5 Police Officers Injured

The #MayDaySea demonstration had 9 arrests, which was less than the previous three years, but resulted in the injuries of five Seattle police officers. May Day celebrates the legacy of communism and socialism, but the media calls it “worker’s rights.” MORE: Officer Rushed To Hospital After Being Attacked at Anti-Capitalism Event In Seattle (?: KIRO) […]

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November 2016

11/15/2016 - New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

October 2016

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September 2016

9/16/2016 - How the Media Glamorize Illegal Drugs

May 2016

5/14/2016 - Marijuana-Impaired Driving is a New Danger

5/2/2016 - Seattle May Day Demonstration Results in 1 Molotov Cocktail Thrown, 9 Arrested and 5 Police Officers Injured

December 2015

12/23/2015 - Washington State Prison Computer Glitch Released Prisoners Early

August 2015

8/3/2015 - Seattle CEO who Imposed Pay Equality in Firm sees Financial Hit

June 2015

6/19/2015 - Spokane Removes Rachel Dolezal from Police Commission

6/15/2015 - Rachel Dolezal Resigns from NAACP after Race Hoax Exposed

6/3/2015 - D.C. Police Claims They’re Not Stopping Gun Carry Permits, but Are They Really?

May 2015

5/29/2015 - DC Metro Censors Free Speech, Won’t Run Pamela Geller Ad on Mohammed

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

5/3/2015 - Obama Silent on May Day Riots in Seattle

April 2015

4/27/2015 - America’s Fixed-Rail Metro Model is Just Old and Flawed

4/15/2015 - Seattle Phasing in Higher Minimum Wage and Makes Eating Out More Expensive

March 2015

3/24/2015 - Seattle Restaurants: The $15 Wage Hike will Lead to Hours, Staff Cuts

July 2014

7/11/2014 - D.C. Going to Pot? City could Legalize Marijuana Soon

January 2014

1/8/2014 - Boeing Machinist Union Narrowly Approves Boeing Contract to stay in WA

November 2013

11/29/2013 - Seattle Area City narrowly votes to enact $15 Minimum Wage Law

11/17/2013 - Unions Lose: Workers Vote Against Jobs as Boeing will Move Operations

11/10/2013 - ObamaCare “Success”: 5 People sign up in D.C.

September 2013

9/13/2013 - D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray kills Living Wage, anti-Wal-Mart bill