Accuracy in Media

November 2015

11/17/2015 - 21 States Put Syrian Refugee Program on Hold

11/16/2015 - New York Times Criticizes Hillary Clinton’s Comments Linking Wall Street Ties to 9/11

11/16/2015 - Ben Carson sends Letter to Congress to Stop Refugee Program

11/16/2015 - Ted Cruz gets Major Iowa Endorsement

11/16/2015 - CIA Director Warns of More Terrorist Attacks by ISIS

11/16/2015 - Hillary Clinton: The Wall Street Candidate

11/16/2015 - Obama says No More Ground Troops to Fight ISIS

11/16/2015 - Texas puts a Halt to Syrian Refugee Program

11/16/2015 - Stats Don’t Lie: 72% of Refugees are Men, Only 20% from Syria

11/7/2015 - Politico Embarrassed after Ben Carson Story is Taken Apart

11/7/2015 - Politico Stealth Edits Their Ben Carson Story

11/6/2015 - New York Times: Iran Deal May Not Improve Relations After All

11/6/2015 - Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Reagan’ Book has Inaccuracies, says George Will

11/2/2015 - Ben Carson’s Campaign Raised $10 Million in October

11/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton OK’d More Security for Libya’s Prime Minister

October 2015

10/30/2015 - More Hillary Clinton Emails to be Released from the State Dept

10/30/2015 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Endorses Hillary Clinton

10/29/2015 - Rubio: Hillary Clinton was “Exposed as a Liar”

10/29/2015 - Poll: GOP Voters think Trump Won the CNBC GOP Debate

10/29/2015 - White House Denies They’ve Entered into a Cold War with Russia

10/26/2015 - ObamaCare is Making Nurses’ Lives Harder

10/26/2015 - Poll: 85% of Voters think America is Going in the Wrong Direction

10/26/2015 - The Liberal Media is Complicit in Burying Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Lies

10/22/2015 - Trey Gowdy Takes Hillary Clinton to Task over Sidney Blumenthal’s Role in Benghazi

10/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Defends Not Firing Anyone over Benghazi Terrorist Attacks

10/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Takes Offense at GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Calling Out Her Benghazi YouTube Video Narrative

10/21/2015 - Paul Ryan Issues Conditions in Order to Run for House Speaker

10/19/2015 - Small Poll Gains for Hillary Clinton after Democratic Party Debate

10/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton Fakes Southern Accent for the Crowd

10/19/2015 - Donald Trump Claimed His Immigration Policies would’ve Stopped 9/11

10/19/2015 - Poll: Americans Want Stricter Gun Sales, but No Specifics

10/18/2015 - Obama is Open to Negotiating with North Korea

10/18/2015 - Ted Cruz Calls for John Kerry’s Resignation after ‘Terror’ Remarks

10/16/2015 - Carly Fiorina Aide Jabs at Trump, Carson Requests for Shorter Debate Format

10/16/2015 - Ben Carson’s Campaign Fires Back at Media for Rumors of Suspending Campaign for a Book Tour

10/16/2015 - Rand Paul’s Campaign Issues Memo that He Won’t Drop Out

10/16/2015 - GOP Critic is Wrong about the Benghazi Select Committee, says Trey Gowdy

10/16/2015 - Joe Biden’s Family is ‘On Board’ for a Possible 2016 Run

10/15/2015 - Obama won’t Withdraw American Troops from Afghanistan in 2017

10/15/2015 - Poll: 56% believe Benghazi will Hurt Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Ambitions

10/12/2015 - Obama: Give Me a Few More Years on Syria, like Afghanistan

10/12/2015 - Polls find Hillary Clinton takes Large Lead in South Carolina, Nevada

10/12/2015 - Press Fawns Over Obama, Asks Him if He could Win if He Ran for a 3rd Term

10/11/2015 - House Passes Bill that Lifts Oil Export Ban

10/10/2015 - Renee Ellmers Blasts Affair Rumor, Says It’s Untrue

10/7/2015 - Taking a Look at California’s Assisted Suicide Law

10/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton is on the Defensive so far in 2016 Bid for President

10/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton is Sorry that Her Emails are “So Boring”

10/5/2015 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Boston Draws 24,000

10/5/2015 - Afghanistan Hospital Attack was Called In by Afghan Allies, U.S. says

10/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Claims She’s a Political Outsider because She’s a Female Candidate

September 2015

9/29/2015 - Marco Rubio’s Potshots Strategy vs. Trump is Working

9/29/2015 - Veterans’ Affairs Officials Gamed System, Wrote Selves Checks

9/29/2015 - What Can We Learn from Black Lives Matter? A Congressman’s Response

9/28/2015 - Shell Abandons Offshore Oil Drilling Effort after Lackluster Results

9/28/2015 - Democrats are Slamming Obama’s Economy

9/27/2015 - Conservatives’ Reaction to John Boehner’s Resignation: Good Riddance!

9/22/2015 - Emails show Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Discussed Sensitive Travel Info in Unsecured Emails

9/22/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe calls for More Democratic Debates

9/21/2015 - Poll: Clinton Regains Some Footing, but Still Under 50%

9/20/2015 - Anti-Wal-Mart Group Fractures into Two Groups

9/20/2015 - DNC Debates are Scheduled to Help Hillary Clinton?

9/20/2015 - Obama will Make New Rules on Cuba, Sidestep Congress

9/19/2015 - Scott Walker’s Team Upset at Poorly-Handled CNN Debate

9/19/2015 - Actress Emily Blunt Apologizes for Remark on GOP, Her Recent Citizenship

9/16/2015 - MSNBC says White Women are Fleeing from their Support of Hillary Clinton

9/14/2015 - Scott Walker Takes Aim at Labor Unions

9/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Support Falls by 21 Points in Latest Poll

9/11/2015 - Democrats Block Bill Opposing the Iran Deal

9/8/2015 - The Rise of Left-Wing Anti-Semitism in Britain is Worrisome, says Dan Hannan

9/8/2015 - Joe Biden Appeals to Labor Unions

9/8/2015 - Hillary Won’t Apologize for Secret Email Server

9/6/2015 - Declining Abortion Numbers Reported by U.S. States

9/6/2015 - Conservative Think Tank Heritage Foundation Hacked

9/6/2015 - Liberal Media Refuses to Tie Anti-Cop Violence to #BlackLivesMatter Movement

9/5/2015 - Joe Biden on Possible 2016 Run: “I Just Don’t Know”

9/3/2015 - 12 Things We Learned from Hillary Clinton’s Emails

9/3/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal is Going Around Congress

9/3/2015 - Now ObamaCare’s 2016 Enrollment is Ramping Up

9/3/2015 - Reuters: 57 of Hillary Clinton’s Emails had Classified Information

9/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ally sent Emails of How to Impeach SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas

9/1/2015 - Clinton Advisor Sidney Blumenthal Regularly Sent Hillary Clinton anti-Israel Content

9/1/2015 - Emails Dump Detail how Hillary Clinton Kept Tabs on Clinton Foundation while at State Dept

August 2015

8/31/2015 - 71% of Americans Unhappy about the Direction of America

8/31/2015 - 6,000 More Emails Scheduled to be Released by the State Dept

8/24/2015 - Ex-Trump Advisor says Mitt Romney could Run in 2016

8/24/2015 - California Governor Jerry Brown says Hillary’s Emails have “Dark Energy”

8/24/2015 - Email Timeline Suggest a Second Hillary Clinton Server Exists

8/20/2015 - State Dept and Intelligence Community at Odds over Classified Info in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/20/2015 - Iran Deal Opponents Not Fans of Obama’s Secret Deals

8/20/2015 - Oh Look: Reuters’ Planned Parenthood Piece Twists Poll Numbers

8/19/2015 - Democrats want Donald Trump’s Name Removed from DC Hotel

8/19/2015 - Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter & Other Right-Wing Pundits Split on Donald Trump

8/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matters Protesters have Testy Exchange

8/19/2015 - FBI believes it can Recover Data off of Hillary Clinton’s Server

8/17/2015 - Planned Parenthood Keeping Secret the Number of Clinics which Supply Fetal Tissue

8/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Isn’t Worried about Bernie Sanders’ Poll Surge

8/17/2015 - Democrat Calls Hillary Clinton E-mail Probe a “Witch Hunt”

8/10/2015 - Carly Fiorina Surges in a New Poll while Trump Makes Headlines

8/10/2015 - Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

8/10/2015 - Obama Claims America’s Credibility on the Line for the Iran Deal

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton Under Fire in Last Night’s GOP Debate

8/7/2015 - Mike Huckabee: The “Military is Not a Social Experiment”

8/7/2015 - John Kasich Cited Reagan in Expanding Medicaid

8/7/2015 - Carly Fiorina won Both GOP Debates, says Byron York

8/6/2015 - DOJ Opinion could Handcuff Whistleblowers

8/6/2015 - Rick Perry: I would rather have Carly Fiorina Negotiating with Iran than John Kerry

8/6/2015 - In 1st GOP Debate, Carly Fiorina Mocks Donald Trump-Bill Clinton Connection

8/6/2015 - Intelligence Community Watchdog Denied Access to Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/6/2015 - IRS is Rife with “Personal Politics” and “Gross Mismanagement”

8/6/2015 - New Hampshire Cuts Funding to Planned Parenthood

8/6/2015 - Security Breaches of Hacking Electronic Medical Records Doubled the Past Year

July 2015

7/31/2015 - Yes, ObamaCare is a Government Takeover of Health Insurance and Care

7/31/2015 - 4,400 Hillary Clinton E-mails Set to Be Released from State Dept

7/30/2015 - Marco Rubio: ‘Obama failed with Iran because he’s failed as president’

7/30/2015 - Another GOP Long-Shot Joins the White House Race: Jim Gilmore

7/30/2015 - Even Obama’s Economic Advisers Blast Too Much Regulation

7/30/2015 - Saudis want a Piece of U.S. Fracking

7/29/2015 - Turkey and U.S. Agree to Create ISIS-Free Safe Haven

7/29/2015 - GOP Tells Obama to Fire IRS Chief or They’ll Impeach Him

7/29/2015 - GOP Establishment wants a Slow Process to Tackle Planned Parenthood Funding

7/29/2015 - Health Care Spending on the Rise due to ObamaCare

7/28/2015 - Liberal Group Demands Democrats must fight ‘Culture of White Supremacy’

7/28/2015 - Obama to Visit Cuba in 2016

7/28/2015 - Ex-Im Bank Fight Pits GOP Establishment vs. Conservatives

7/28/2015 - Carly Fiorina not a fan of Obama’s Foreign Policy

7/28/2015 - Hackers Take on Planned Parenthood’s Database

7/27/2015 - Democrats Want to Micro-Manage Your Work Hours

7/27/2015 - New York Times Editorial on Planned Parenthood was Distasteful

7/27/2015 - Hillary’s Climate Change Plan is Full of Government Rules

7/25/2015 - New York Times Altered Hillary Clinton Story

7/25/2015 - IRS Targeting Scandal Won’t Go Away as Loopholes Found in Audit Process

7/25/2015 - O’Malley says Citizenship is a Human Right

7/22/2015 - Obama’s Climate Change Efforts are on “Shaky Legal Ground”

7/22/2015 - Obama tells Jon Stewart that the IRS did not Target Conservatives

7/21/2015 - House to Vote on Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities

7/21/2015 - Government Has No Idea where Billions of ObamaCare Grants Went

7/20/2015 - Time to End Life Tenure on the Supreme Court?

7/20/2015 - Obama Follows Koch Brothers, Rand Paul on Criminal Justice Reform

7/20/2015 - Democrat Martin O’Malley Booed by Progressives over “All Lives Matter” Remark

7/20/2015 - Obama Administration Creates Rule that Could Discriminate Against Pro-Life Groups

7/20/2015 - John Kerry suggests United Nations Vote on the Iran Deal before Congress

7/19/2015 - The Left Avoids the Hard Questions on Abortion after Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/19/2015 - Former ObamaCare Executive Now Works for Insurance Company Lobbying Group

7/19/2015 - Most Hillary Clinton Donors also Gave to Clinton Foundation

7/16/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal Leaves Hostages Out in the Cold

7/16/2015 - DHS Admits They Won’t Force Sanctuary Cities to Follow Federal Laws

7/16/2015 - Obama Livid that Reporter Asked about Americans Held Hostage in Iran

7/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton “is not telling the truth” about Secret E-mails, says John Boehner

7/13/2015 - “Iran is an Outlaw Regime,” says U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

7/11/2015 - U.S. Senator tells DOJ to Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities

7/10/2015 - Obama won’t Blame China for Massive OPM Hack

7/10/2015 - Pope Francis Not Pleased with Bolivian President’s Gift of Hammer & Sickle Crucifix

7/10/2015 - ObamaCare’s Death Panels are a Reality, Critic Warns

7/10/2015 - Facebook, Twitter may be Forced by Feds to Turn Over User Information

7/9/2015 - Due Process after College Sexual Assault Allegations isn’t a Left/Right Issue

7/9/2015 - Bernie Sanders: Government Jobs can stop Kids from Going to Prison

7/9/2015 - Embattled Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner

7/9/2015 - Flashback: Biden Opposed Sanctuary Cities, but Obama and Hillary did not

7/9/2015 - Over 200 Sanctuary Cities in 32 States, Washington Examiner finds

7/9/2015 - Not So Affordable Care: Small Business Owners say ObamaCare makes it More Expensive

7/9/2015 - Watchdog Sues the State Dept to Seize Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

7/7/2015 - Trey Gowdy plans to Interview Hillary Clinton Advisors like Huma Abedin

7/7/2015 - Democrat Accuses GOP of Leaking Benghazi E-mails related to Sidney Blumenthal

7/6/2015 - Health Insurance Premiums on the Rise

7/6/2015 - Greece Rejects E.U. Bailout in a Vote, Premier says it was Brave

7/4/2015 - Ready for Bernie? Democratic Hopeful holds Largest Rally Yet

7/3/2015 - Sidney Blumenthal Ran the State Department?

7/3/2015 - House Benghazi Panel vs. State Department

7/1/2015 - New York Times Fawns over Hillary’s Pinterest Page

7/1/2015 - Another Iran Talks Deadline Missed

7/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton Lied about the E-mails After All

7/1/2015 - Ex-Im Bank Goes Down

June 2015

6/30/2015 - SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Upsets Balance of Powers in Gov’t

6/30/2015 - Rand Paul: Feds’ Involvement making Marriage Worse

6/29/2015 - Feds Predict a Surge of 127,000 Illegal Immigrants

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS OKs Use of Lethal Injection Drugs

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS strikes down EPA Air Pollution Rules

6/26/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Continues to Struggle among Young People

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS Justice calls ObamaCare “SCOTUScare” after King v. Burwell decision

6/26/2015 - Apparent Terrorist Attack in France Decapitated a Man

6/25/2015 - Study finds less than 5% of Colleges Protect 1st Amendment Rights

6/25/2015 - Bland School Lunches mean Kids are Bringing Salt and Pepper to School

6/25/2015 - House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

6/25/2015 - Bobby Jindal Declares 2016 GOP Bid

6/24/2015 - Dear Obama: Jonathan Gruber DID have a Big Role in ObamaCare

6/24/2015 - Texas Abortion Clinics to Close

6/24/2015 - Obama’s EPA Chief says Climate Change Deniers are Not Normal

6/22/2015 - Polls Expose Hillary Clinton’s Weaknesses

6/22/2015 - Liberal Media Hound GOP presidential candidates over Confederate flag, but why not Hillary?

6/21/2015 - Red Light Camera Bribery Case sees Guilty Plea

6/21/2015 - Obama tells Congress to Tackle Gun Control

6/21/2015 - State Dept Admits They Selectively Chose E-mails to give to Benghazi Committee

6/20/2015 - Victims’ Families forgive Church Shooter

6/20/2015 - ISIS’s Rise Fuels Large Number of Terrorist Deaths

6/20/2015 - CBO Study says More Jobs would be Created if ObamaCare were Repealed

6/19/2015 - Report: Hillary Clinton Staffer Blocked Probe of Ambassador Nominee

6/19/2015 - Column: Why Conservatives should Hate the Confederate Flag

6/19/2015 - Obama pushes for Gun Control in Speech about Charleston Shooting

6/9/2015 - NRA Accuses State Dept of Suppressing Gun Rights

6/7/2015 - Rick Santorum Complains Fox News GOP Debates aren’t Fair

6/7/2015 - State Dept Claims No Iran Waiver during Hillary Clinton Years

6/6/2015 - Hacking Blame Game: Obama White House Blames Congress for Hacking

6/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Democratic Super Lawyer Fight Voting Laws

6/6/2015 - Conservatives Blast New York Times’ Piece on Marco Rubio’s Driving

6/4/2015 - Obama White House Claim of Dead ISIS Fighters is False

6/4/2015 - Chafee enters Democratic Primary for 2016 White House Bid

6/3/2015 - GOP could Withhold Funding from State Dept over Benghazi Investigation

6/3/2015 - Why are Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Faltering?

6/3/2015 - CNN’s Latest Poll of Hillary Clinton is the Worst since 1992

6/1/2015 - No Love Lost between McCain, Rand Paul

6/1/2015 - Patriot Act Provisions will Lapse even after Senate’s Last-Ditch Effort

6/1/2015 - Rand Paul gives Speech, Rails against NSA

May 2015

5/29/2015 - AIM Fact Check: Hillary Clinton on Gender Pay Gap Myth

5/29/2015 - 1972 Bernie Sanders Essay said Women Fantasize about Being Raped

5/27/2015 - The Clinton Foundation faces a Racketeering Lawsuit

5/27/2015 - State Dept Stonewalling FOIA Requests on IG E-mails

5/27/2015 - Ex-Senator Mary Landrieu to become a Lobbyist

5/27/2015 - Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Dream Revived in his 2016 Run

5/24/2015 - Jeb Bush says it’s “Arrogant” to Declare Science as Settled

5/23/2015 - U.S. Rushes to Send Heavy Weapons to Iraq to fight ISIS

5/23/2015 - Obama White House not keen on Patriot Act lapsing

5/23/2015 - Obama says His Legacy is At Stake on Iran Nukes Deal

5/23/2015 - Rate Hikes Expose ObamaCare’s Flaws

5/22/2015 - Hillary’s Change of Heart on Campaign Finance is Self-Protection

5/22/2015 - Yes, Rand Paul was Right: Hillary was Shipping Weapons from Libya at time of Benghazi

5/22/2015 - No More Aid for Iraq, Syria even as ISIS Takes Territory

5/22/2015 - Rick Santorum: Obama Created ISIS Crisis

5/22/2015 - ObamaCare Costs Upset One-Third of Enrollees

5/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton has Lowest Favorability Ratings since 2008

5/22/2015 - Hillary’s Libya Policies at State Dept shows She Didn’t Learn from Iraq

5/15/2015 - Media Focuses on Jeb Bush’s Iraq Comment, but Not Hillary’s Iraq War Vote

5/15/2015 - Obama tells Media They’re to Blame for Hyping Spat with Liz Warren

5/14/2015 - Obama trying to Salvage Middle East Summit after Leader Withdraws

5/14/2015 - Study Claims GOP Can’t Win Over Black Voters

5/14/2015 - House Passes Ban on Abortion at Five Months of Pregnancy

5/13/2015 - Obama’s Trade Bill Fails Initial Senate Vote, then Compromise Saved It

5/12/2015 - Fox News’ Kirsten Powers says The Left Lies and Intimidates

5/12/2015 - Trey Gowdy believes Obama is Obstructing His Benghazi Probe

5/12/2015 - Liberal Bloomberg TV Host Mark Halperin Sorta Apologizes for Stupid, Demeaning Questions to Ted Cruz

5/10/2015 - Jeb Bush Defends Religious Liberty at Liberty University

5/10/2015 - Chevron Gave Money to Clinton Foundation and Influence State Dept Policy

5/10/2015 - Study finds Porn mimics Alcoholic’s Brain Activity

5/10/2015 - North Korea Claims First Successful Missile Launch from Submarine

5/10/2015 - Islamic State Claims Credit for Prison Break

5/10/2015 - Putin Holds Largest Parade since World War Two, Slams West

5/9/2015 - U.S. Playing Catch-Up on ISIS Social Media Campaign

5/9/2015 - Ben Carson Economics: Let’s Raise the Minimum Wage

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

5/7/2015 - Fox News Anchors say “I Support Free Speech, but…”

5/7/2015 - Americans Still Don’t Like Government Redistributing Wealth: Here’s Why

5/7/2015 - Michigan Vote shows Americans don’t Like Tax Hikes

5/7/2015 - Failed Hot Take: Chris Cuomo said Hate Speech Not Protected by Constitution

5/6/2015 - Op-Ed: America’s Education System is Failing Those in High-Poverty Areas

5/5/2015 - Obama Launches Effort to Help Poor, Black Young Men

5/5/2015 - Former Green Beret signs NFL Contract

5/5/2015 - Clinton Foundation Backs Trip of Donors and Non-Donors to Kenya amid Controversy

5/5/2015 - Jon Stewart: Calling Baltimore Schools “Underfunded” Avoids the Real Problems

5/5/2015 - State Department believes Hillary Clinton didn’t let Foundation Influence Her Policies

5/5/2015 - Obama Half-Heartedly Defends Free Speech in ISIS’s Garland, Texas Attack

5/5/2015 - Op-Ed: Attack in Garland, Texas is an Attack on Free Speech

5/4/2015 - ObamaCare has Led to More ER Visits, Not Less

5/3/2015 - Wannabe GOP Candidate John Kasich’s Common Core Lie

5/3/2015 - Obama Silent on May Day Riots in Seattle

5/3/2015 - Hillary’s Trip to Ireland while at State Dept seemed Sketchy

5/1/2015 - Tax Cheaters? Clinton Foundation to Refile Tax Returns from Foreign Governments

April 2015

4/29/2015 - NFL is No Longer Tax-Exempt

4/29/2015 - Bernie Sanders 2016: A Headache for Hillary Clinton

4/28/2015 - Obama: Baltimore Rioters should be Treated as Criminals

4/27/2015 - America’s Fixed-Rail Metro Model is Just Old and Flawed

4/27/2015 - Businesses Say They Can’t Find Qualified Workers

4/27/2015 - Fracking Stirs Controversy in Colorado

4/27/2015 - Obama lets Second-Term Anger Out at White House Correspondents Dinner

4/27/2015 - Killing of Hostages Revives Debate on Drone Strikes

4/24/2015 - The GOP Should Punish John Kasich for Expanding ObamaCare in Ohio

4/24/2015 - Gowdy vs. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Panel calls Hillary to Testify in May

4/23/2015 - GOP Courting Jewish Donors after Obama’s Pro-Iran Deal

4/23/2015 - After MSNBC’s Trumped-Up Scandal, can Chris Christie Revive 2016 Hopes?

4/23/2015 - Liberal Media Fact Checkers Won’t Fact Check Obama’s Less-War-Today Comments

4/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Uses Messengers to Tell Her Message

4/21/2015 - Pew Poll finds Gun Rights beats out Gun Control in the U.S.

4/20/2015 - EU Suing Google is a Distraction from Economic Downturn

4/20/2015 - Obama’s Amnesty Order Affects Over 4 Million Legal Immigrants

4/19/2015 - Univision vs. Marco Rubio: Hispanic Media Biased

4/18/2015 - Study: Liberals close to area like Keystone XL Pipeline

4/18/2015 - ISIS Claims First Attack in Afghanistan

4/17/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Really Old

4/17/2015 - Carly Fiorina says the Pro-Life Movement is Winning the Battle, for now

4/12/2015 - Elizabeth Warren wants to Expand Social Security

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Secret Networks and Connections: An Interactive Graphic

4/11/2015 - Ted Cruz could Unveil an ObamaCare Alternative

4/11/2015 - Rand Paul’s Iran Flip-Flop Excuse is Irrational

4/11/2015 - Thanks, Obama: NRA Revenue Jumped 35% from Last Year

4/11/2015 - Obama: When I Leave Office, I’m going to go “Island Hopping”

4/10/2015 - Rand Paul Exposes One-Sided Abortion Rhetoric from Liberal Media

4/9/2015 - Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found Guilty

4/8/2015 - John McCain will Run for his 6th Term in the Senate

4/8/2015 - Obama: Well, Iran could Develop a Nuclear Bomb after Deal Expires

4/8/2015 - Rand Paul: Let’s Defeat the Washington Machine in 2016

4/6/2015 - Bobby Jindal: We Need Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Christian Business from Discrimination

4/6/2015 - What would Hillary Clinton do about ObamaCare?

4/5/2015 - Liz Warren: We Have No Other Choice But to Negotiate with Iran

4/5/2015 - Lebanon’s Hezbollah calls Iran Deal a “Victory”

4/5/2015 - California’s Water War and Woes Continue

4/5/2015 - Obama doesn’t try to Free 3 Imprisoned Americans in Iran

4/4/2015 - Veteran Group Sues State Dept over Benghazi E-mails that were Withheld

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Dept of Labor doesn’t get $60 Million in Back Wages to Low-Wage Workers

4/4/2015 - CBS Employee Silent after She Flagged Memories Pizza GoFundMe Crowdfund

4/4/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Weak Economy Worries Analysts

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal is a Framework, Still Needs Negotiating Final Terms

4/2/2015 - Veterans Affairs Director Mislead GOP Senator on Contaminated Drugs

4/2/2015 - United Nations says 25,000 Plus Foreigners are Fighting with ISIS in Middle East

4/2/2015 - Indiana Set to Pass Anti-Discrimination Law after Media Outcry and Lies about RFRA

4/1/2015 - 22 States have Rejected Medicaid Expansion

4/1/2015 - Obama lifts Hold on Delivering Military Aid to Egypt

4/1/2015 - Netanyahu: The World Needs a “Better Deal” with Iran

4/1/2015 - Reporters Join In on Slamming Indiana’s RFRA Law, Exposing Biases

4/1/2015 - Harry Reid admits He’s Proud He Slandered Mitt Romney on Taxes

4/1/2015 - Americans want Voting to be Easier, but Not Mandatory

4/1/2015 - Supreme Court nixes Case over ObamaCare ‘Death Panels’

March 2015

3/31/2015 - Marco Rubio to challenge America in 2016 Bid

3/31/2015 - So Many Media Lies in the Indiana RFRA ‘Controversy’

3/31/2015 - State Department: No Consequences for Iran after Missing Deadline

3/31/2015 - Hillary Clinton Lied about Benghazi Documents, so Why Believe Her Now?

3/31/2015 - Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped E-mails from October – December 2014

3/30/2015 - U.S. Signed Agreement with Mexico, 2 Other Countries, to Teach Immigrants Labor Organizing

3/30/2015 - Chuck Schumer replaces Harry Reid at Democratic Party Leadership Senate Post

3/30/2015 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Media Created a “Red Herring” with RFRA Outrage

3/27/2015 - Anti-Common Core Measure Passes in the Senate

3/27/2015 - Scott Walker Didn’t Walk Back Immigration Comments

3/27/2015 - GOP-Controlled Senate Passes a Budget

3/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton says How Bowe Bergdahl Disappeared Doesn’t Matter

3/26/2015 - House GOP approves Repeal of Death Tax

3/26/2015 - Congress Moves to End Federal Gov’t Resistance to FOIA Requests

3/25/2015 - Obama wants to Create New ObamaCare Network of Providers

3/25/2015 - Experts: Too Many Holes in Obama’s Nukes Deal with Iran

3/25/2015 - GOP Frontrunners May Be the Last Ones Standing after 2016 Primaries

3/25/2015 - Media Attacks Ted Cruz for Enrolling in ObamaCare, but Forget It’s Mandatory for Americans

3/24/2015 - Illinois Gov’t Workers Sue to End Mandatory Union Dues

3/24/2015 - Good: Deadline Passes without a Iran Deal

3/24/2015 - White House: Yes, Yemen is Still a Model for Counterterrorism even in Civil War

3/24/2015 - 57% of Americans want Obama’s Successor to Repeal His Policies

3/24/2015 - More Reason to Scrap It: Widespread Confusion over ObamaCare Subsidies and Tax Refunds

3/24/2015 - Ted Cruz: The Anti-ObamaCare Candidate

3/24/2015 - Democrats say ObamaCare Small Business Rule will Hurt Businesses, Duh!

3/23/2015 - Obama Launches Passionate Defense of ObamaCare, Ignoring Polls and Reality

3/23/2015 - Hey Democrats, ObamaCare Hasn’t Aged Well

3/23/2015 - Democrats’ Message for 2016: Protect ObamaCare

3/23/2015 - Obama: Don’t Pay College Athletes

3/22/2015 - Obama’s Fracking Rules Make It Tough to Frack

3/22/2015 - Thanks, ObamaCare: Nearly 100,000 Americans waiting for Correct Tax Forms

3/22/2015 - Obama calls on GOP to Confirm his AG Nominee Loretta Lynch

3/22/2015 - Without Liz Warren, Martin O’Malley tries to go to the Left of Hillary

3/22/2015 - Frenemies? Obama criticizes Israel’s Netanyahu over Comments

3/20/2015 - ISIS claims Responsibility for Tunisia Museum Attacks that Killed Foreign Tourists

3/18/2015 - Federal Government Loves Avoiding FOIA Requests

3/18/2015 - Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch may not make it past the Senate

3/18/2015 - Obama insists America loves ObamaCare, but Polls say No

3/16/2015 - Flip Flopping: John Kerry says He’ll Negotiate with Syria’s Assad

3/16/2015 - Trey Gowdy may Sue to get Access to Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server

3/16/2015 - Ferguson Protester Arrested in Shooting 2 Cops

3/15/2015 - Illegal Immigrants access Social Security due to Obama’s Amnesty

3/15/2015 - ObamaCare’s Botched Tax Forms a Major Problem

3/13/2015 - Social Security Helps the Elderly, but Leaves the Millennials Poorer

3/13/2015 - Democrats Love Abortion Politics So Much They Will Kill a Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill

3/13/2015 - State Department is Mum on Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/12/2015 - Democrats: Put Pregnant Women on ObamaCare Rolls!

3/12/2015 - Food Interventionists Coming to a Town Near You

3/12/2015 - Obama’s Aloofness about Hillary’s E-mails Fuel the Fire

3/12/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Very Thin

3/12/2015 - POLITICO buried Lois Lerner’s Previous anti-Conservative Prosecution at FEC

3/7/2015 - Obama’s Gun Control Agenda is to Ban Certain Bullets

3/7/2015 - West Virginia GOP passes Fetal Pain Bill

3/7/2015 - Obama Defends DOJ Decision to Not Prosecute Darren Wilson

3/7/2015 - Obama learned about the Hillary Clinton E-mails Scandal from the Newspaper

3/6/2015 - Obama’s Trip to Red States Too Little, Far Too Late

3/6/2015 - Right to Work Laws don’t Produce Immediate Effects

3/6/2015 - Hint: President Hillary Clinton would be Secretive, too

3/6/2015 - NRA: Obama wants to ban all Hunting Ammo

3/2/2015 - Republicans are on the Way to Reform American Education

3/2/2015 - Obama’s Budget and Sequestration could be Hurting the Navy

3/2/2015 - Delusional: Kerry says Israel is Safer after Conceding to Iran on Nukes

3/2/2015 - Scott Walker vs. Jeb Bush’s GOP Establishment

3/1/2015 - Eric Holder: Obama is No Richard Nixon, didn’t Restrict the Press

3/1/2015 - Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson well-received at CPAC

3/1/2015 - Mike Pence hints at potential 2016 Bid

3/1/2015 - Rand Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll

February 2015

2/28/2015 - Hillary’s 2008 Memo about Foreign Donors can’t be Enforced

2/28/2015 - Joe Scarborough: I’m Desperate and Want to Moderate the GOP Debates

2/28/2015 - Carly Fiorina: I’m Not a Token Candidate (but haven’t won a Political Race, Ever)

2/28/2015 - Media Tries to Smear Scott Walker, and Fails (again)

2/26/2015 - Hillary’s Campaign Motto so far: Gender Equality!

2/26/2015 - Obama’s Treasury paid $3 Billion to Insurance Companies due to ObamaCare, Circumvented Congress

2/26/2015 - Cuba to U.S.: Take us off Terrorism List

2/26/2015 - Marijuana is Legal in D.C.

2/22/2015 - Poll shows Americans love the ‘American Sniper’ Movie

2/22/2015 - Democrats’ 2014 Autopsy Report: Lack of White Voters and Clear Message

2/22/2015 - Obama has No Backup Plan for Amnesty Order

2/22/2015 - Scott Walker says He Doesn’t Know if Obama Loves America

2/17/2015 - State Dept: We Can Fight ISIS with… Jobs!

January 2015

1/29/2015 - Hosting the Super Bowl isn’t a Good Thing

1/29/2015 - Trey Gowdy won’t Back Down over Benghazi

1/21/2015 - 15 Ways that Obama Wants to Spend MORE of Your Money

1/21/2015 - Obama claims Victory after Democrats were Pummeled in Midterms

1/21/2015 - Obama’s State of the Union attacks Stay-at-Home Moms

1/1/2015 - Why Obama’s Cuba Policy is Bad, in Tweet Form

December 2014

12/23/2014 - Texas Job Growth outpaces the rest of U.S. Combined

12/22/2014 - Obama only takes Questions from Female Reporters in Latest Briefing