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Russia Redeploys Special Forces from Ukraine to Syria

As Fox News reported, this is a small shift in Russian foreign policy: Russia has sent a few dozen special-operations troops to Syria in recent weeks, Russian and Western officials say, redeploying the elite units from Ukraine as the Kremlin shifts its focus to supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia in late September launched a […]

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June 2016

6/2/2016 - Pictures: Removal of Ukraine’s Communist Monuments

May 2016

5/26/2016 - Russia Pardons Imprisoned Female Ukrainian Pilot

5/25/2016 - More Fighting in Eastern Ukraine Leaves 7 Soldiers Dead

April 2016

4/25/2016 - 3 Killed in Renewed Fighting in Ukraine

December 2015

12/1/2015 - Ukraine says Obama Administration Sent Them Old, Outdate Humvees and Bulletproof Vests

October 2015

10/25/2015 - Russia Redeploys Special Forces from Ukraine to Syria

10/13/2015 - Report: Russian Missile Downed MH17 Airline Plane in Ukraine

September 2015

9/25/2015 - Russia Plans on Building a Second Military Base Near Ukraine

9/18/2015 - Report: How Russia Invaded Ukraine

9/5/2015 - Ukraine Pleads for Warships from the U.S. after Losing 2/3 of Its Navy in Crimea

August 2015

8/24/2015 - Obama Administration Advised Ukraine to Not Fight Russia during Invasion

8/17/2015 - Russia and Putin Aim to Take Eastern Europe

July 2015

7/17/2015 - Ukraine, Australia Mark Somber Anniversary of MH17 Downing

7/14/2015 - Russian Soldiers Prosecuted for Refusing to Volunteer to Fight in Ukraine

June 2015

6/23/2015 - U.S. will Bolster NATO with Equipment & Weapons

May 2015

5/17/2015 - Russia says It Has a Right to Deploy Nukes in Crimea

5/11/2015 - NATO warns that Russia has Equipped Ukraine Rebels to Attack at Short Notice

April 2015

4/22/2015 - Mother of Ukrainian Pilot Held Captive in Russia is Seeking International Help

March 2015

3/20/2015 - U.S. goes ahead and Trains 750 Ukrainian Troops as Rebels could break Cease-fire

3/17/2015 - Putin: Russia was Ready to Use Nukes over Crimea

3/14/2015 - Scott Walker: U.S. should Provide Lethal Aid/Weapons to Ukraine

3/11/2015 - Russia Sends Tanks, U.S. sends Humvees to Ukraine

3/11/2015 - Russia: We Have a Right to Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Crimea

3/8/2015 - Scapegoats? Russia Charges 2, Detains 3 in Nemtsov’s Death

3/4/2015 - Thanks, Obama. United Nations estimates 6,000 Dead in Ukrainian Civil War

3/3/2015 - Obama is Keeping Ukraine, Israel and Syria in the Dark on Intelligence

February 2015

2/24/2015 - After Taking Debaltseve, Ukrainian Rebels Claim they’re moving Heavy Weapons from Front Lines

2/22/2015 - No Cease-Fire in Ukraine after Putin, Rebels Continue Offensive

2/18/2015 - Russia, Rebels force Ukraine to withdraw from Key Railway Hub Debaltseve

2/17/2015 - Heavy Fighting Continues in Ukraine as Rebels, Gov’t Fight over Debaltseve

2/16/2015 - Russia, Rebels not Abiding by the Ukraine Cease-Fire

2/16/2015 - Leon Panetta Criticizes Obama’s Weak Response to Putin’s New Cold War

2/15/2015 - Ukraine Cease-Fire Tenuous as Fighting Rages

2/12/2015 - Ukraine Cease-Fire announced, but does it matter?

2/10/2015 - Ukraine Civil War continues as the West does Nothing

2/9/2015 - John Kerry: “No Military Solution” in Ukraine

2/9/2015 - Germany doesn’t want Military Aid for Ukraine

2/8/2015 - Joe Biden says Ukrainians have Right to Self-Defense

2/4/2015 - Ukrainian Rebels are using 21 Different Russian-Made Weapons and Vehicles

2/3/2015 - More Civilians Dying in Ukraine while Pro-Russia Rebels push back Gov’t Forces

2/1/2015 - Ukrainian’s Outgunned “Cyborg” Soldiers retreat from Donetsk airport

January 2015

1/29/2015 - Obama Stands Still as Pro-Russia Rebels Overwhelm Ukraine

1/25/2015 - Ukraine Civil War ramps up (again) and Obama promises Political Pressure

1/24/2015 - Rebels Shell Mariupol, Ukraine and kill at least 10 civilians

1/23/2015 - Obama and Hashtags: Why Some Over Others?

1/18/2015 - Ukraine wins back the Donetsk Airport after Offensive

1/17/2015 - 3 Ukrainian Soldiers killed by Pro-Russian Rebels in Fight over Airport

December 2014

12/29/2014 - Another Airline Passenger Jet Missing in Indonesia…

November 2014

11/13/2014 - Ukraine warns Truce could be Broken after Pro-Russia Rebels get Aid, Reinforcements

11/9/2014 - Ukraine Government ponders Next Move with Pro-Russia Eastern Ukraine

October 2014

10/30/2014 - Ukraine’s Pro-West Election praised by the U.S.; Russia Unhappy

10/7/2014 - Swiss Aid Worker killed in Ukrainian Violence

10/3/2014 - More Ukrainian Soldiers killed by Pro-Russia Rebels

September 2014

9/18/2014 - Ukraine Ratifies EU Peace Deal, Special Status offered to Eastern Region

9/12/2014 - Peace for our time? Russia withdrawing troops from eastern Ukraine

9/6/2014 - Ukraine, Pro-Russia Rebels Sign Ceasefire

August 2014

8/27/2014 - Ukraine Blames Russia for Starting a Second Front in Civil War

8/24/2014 - Ukraine: More Die in Shelling in Donetsk

8/14/2014 - Russia could Invade Ukraine, says NATO

8/9/2014 - Ukraine to Root Out Rebels, but Wary of Russia

July 2014

7/28/2014 - Joe Biden says Russia’s Vladimir Putin has No Soul

7/23/2014 - Just Tragic: Bodies of Downed Malaysian Airlines Plane Heads to Netherlands

7/23/2014 - Media Hit Obama for Placing Fundraising Above World Crises [Video]

7/19/2014 - Pro-Russian Separatists Impose Martial Law in Eastern Ukraine City of Donetsk

7/10/2014 - Ukraine Retakes Slaviansk as Pro-Russia Rebels Dig In at Donetsk

May 2014

5/28/2014 - Obama goes to West Point, Talks about Syrian Rebels

5/8/2014 - Ukraine sends in Police Special Forces to Calm the city of Odessa

5/6/2014 - Ukrainian Police Ambushed by Pro-Russian Rebels

5/1/2014 - Pro-Russia Rebels Seize 2nd Ukrainian Capital

April 2014

4/30/2014 - U.S. sanctions Putin’s Allies as Ukraine Splits

4/28/2014 - Ukraine Military kills 5 Pro-Russia rebels as Putin mobilizes Troops on the Border

4/22/2014 - Ukraine Peace Deal Collapses as Pro-Russia Rebels Make a Stand

4/17/2014 - Too Little, Too Late? Ukraine starts Anti-Separatist Operations

4/11/2014 - Pro-Russia Separatists call for Putin’s help as Ukraine threatens Force

4/7/2014 - U.S. Envoy: Tens of thousands of Russian troops on Ukraine-Russia Border

4/6/2014 - Ukraine Blames Exiled ex-President for Sniper Killings

March 2014

3/24/2014 - Ukraine officially pulls military out of Crimea

3/21/2014 - Russian Economy Suffers as Ukraine, Crimea Crisis continues

3/20/2014 - Russians seize 2 Ukrainian Naval Bases in Crimea

3/19/2014 - Reuters admits “Cold War is Back” after Hillary Clinton’s Failed Russian Reset

3/18/2014 - Obama imposes Weak Sanctions on Russia after Crimea Crisis

3/17/2014 - Ukraine to Partially Mobilize their Army in response to Crimean Crisis

3/14/2014 - European Union will sanction Russia for Crimea Intervention

3/11/2014 - Russia and the West at a Standstill over Crimea

3/8/2014 - Russia, Putin embarrass Obama over Ukraine intervention

3/3/2014 - Ukraine prepares for War as Russia, Putin assert right to Crimea

3/2/2014 - Cold War Redux? Pro-Russia Gunmen seize Crimea Parliament Building

February 2014

2/28/2014 - Ukraine alarmed as Russia puts Troops on Alert

2/27/2014 - Ukraine in Turmoil as Russia denies Aid Package

2/23/2014 - Ukrainian Parliament ousts Yanukovich, frees Tymoshenko from Prison

2/20/2014 - The European Union imposes Sanctions on Ukraine due to Protest-related Violence

2/19/2014 - Where’s Obama? Obama AWOL as Ukraine Bursts into Flames

2/16/2014 - Judge Murdered in Ukraine, threatens Stability

2/1/2014 - Ukraine’s Embattled President calls in Sick during Protest Crisis

January 2014

1/24/2014 - Ukrainian Protests Continue as Police tries to Disperse Crowds

1/21/2014 - Ukraine Protest Ban ignites Protests

December 2013

12/28/2013 - Attack on Reporter Rejuvenates Ukrainian Protest Movement

12/18/2013 - Ukrainian President seeks Cash (and Help) from Russia on Official Visit

12/17/2013 - Ukrainians Continue to Protest Government Ties to Russia

12/9/2013 - Ukrainian Protesters Topple Lenin Statue, Smash it with Sledgehammers

12/7/2013 - German Minister snubs Ukrainian President during Visit to Opposition Camp

12/7/2013 - Russia criticizes Ukrainian Protests

12/3/2013 - Ukraine Protests Rock the Capital as Protesters want to Turn toward Europe, not Russia

November 2013

11/30/2013 - Snubbing Russia? Georgia plans on Economic Ties to EU over Russia

11/26/2013 - Protesters clash over Ukraine bowing to Russia, EU condemns Russia

11/22/2013 - EU Struggles convince Ukraine to look to Russia for Aid

11/7/2013 - Chevron signs $10 Billion Fracking deal with Ukraine