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AIM Remembers Memorial Day

We at Accuracy in Media honor Memorial Day and remember those who sacrificed their lives to serve the U.S. in the military. The grilling of hot dogs and hamburgers on Memorial Day can be a tradition for some, but it is also a time to remember the sacrifices of America’s servicemen and servicewomen.

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DOJ Decision could lead to Rehire of Fired VA Official

Wow: Lawmakers are fuming over what they describe as a “shameful” decision by the Justice Department that could help the former head of the scandal-scarred Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital get her job back. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a letter sent Tuesday, notified House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., that the DOJ would not defend […]

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We Remember Memorial Day

From us at AIM to you, we pause and give a moment of remembrance for those who sacrificed their lives serving the U.S. in the military. Let us remember that grilling burgers and hot dogs are not the purpose of this Memorial Day holiday.

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May 2017

5/29/2017 - AIM Remembers Memorial Day

January 2017

1/7/2017 - Veterans Affairs: We’ve Improved Our Medical Centers

November 2016

11/12/2016 - World War Two Veteran, who became Friends with Little Boy Next Door, Passes Away

September 2016

9/1/2016 - Controversial QB Kaepernick to be Greeted by Patriotic ‘Salute to the Military’ by San Diego Chargers

July 2016

7/8/2016 - Study: Veteran Suicides Increased 32% from 2001 to 2014

June 2016

6/20/2016 - Veterans Affairs Can’t Use Streamlined Process to Fire Bad Employees

6/7/2016 - 506,000 US Veterans have Waited 30 Days for an Appointment

6/3/2016 - DOJ Decision could lead to Rehire of Fired VA Official

May 2016

5/30/2016 - Bugler Shortage Alleviated by Non-Profit Organization for Veteran Funerals

5/30/2016 - We Remember Memorial Day

5/26/2016 - Veterans Affairs Admits They Wrongly Declared 4,000 Veterans Dead, Cut Off Benefits

5/25/2016 - Veterans Group Calls for VA Secretary’s Resignation after Wait List-Disney Ride Comparison

5/25/2016 - VA Secretary, on TV, Refused to Apologize for Wait Lines-Disney Ride Remarks

5/23/2016 - Wounded U.S. Veterans Scale Mt. Everest

5/12/2016 - World War Two Veteran Celebrated 110th Birthday, Credits “Cigars and God”

5/6/2016 - Oldest American WWII Veteran Passes Away at Age 110

April 2016

4/29/2016 - McCain Introduces Bill to Allow Veterans to Get Health Care Anywhere

4/19/2016 - VA Accused of Shredding Documents Needed for Claims

4/3/2016 - Tragic: Pentagon says Suicides Among Active-Duty Military is Still High

March 2016

3/28/2016 - GOP Blast Veterans Affairs’ Denial of Guns to Veterans

3/22/2016 - Congress Looks to Pass PAWS Act to get PTSD-Suffering Soldiers Service Dogs

3/11/2016 - Two Wounded Warrior Executives Fired Amid Probe of Lavish Spending

February 2016

2/27/2016 - 2nd Iraq War Veteran Beaten in D.C., Same Night as the Other Veteran

2/25/2016 - Two Years Later, VA Inspector General May Be Sitting on Wait Time Reports

2/24/2016 - Arrests Made in Brutal Attack on U.S. Veteran

2/19/2016 - Footage Released of Iraq War Veteran Being Beaten by Assailants

2/12/2016 - Homeless Army Veteran’s Funeral Attended by Several Hundred People

2/6/2016 - 7 VA Hospitals Flagged for Veterans’ Suicides

January 2016

1/27/2016 - Wounded Warrior Project Accused of Wasting Donation Money

1/10/2016 - Suspended Veterans Affairs Officials for Fake Waitlist are Back to Work

December 2015

12/23/2015 - Veterans Affairs Dept Wrongly Declared 115 Veterans were Dead, Yanked Benefits

12/10/2015 - Veterans Affairs Official: We Don’t Need to Fire People to Instill Accountability in the VA

November 2015

11/11/2015 - John McCain: “Shameful” that Hillary Clinton Politicized VA Scandal before Veterans Day

October 2015

10/21/2015 - Democrat Blocked Accountability Measure for Veterans Affairs in the U.S. Senate

10/19/2015 - VA Scandal, Continued: Poor Care led to Deaths of Veterans from Cancer

10/1/2015 - VA Banned Cellphones in Medical Visits by Veterans

September 2015

9/29/2015 - Veterans’ Affairs Officials Gamed System, Wrote Selves Checks

9/21/2015 - The VA Scandal Exacerbated by a Leadership Crisis

9/12/2015 - Actor Chris Pratt asked People to #ThankAVeteran on 9/11

9/4/2015 - 300,000 Veterans Waiting for VA Health Care are Already Dead

9/2/2015 - Dept of Veterans Affairs Decreased Amount of Reviews of Medical Errors since 2010

July 2015

7/30/2015 - Obama Threatens Veto of Making Veterans Affairs Accountable

7/14/2015 - VA Warns Congress of Hospital Shutdowns if Budget isn’t Addressed

May 2015

5/25/2015 - Democrats Celebrate Memorial Day with Pic of Obama Eating Ice Cream

5/25/2015 - Happy Memorial Day!

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

April 2015

4/23/2015 - Not Good: VA Hospital Switched Meds for Older Drugs to Cut Costs

February 2015

2/27/2015 - Veterans Group proposes Overhaul of Veterans Healthcare