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Michael Bloomberg Promised $15 Million to Fund United Nations Arm for Paris Climate Agreement

Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, said it will pull together $15 million to help fund the United Nations’ arm that oversees the Paris climate change agreement. Bloomberg is the former liberal New York City mayor, an anti-NRA and anti-gun rights advocate, and now will spend his own money to fund climate change management at […]

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CNN Shocked by Trump’s Proposed Budget to Cut Government

CNN’s headlines alone tell the story of how the liberal media establishment is shocked by the proposed government budget by President Donald Trump: CNN: White House demands deep cuts to State, UN funds CNN: Donald Trump’s plan to dismember government CNN reported the following about Trump’s proposed cuts to the Department of State: The dramatic cuts, […]

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United Nations Resolution on Israel, if Implemented, could Affect Schools

From JNS: U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334, adopted Dec. 23 with the U.S. abstaining, asserted that all “Israeli settlement activities” in “the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem” are “a flagrant violation of international law.” It stated that Israel must “immediately and completely cease” such activities and also take action to “reverse negative trends on […]

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CBS News, after Wikileaks Released Clinton Campaign Emails, Called Out Clinton’s UN Press Conference Talking Points

When you lose CBS News on leaked campaign e-mails and talking points from a past press conference… In the end, Hillary Clinton’s team drafted talking points Clinton used at the news conference at the United Nations. Clinton said she “fully complied with every rule that I was governed by” and that “there is no classified […]

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June 2017

6/6/2017 - Michael Bloomberg Promised $15 Million to Fund United Nations Arm for Paris Climate Agreement

March 2017

3/15/2017 - CNN Shocked by Trump’s Proposed Budget to Cut Government

January 2017

1/26/2017 - United Nations Resolution on Israel, if Implemented, could Affect Schools

December 2016

12/28/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump Goes Nuclear, Obama Snubs Israel, Year in Review

October 2016

10/14/2016 - CBS News, after Wikileaks Released Clinton Campaign Emails, Called Out Clinton’s UN Press Conference Talking Points

September 2016

9/28/2016 - More Inaction by the UN: Nothing Happening on Aleppo Airstrikes by Russia, Syria

June 2016

6/9/2016 - United Nations Withdraws Saudi Arabia from Children’s Rights Abuse List

6/9/2016 - U.N. Whistleblower Resigns after Suspension

May 2016

5/9/2016 - UN Envoy: 50 Mass Graves Discovered in Iraq

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Obama Administration Won’t Answer Questions about Iran’s Illegal Missile Tests

4/2/2016 - United Nations Sex Scandal Gets Worse

March 2016

3/12/2016 - UN Passes 1st Resolution Tackles Sexual Abuses by Peacekeepers

3/6/2016 - U.N. Peacekeepers are Sexual Abusers?

3/4/2016 - North Korea Fired Projectiles Off South Korean Shore after United Nations Sanctions Vote

February 2016

2/18/2016 - Iranian Space Launch could be a Cover for Long-Range Missile Testing

2/10/2016 - Turkey: No, United Nations, We Won’t Open Our Borders

2/5/2016 - UN Panel Sides with Wikileaks’ Assange on Detention

January 2016

1/29/2016 - Zika Virus is Exploding, warns UN Health Chief

1/19/2016 - UN Report: ISIS is holding 3,500 Iraqis as Slaves

December 2015

12/27/2015 - U.S. maneuvers to cut United Nations Funds

November 2015

11/30/2015 - Mortar Attack in Northern Mali at United Nations Base Kills 3

11/12/2015 - Iran Secures Leadership Role at UN Cultural Agency

October 2015

10/30/2015 - United Nations is a Joke: Elects Dictators, Oppressive Regimes to Human Rights Council

10/2/2015 - Israel’s Netanyahu Criticizes United Nations for Iran Deal

September 2015

9/29/2015 - Obama tells Iran at the UN, Chanting ‘Death to America’ doesn’t Create Jobs

9/26/2015 - Pope Addresses the United Nations, Talks about Climate Change

9/21/2015 - Experts Want More Details from IAEA Iran Inspections

9/14/2015 - No More Palestinian Refugees, says Jordan

August 2015

8/23/2015 - Obama’s Allies Suggest Israel Forged Iran Deal Documents Obtained by AP

8/6/2015 - State Dept Unaware that Iran is Sanitizing a Nuclear Site

8/5/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Unfazed by Side Deals between Iran, UN Agency

July 2015

7/21/2015 - United Nations Security Council Endorses Obama’s Iran Deal

7/20/2015 - John Kerry suggests United Nations Vote on the Iran Deal before Congress

April 2015

4/7/2015 - GOP and Democrats Oppose UN Arms Treaty

March 2015

3/21/2015 - Congress: If Obama pushes Iran Deal to the U.N., We’ll Cut Funding

3/15/2015 - Iran: Obama, bypass Congress and get United Nations to Approve Nukes Deal

February 2015

2/18/2015 - Iraq tells United Nations that ISIS is Committing Genocide and War Crimes

2/9/2015 - UNICEF, U.N. children’s agency, selling out to Big Business

2/3/2015 - “Hottest Year” U.N. Claim is Bogus

January 2015

1/23/2015 - UNICEF Executive resigns after Fox News Inquiry about His Hiring

October 2014

10/20/2014 - Venezuela, Malaysia and Angola win seats on U.N. Security Council

September 2014

9/14/2014 - While World Burns, United Nations worries about Global Warming

June 2014

6/15/2014 - Car Bomb Kills 4 United Nations Peacekeepers in Mali

March 2014

3/30/2014 - Shocking? Syrian fighters block access for U.N. humanitarian aid

3/15/2014 - United Nations: Libya a Weapons Smuggling Facilitator

February 2014

2/26/2014 - Russia, China support United Nations aid to Syrians

2/18/2014 - U.N. Investigators finally Charge North Korean Regime with Crimes

2/5/2014 - Syria misses Deadline to hand over Toxic Chemicals

December 2013

12/29/2013 - Dozens Killed as Central African Republic Teetering on the Brink of Collapse

October 2013

10/8/2013 - Islamist Uprising: Mali town attacked by Artillery

10/5/2013 - Israel running for the UN Security seat for 2019-20

September 2013

9/26/2013 - France urges help for volatile Central African Republic

9/18/2013 - U.N.: Sarin Gas used in Attack, France blames Syria’s Assad

9/15/2013 - Somali Militants kill leading U.S. Islamist Terrorist

9/8/2013 - Turkey claims all G20 Leaders want to go into Syria

9/5/2013 - Senate Committee passes Syria War Resolution

9/4/2013 - Russians want to fly to D.C. to Lobby Congress on Syria Vote

9/3/2013 - Saudi Arabia & Israel unite on Syria as Obama Sounds Retreat

9/2/2013 - Iranian Dissidents killed at Iraqi camp; UN calls for Investigation

9/1/2013 - China urges Caution on Syria, wants to wait on the U.N.

August 2013

8/31/2013 - Oh, Great?! France ready to Support U.S. in Syria

8/30/2013 - Turkey sends Aid Workers w/Chem Weapon training to Syria

8/30/2013 - Iran is Boosting Uranium Enrichment Capacity, U.N. warns

8/27/2013 - U.N. Chemical Weapons Inspectors to delay Inspections by a Day

8/27/2013 - U.S. may go into Syria, says Sec of State John Kerry

8/12/2013 - Al-Qaeda sets off Series of Iraq Bombings; Kill up to 50 Iraqis

8/11/2013 - Mali Election Needs a Runoff, Court Affirms

8/5/2013 - Senate confirms Samantha Power as UN Ambassador

July 2013

7/5/2013 - On Time? U.N. team to investigate Syrian chemical weapons use

June 2013

6/18/2013 - U.N.: Syrian civil war death toll hits 93,000

6/18/2013 - Sudan shuts off South Sudan oil exports

6/12/2013 - U.S. close to arming Syrian rebels, says Reuters

6/10/2013 - Hezbollah kills protester in Lebanon

6/9/2013 - Reuters disappointed U.S. doesn’t sign U.N. arms treaty

6/6/2013 - Obama appoints Susan Rice as new Nat’l Sec Adviser

6/3/2013 - U.N. Peacekeepers can’t protect civilians in South Sudan

May 2013

5/20/2013 - Iran head of U.N. disarmament conference