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Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes ‘Not Proud’ of His Syria Policy

This is the same Ben Rhodes who boasted he outwitted the liberal media by feeding them propaganda about the Iran deal: Ben Rhodes, one of President Obama’s top national security advisers, reportedly told a group of Syrian-American activists that he was “not proud” of the administration’s policy toward Syria. The Daily Beast, citing three individuals involved in […]

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Kurtz’s MediaBuzz Debuts Sunday on Fox News

Media critic Howard Kurtz, who recently left his hosting gig on CNN’s Reliable Sources, will debut his new program MediaBuzz Sunday on Fox News. Kurtz says that the program will tackle “all kinds of subjects” including sports, and have some fun while doing so. Also planning to make heavy use of social media, Kurtz commented on […]

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R.I.P. Newsweek

After nearly eighty years Newsweek has printed its final copy featuring a picture of the old Newsweek offices in New York with a Twitter hashtag #LastPrintIssue plastered across the front. The beginning of the end for the longtime number two news magazine began when the Washington Post Co. sold the publication to audio electronics billionaire […]

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MSNBC Celebrates the Defeat of Anti-Gendercide Bill [VIDEO]

On MSNBC’s The Last Word and The Very Last Word, The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg and MSNBC political analyst Krystal Ball discussed the bill regarding gender-selective abortions and the “war on women.” The proposed bill did not receive the necessary two-thirds majority to pass, with a vote of 246 in favor and 168 opposed. Live […]

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