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TIME Magazine: Anti-Trump Tax March is like the Tea Party

TIME Magazine felt that the anti-Trump “Tax March,” which allegedly took place in about 200 cities country-wide, was like the Tea Party rallies in 2009. There was no comparison made to the recent anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington,” which had some vulgar remarks from some of the speakers. The Tea Party is different from the […]

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Bias Buzz Podcast: Leaks Force Flynn’s Resignation, Liberal Outrage over Immigration Raids

Topics discussed include Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn’s resignation as National Security Adviser, illegal immigrants upset at increased immigration enforcement actions. the Grammys and the political left, why the congressional town halls shouldn’t be compared to the Tea Party movement and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes SoundCloud audio is below: YouTube recording is below:

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March 2018

3/26/2018 - Washington Post: Trump White House Has Gone Tea Party-Crazy

April 2017

4/19/2017 - TIME Magazine: Anti-Trump Tax March is like the Tea Party

February 2017

2/16/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Leaks Force Flynn’s Resignation, Liberal Outrage over Immigration Raids

September 2016

9/12/2016 - IRS Resists Efforts to Scrap Criteria Used to Stymie Tea Party Groups

9/2/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump in Mexico, No Press Conferences for Hillary, Whither the Tea Party?, Colin Kaepernick and More

June 2016

6/14/2016 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 14, 2016

May 2016

5/19/2016 - House GOP Committee Chairman Moves to Censure IRS Chief

5/6/2016 - Tea Party Senator Ben Sasse Calls for a Third Party Candidate

March 2016

3/25/2016 - Court Slams IRS in IRS Targeting Case against Tea Party Group

November 2015

11/4/2015 - Tea Party Candidate Wins Governor’s Mansion in Kentucky, the 2nd GOP Governor in 40 Years

October 2015

10/28/2015 - ESPN Sports Personality Tony Kornheiser Compares Tea Party to ISIS

10/24/2015 - Obama’s DOJ Won’t Prosecute Lois Lerner

September 2015

9/6/2015 - Liberal Media Refuses to Tie Anti-Cop Violence to #BlackLivesMatter Movement

August 2015

8/10/2015 - Here’s the Senate Report on the IRS’s Out-of-Control Culture

May 2015

5/9/2015 - Ben Carson Economics: Let’s Raise the Minimum Wage

February 2015

2/25/2015 - IRS Scandal Update: Watchdog Group asks for More Documents to be Released

November 2014

11/25/2014 - Lois Lerner’s Missing 30,000 E-mails at the IRS have been found

February 2014

2/8/2014 - Obama changing Tax Rules as the GOP Protests Rule Change

December 2013

12/6/2013 - Obama Says Media Too Focused on Government Failures [Video]

November 2013

11/1/2013 - Obama Pivots from ObamaCare to Pro-Business Policy

October 2013

10/9/2013 - Obama: GOP is trying to Extort Me and Americans over the Debt Ceiling, ObamaCare!

August 2013

8/20/2013 - Take that Birthers! Sen. Ted Cruz releases Birth Certificate

July 2013

7/6/2013 - Obama “brings out the African in the American”, says Reuters

June 2013

6/7/2013 - Big Brother? Obama admin collecting American’s phone records

6/4/2013 - Rep. Issa says IRS targeting came from D.C.

6/4/2013 - Obama admin fires back, says AG Holder didn’t lie

May 2013

5/21/2013 - The Smoking Gun in the IRS Scandal, Part One

5/16/2013 - Obama fires acting tax chief with strings attached

October 2012

10/23/2012 - Joe Scarborough Accuses the Media of Having a “Cultural Blind Spot” When It Comes To the Tea Party [Video]

August 2012

8/3/2012 - Sen. Coburn Calls Out MSNBC Panel For Tea Party Remarks

July 2012

7/25/2012 - ABC News President Says Incorrect Ross Report Detracts From Coverage

7/20/2012 - ABC Ties Colorado Shooter to Tea Party—Apologizes Later

May 2012

5/8/2012 - AIM Release: The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed

5/8/2012 - The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed – ADDENDUM

5/8/2012 - The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed

April 2012

4/18/2012 - Bishop Says Obama on Hitlerian Path

December 2011

12/16/2011 - Media Double Standard : Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

November 2011

11/29/2011 - Garofalo: Media Let the Tea Party Slide [Video]

October 2011

10/11/2011 - TEA PARTY Invades OCCUPY DC

10/9/2011 - Pelosi: “I Support the Message of Occupy Wall Street”

10/5/2011 - Joe Biden Forgets Who Former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Is [Video]

September 2011

9/21/2011 - NY Times Bill Keller: “Obama Is In Danger of Being A One-Term President”

August 2011


8/21/2011 - Axelrod Admits That Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Rely on Old Ideas

8/19/2011 - Garofalo: “Herman Cain is Being Paid By Somebody to Run for President, Helps GOP Deflect Racism Charges”

8/10/2011 - Reuters questions Perry’s Tea Party bona fides

8/5/2011 - John Kerry: “Media Shouldn’t Give Equal Time to the Tea Party’s Absurd Notions”

8/3/2011 - Economic Hostage Crisis?

July 2011

7/13/2011 - Media Advisory; Accuracy in Media to Attend Waco TEA Party Convention

June 2011

6/13/2011 - AIM to Attend Waco TEA Party Convention

April 2011

4/27/2011 - PBS Host: Donald Trump and Tea Partiers Are Racist

4/10/2011 - Juan Williams Showing His Lefty Stripes Blasts Tea Party on Budget Deal

February 2011

2/26/2011 - CBS Legal Drama Portrays Tea Party as Racist

2/4/2011 - Poll: 71% of Americans Want Republicans to Consider Tea Party Ideas

2/2/2011 - Matthews Compares Tea Party to Muslim Brotherhood, Calls Them War-Hooping Nut Bags

January 2011

1/25/2011 - CNN’s Conservative Bias?

1/19/2011 - Olbermann Twists Poll Numbers to Tie Tea Party to Violence

September 2010

9/16/2010 - NYT Hating on Republicans Again

9/16/2010 - CNN Article on 9/12 March Surprisingly Unbiased