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The Bias Buzz Podcast: Baton Rouge Anti-Police Attack, War on Cops, Nice Terrorist Attack, Attempted Coup & More

Don and Brian talk about the police shootings in Baton Rouge and the War on Cops, Nice and Germany terrorist attacks, Attempted coup in Turkey, Melania Trump’s RNC speech, Marilyn Mosby’s failure in Freddie Gray case, Chris Matthews attacks Benghazi victim’s mother, Tim Duncan’s retirement, Starbucks and Black Lives Matter. You can find it on Soundcloud […]

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July 2016

7/28/2016 - Turkey Crackdown: Government Closes 130 Media Outlets after Failed Coup

7/24/2016 - Turkey Seized 2,250 Facilities in Crackdown after Coup Attempt

7/21/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Baton Rouge Anti-Police Attack, War on Cops, Nice Terrorist Attack, Attempted Coup & More

7/19/2016 - Turkey Coup Collapsed Over the Weekend, World Leaders Warn Turkey to Not Execute Coup Plotters

April 2016

4/1/2016 - Scuffle Between Reporters, Protesters and Turkish Security in D.C.

February 2016

2/11/2016 - Turkey May Normalize Relations with Israel Soon after Jewish Delegation Meets Turkish President

January 2016

1/12/2016 - Suicide Bombing in Turkey leaves 10 Dead, 15 Wounded

1/3/2016 - Turkey’s President Under Fire for Citing Hitler’s Nazi Germany in Remarks

November 2015

11/28/2015 - Turkey Warns Russia to Avoid Playing with Fire

June 2015

6/11/2015 - Even Liberal Group Center for American Progress acknowledges Turkey’s Authoritarianism

6/8/2015 - Turkey’s President Erdogan Loses Parliamentary Majority

April 2014

4/16/2014 - Embattled Turkish Government wins Election Board Ruling, National Elections

March 2014

3/23/2014 - At Odds? Turkish President Contradicts Prime Minister Erdogan over Corruption Probe

3/22/2014 - Turkey’s Erdogan says Dead Teenager was linked to Terrorist Organizations

3/9/2014 - Turkey Clampdown Continues: Erdogan could ban Facebook, YouTube

January 2014

1/18/2014 - Turkey’s Erdogan slams Corruption Probe against his allies

December 2013

12/21/2013 - Turkish Leader slams Corruption Probe as a “Dirty Operation”

September 2013

9/8/2013 - Turkey claims all G20 Leaders want to go into Syria

August 2013

8/8/2013 - Former Turkish General Imprisoned for Life

July 2013

7/10/2013 - Turkey opens Disputed Park, then Closes It

June 2013

6/30/2013 - Turkey to crack down on Twitter

6/27/2013 - Islamist Turkey? Police arrest protesters in raids

6/21/2013 - Turkish Strike met with Islamist Police Response

6/11/2013 - Turkish PM Erdogan to meet with Protesters