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Maddow Punks Viewers on Trump Tax Returns

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow punk’d viewers last night when her big tease about President Trump’s 2005 tax returns turned out to be a big bust for liberals who were hoping to find that the President hadn’t paid any taxes, as they alleged during the campaign. BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously). […]

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Critiquing USA Today’s Anti-Trump Editorial

Last Thursday, USA Today’s editorial board published a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump, declaring him to be “unfit for the presidency” and urging voters not to cast their ballot for the Republican presidential nominee. However, some of the condemnations issued by the editorial board could also be levied against Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The […]

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Mike Huckabee Defends Mitt Romney over ‘Bombshell’ Tax Returns Comment

Mike Huckabee, who dropped out and sided with Trump in this election cycle, was not happy with Mitt Romney’s assertion that there has to be a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns: Ex-White House hopeful Mike Huckabee tore into former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday for insinuating that his successor, presumptive Republican nominee Donald […]

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March 2017

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November 2015

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August 2015

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