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Obama Could Commute Chelsea Manning’s 35-Year Sentence

The Obama Department of Justice may commute Manning’s 35-year sentence, which was for leaking intelligence to Wikileaks. Who did NBC News cite as a prominent Manning supporter? Edward Snowden, who is hiding out in Russia and begged Obama for clemency for himself. Manning’s supporters believe the harshness of the sentence can be traced to another […]

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FBI Arrests a Wannabe ‘Snowden’?

Is this former National Security Agency contractor a whistleblower, or a man seeking fame and fortune? The latest security breach suggests continued vulnerabilities at the NSA since Edward Snowden copied and gave to journalists more than 1 million highly classified documents and files on the agency’s electronic and digital surveillance programs at home and abroad… […]

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Putin says He’s putting U.S. before Snowden

WASHINGTON — Edward Snowden is not a priority over the U.S.-Russian relations, announced Russian President Vladimir Putin. Snowden is currently trapped in a terminal in a Moscow airport after being refused asylum in many countries, although some Socialist Latin American countries are considering his application. Reuters reports that Putin, who has long been a thorn […]

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From Russia, with No Love for Snowden

WASHINGTON — After seeing country after country denying him political asylum, NSA leaker Edward Snowden is now applying for temporary asylum in Russia. Reuters reports that Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena , said his client will be in Russia for a brief time before hopefully settling in Latin America. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at one […]

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