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Liberals’ Last-Minute Plagiarism Accusation Does Not Derail Gorsuch Confirmation

Looks like the liberals lost on this one, where the Democrats forced the Republicans’ hand to invoke the “nuclear option” (i.e. dismantle the filibuster) and followed the example of former Democratic U.S. Senator Harry Reid. This allowed the GOP to confirm President Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. But, the liberals tried to derail […]

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Washington Post Editorial Board: Democrats Anger Clouding Their Judgment on Gorsuch

The Washington Post editorial board criticized Senate Democrats for attempting to block the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court because of their anger over the failed Merrick Garland nomination last year. The editorial board called Gorsuch a “well-qualified” judge and reminded readers that Democrats had abolished the filibuster for other nominations when they were […]

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CNN: Democrats Worried about GOP Using ‘Nuclear Option’ for Gorsuch appointment, but Democrats Used It First

Fact-check: True. CNN correctly pointed out that the Democratic Party had used the “nuclear option” in the Senate to get their way, which means that the Democrats lowered the vote threshold from the long-established 60 votes to a simple majority to pass legislation. Now, the Democrats worry that the Republicans will return the favor and […]

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New York Times Columnist Charles Blow Used Gorsuch Hearing to Question ‘Legitimacy’ of President Trump

Charles Blow, a columnist at the liberal newspaper The New York Times, again questioned the “legitimacy” of President Donald Trump and tweeted his legitimacy concerns during the U.S. Senate hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Grouch: Can I just say this AGAIN: I can’t believe we’re even holding confirmation hearings for a Trump SCOTUS […]

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Reminds Catholic Audience of Warning of Persecution after Obergefell decision

It’s rather ironic that the liberal media, which claims to be the gatekeepers of democracy, have forgotten about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s warnings in the wake of the Obergefell ruling. In his dissent, Alito warned of accusations of bigotry being tossed at those who support traditional marriage. The ruling opened the door for legalization of […]

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April 2017

4/18/2017 - Liberal Media Praised New SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch

4/11/2017 - Neil Gorsuch Sworn-In as Supreme Court Justice, First Clerk to Take Position with Former Boss on the Court

4/10/2017 - Liberals’ Last-Minute Plagiarism Accusation Does Not Derail Gorsuch Confirmation

4/6/2017 - NRA Released Video Detailing the Legal Challenges to the Second Amendment

4/5/2017 - Liberal Newspapers Agree: Democrats, Don’t Toss the Filibuster for the Nuclear Option

4/4/2017 - Washington Post Editorial Board: Democrats Anger Clouding Their Judgment on Gorsuch

March 2017

3/27/2017 - CNN: Democrats Worried about GOP Using ‘Nuclear Option’ for Gorsuch appointment, but Democrats Used It First

3/24/2017 - Chris Matthews Urges Democrats to Not Vote for “Mr. Nice Guy” Neil Gorsuch

3/22/2017 - New York Times Columnist Charles Blow Used Gorsuch Hearing to Question ‘Legitimacy’ of President Trump

3/20/2017 - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Reminds Catholic Audience of Warning of Persecution after Obergefell decision

3/3/2017 - Media Highlighted Joe Biden’s Criticism of Trump’s Court Comments, but Forgot about Obama’s Criticism of Courts

February 2017

2/28/2017 - SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reassured Liberal Audience She Won’t Retire Soon

2/17/2017 - Senate Confirmation Hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Set for March

2/5/2017 - Tom Brokaw Praises Gorsuch, Warns Dems on Filibuster [Video]

2/4/2017 - Liberal Media Outlet Laments Week of Hell under Trump

2/3/2017 - Liberal Media Gets Two Stories Wrong about Trump SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch

2/3/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch, Trump and Refugees, Boy Scouts Transgender Policy, March for Life & More

2/2/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Gorsuch Nomination, Misguided Immigration Order Backlash, Media’s Coverage of March for Life, Boy Scouts Transgender Policy and More

2/1/2017 - Who is Judge Neil Gorsuch? SCOTUS Blog’s Take

January 2017

1/31/2017 - Donald Trump Announces SCOTUS Nominee: Judge Neil Gorsuch

1/31/2017 - Trump to Announce Supreme Court Nominee at 8 PM Tuesday (Today)

1/25/2017 - Liberal Media Ignores Annual March for Life

1/25/2017 - Trump’s Supreme Court Pick will be Announced Next Week

1/25/2017 - Abortion Activists Concerned about Trump Overturning Roe v. Wade via Supreme Court Nominees

1/20/2017 - Clarence Thomas to Swear-In Mike Pence, the First African-American to Administer Oath of Office

October 2016

10/25/2016 - Unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton Won’t Name List of Potential SCOTUS Justices

10/25/2016 - NRA President Issues Urgent Message to Supporters, Warns of Obama’s 3rd Term via Hillary Clinton

10/20/2016 - Final Presidential Debate Fact Check: Hillary Clinton Compared DC v Heller Decision to Toddlers Shooting Selves with Guns

September 2016

9/6/2016 - Phyllis Schlafly: A Woman Worth Studying

July 2016

7/14/2016 - NBC News Claimed Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doubled Down on Trump Comments

7/8/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Turkey Terrorist Attack, Benghazi Reports, Brexit, SCOTUS Rulings

June 2016

6/30/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast-Turkey Terrorist Attack, Benghazi, Brexit, Supreme Court Rulings, Hillary’s Honesty Problem and Pat Summitt Tribute

6/29/2016 - Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Abortion Clinic Law Disappoints Conservatives, Elates Liberals [Video]

6/29/2016 - New York Times: Right-Wing SCOTUS Disappoints Conservatives

6/28/2016 - WATCH: Reactions of Protesters at SCOTUS over Texas Abortion Clinics Case

6/28/2016 - New York Times Draws a Map to Display the Lack of Abortion Clinics

6/28/2016 - Unanimous Decision: SCOTUS Overturns Bob McDonnell Decision

6/28/2016 - Classless Tweets by The Daily Show on Abortion

6/28/2016 - New York Times: SCOTUS Leans Left Now

6/28/2016 - Washington Post Agrees that Childbirth is as Dangerous as Abortion. Huh?

6/24/2016 - SCOTUS Rules that Warrantless Breath Tests are Constitutional

6/24/2016 - Obama is Livid with SCOTUS Decision on His Immigration Order

6/24/2016 - Supreme Court says OK to Race-Based Admissions at University of Texas

6/2/2016 - SCOTUS Passes on Death Penalty Case

6/1/2016 - SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Landowners and Against the EPA

May 2016

5/20/2016 - Senator Praised Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee List

5/19/2016 - Trump Publishes List of Potential SCOTUS Nominees, But May Not Stick To It

5/17/2016 - SCOTUS Declines to Rule on Little Sisters of the Poor-ObamaCare Case

5/14/2016 - Obama Received More Judicial Confirmations than Bush Did, Senator Says

5/10/2016 - Harvard Law Professor: Treat Conservatives Like Nazis

5/2/2016 - Democrats Try to Tie SCOTUS Appointment to Trump

5/2/2016 - Obama Upset that GOP-Led Senate Won’t Act on SCOTUS Nominee

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Little Movement on Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland

4/26/2016 - HBO’s ‘Confirmation’ Misses Key Facts in Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Controversy

4/22/2016 - Texas Governor Abbott: If SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Obama on Immigration, That Means They Rewrote the Constitution

4/21/2016 - SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Terror Attack Victims, Iran Owes Them Money

4/6/2016 - GOP Senator: No, the GOP Won’t Hold Hearings for Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

4/5/2016 - WATCH: Bill Clinton Confuses Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee with Other Judge

March 2016

3/30/2016 - SCOTUS Deadlocks, Meaning Public Employees Still Have to Pay Union Dues

3/27/2016 - Harry Reid says Unions Need an Obama SCOTUS Nominee

3/22/2016 - Ex-Judge says Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee was Pro-Labor Union

3/21/2016 - Little Sisters of the Poor Case is before SCOTUS this week

3/18/2016 - Harry Reid Praises Liberal Media for Pushing Democrats’ Talking Points on SCOTUS

3/18/2016 - CNN’s Blitzer Calls Out DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz for Dems Supreme Court Hypocrisy [Video]

3/18/2016 - Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee has Worked on Democratic Campaigns

3/17/2016 - MSNBC Unhappy with Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

3/17/2016 - So Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee was in Hillary Clinton’s Emails

3/17/2016 - GOP’s McConnell Cites ‘Biden Rule’ to Stop Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

3/17/2016 - NRA: No, We Don’t Back Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee Garland

3/16/2016 - Reagan’s Attorney General Backs GOP Line on Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

3/16/2016 - Obama to Nominate SCOTUS Candidate and Challenge the GOP

3/11/2016 - 4 of 5 of Obama’s SCOTUS Nominees Donated to Him

3/4/2016 - Obama Considering Iowa Judge for SCOTUS to Try to Sway GOP

February 2016

2/25/2016 - Nevada Governor Withdraws Name from Obama’s SCOTUS List

2/25/2016 - SCOTUS Rumor: Obama may be Eyeing Nevada GOP Governor Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS Replacement

2/24/2016 - Obama Blogs at ScotusBlog on SCOTUS Nominee Decision

2/24/2016 - Doctor said Scalia was in Poor Health

2/23/2016 - Georgetown Law Professor: Scalia had a Historical Influence on SCOTUS

2/22/2016 - Joe Biden Pushed for Stalling SCOTUS Nominees back in 1992

2/22/2016 - Late Justice Scalia’s Son, Paul, Gives Moving Homily at Father’s Funeral

2/20/2016 - Hundreds Lined Up for SCOTUS Justice Scalia’s Viewing

2/20/2016 - Paying Respects: SCOTUS Justices Remember Colleague Antonin Scalia

2/19/2016 - Go Figure: Senate Republicans May Not Hold the Line on Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

2/19/2016 - Thousands Expected to Pay Respects to Late SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia

2/18/2016 - Daily Caller: Here are 6 Funerals Obama Did Attend

2/18/2016 - 47% of Americans Want Obama to Pick Next SCOTUS Justice, Yet 46% Disagree

2/18/2016 - Obama will Skip Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Funeral

2/18/2016 - Obama Regrets 2006 Filibuster of SCOTUS Nominee Alito in light of Scalia’s Death & Succession

2/16/2016 - Harry Reid Blasts GOP for “Partisan Sabotage” of SCOTUS Nominee, Forgets His Own History

2/16/2016 - The Constitution Doesn’t Say the Senate Has to Confirm Judges

2/16/2016 - A Tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia

2/16/2016 - Obama Won’t Make a Recess Appointment to SCOTUS

2/15/2016 - Marco Rubio says Senate Won’t Approve SCOTUS Nominee in 2016

2/15/2016 - Contradiction: Democrat Once Stalled SCOTUS Nominee in 2007

2/15/2016 - 3 Times Justice Antonin Scalia Defended Religious Liberty

2/15/2016 - Obama Will Break Tradition to Nominate SCOTUS Justice in Election Year

2/15/2016 - Ginsburg Mourns Loss of Good Friend Scalia

2/15/2016 - Will Obama Appoint a SCOTUS Replacement?

2/13/2016 - SCOTUS Justice Scalia Passes Away

2/4/2016 - Trump: Cruz’s Support of John Roberts Gave America ObamaCare

January 2016

1/11/2016 - SCOTUS could Free Union Members from Compulsive Dues

1/7/2016 - Kentucky Governor Removes Clerk Names from Marriage Licenses

December 2015

12/11/2015 - Harry Reid Calls SCOTUS Justice Scalia ‘Racist’

November 2015

11/30/2015 - Native Hawaiian Vote Blocked by SCOTUS

11/16/2015 - Supreme Court to Hear Texas Abortion Clinic Law

October 2015

10/11/2015 - After SCOTUS Union Decision, SEIU is Losing Significant Numbers of Members

September 2015

9/3/2015 - Democratic and Elected Kentucky Clerk Jailed over Marriage Licenses

9/1/2015 - Kentucky Clerk Ordered to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gays, SCOTUS Rules

9/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ally sent Emails of How to Impeach SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas

August 2015

8/3/2015 - Obama wants to Impose Tougher Emissions Rules on Power Plants

July 2015

7/20/2015 - Time to End Life Tenure on the Supreme Court?

7/3/2015 - Websites aren’t Reporting on George Takei’s Rant on Clarence Thomas

June 2015

6/30/2015 - SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Upsets Balance of Powers in Gov’t

6/30/2015 - Rand Paul: Feds’ Involvement making Marriage Worse

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS OKs Use of Lethal Injection Drugs

6/29/2015 - Thanks for Nothing, SCOTUS: Fair Housing Ruling could Hurt the Poor

6/26/2015 - Marriage Ruling Sets Collision Course between Churches and the Feds

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS’s Marriage Ruling Won’t Bring Peace

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS Justice calls ObamaCare “SCOTUScare” after King v. Burwell decision

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS, in narrow 5-4 vote, Strikes Down Traditional Marriage

6/25/2015 - Text of King v. Burwell decision on ObamaCare Subsidies

6/25/2015 - Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare, Again, in King v. Burwell

6/24/2015 - Texas Abortion Clinics to Close

6/23/2015 - Save the Raisins: SCOTUS protects Raisin Farmers from USDA

May 2015

5/26/2015 - ObamaCare Supreme Court Case on Subsidies could have Political Implications

5/19/2015 - Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Double-Tax Law

March 2015

3/24/2015 - Supreme Court turns away Challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID Laws

3/4/2015 - SCOTUS will hear ObamaCare Mandate Case King v. Burwell

February 2015

2/14/2015 - SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg admits she was Drunk at the State of the Union

January 2015

1/28/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Figures Released, but Can We Trust Them?

November 2014

11/27/2014 - Liberal SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg has Stent Placed in Heart

July 2014

7/2/2014 - Public Unions Dealt a Major Blow by SCOTUS, Can’t Force Non-Union to Pay Dues

June 2014

6/30/2014 - Hobby Lobby (and Religious Owners) win in SCOTUS case

6/14/2014 - U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms Visa Waiting Time Law

January 2014

1/20/2014 - Supreme Court to look at Anti-Abortion Protests

October 2013

10/17/2013 - Affirmative Action Case in Universities to be Heard by US Supreme Court

10/8/2013 - Immigration Update: Arizona requires Citizenship Proof to vote in State Elections

September 2013

9/24/2013 - US Chamber of Commerce using Lawyers to save Businesses from Bad Laws

July 2013

7/19/2013 - House GOP vote NAY on ObamaCare delays

7/16/2013 - U.S. Senate Showdown on Nuclear Option

June 2013

6/27/2013 - SCOTUS strikes down part of DOMA, no-decision on Prop 8

6/25/2013 - Supreme Court strikes down Voting Rights Act provision

6/28/2012 - Matthews: SCOTUS Decision on Health Care Is the “Whole Ballgame” for Obama

March 2012

3/28/2012 - Bias Clips: MSNBC Uses ‘The Hunger Games’ to Promote Obamacare