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The Radio Host Behind Drugs and Guns Case

Articles about a search of the Virginia home of “gun rights activist” Adam Kokesh fail to note that he is a former program host for Russia Today (RT) television, a controversial channel funded by Moscow. Kokesh, who is sometimes even mistakenly labeled as a “conservative,” admitted he was a paid Russian agent in an interview that I […]

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Snowden Lawyer Close to Senator Rand Paul’s Office

In a curious development, NSA traitor Edward Snowden’s father is being represented by attorney Bruce Fein, who appeared with Senator Rand Paul at his anti-NSA news conference on June 13. Fein says “someone in Senator [Rand] Paul’s office” recommended him to Edward Snowden’s father, Lonnie. It appears that Fein is trying to negotiate Edward Snowden’s […]

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Snowden’s Dupes Caught Red-faced

Those who claimed NSA traitor Edward Snowden was a patriot or hero have egg all over their faces, as the former NSA contract worker has fled from China to Russia and now faces espionage charges that could possibly bring the death penalty. It is emerging as one of the biggest spy cases in American history. […]

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America is Under Attack and At War

The NSA leaker is being protected by China and has a home waiting in Russia. Yet, conservative media personalities such as Glenn Beck are saying that he is a hero. They seem to think that the NSA’s terrorist surveillance program has been used by Obama to go after conservatives, in the same way we have […]

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AIM Kicks Off the 2012 Bias Watch [Video]

Every four years Accuracy in Media dedicates itself to offering the best grassroots response to biased election coverage. AIM will offer hard-hitting analysis with columns, blogs, podcasts and now video. We were there in Iowa as America watched former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney edge out a narrow victory. Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson tracked down […]

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