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CNN Gives Platform for Staunch Anti-Trump ex-Cruz Staffer

CNN recently highlighted the comments of a former staffer of Senator Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter. Carpenter works as a contributor for CNN and ever since the 2016 presidential cycle, has made her anti-Trump feelings known on television and on social media. Now, Carpenter claimed that the Republican Party “enabled” Trump and his behavior on a […]

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Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Think Media Reports Fake News

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans believe that both online news sources and traditional media outlets are guilty of publishing fake news. The poll, released Wednesday by the Monmouth University Polling Institute, found that 80 percent of respondents thought that online news sites published fake news either regularly or occasionally. Traditional news outlets […]

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July 2017

7/14/2017 - Pew: Democrats, Republicans Sharply Divided on Media’s Impact

7/13/2017 - This is News? MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Declared He’s Left the GOP

May 2017

5/19/2017 - CNN Gives Platform for Staunch Anti-Trump ex-Cruz Staffer

5/19/2017 - Democrats are Banking on Taking the House in 2018 to Investigate Trump

5/16/2017 - NBC News: Trump may not have a GOP-Majority House after 2018 Midterm Elections

5/8/2017 - Media Narrative Debunked: No, the GOP didn’t bring in Beer to Celebrate Passing Obamacare Repeal

April 2017

4/27/2017 - Democrat in Georgia Runoff Never Voted in a Georgia Runoff Election

March 2017

3/30/2017 - Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Think Media Reports Fake News

October 2016

10/4/2016 - Plan for the Post-Republic after 2016 Elections, Warns Writer

September 2016

9/21/2016 - Some US Senate Projections for Election Day

July 2016

7/15/2016 - Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Running Mate

June 2016

6/27/2016 - Conservative Columnist George Will Leaves GOP

6/16/2016 - Americans’ Confidence in Newspapers Hits an All-Time Low

6/15/2016 - New York Times Suggests GOP is Responsible for Orlando Nightclub Attack

March 2016

3/23/2016 - No Rules for the GOP Convention, Warns Reporter

August 2015

8/24/2015 - Howard Dean: Hillary Email Scandal Manufactured by GOP and “Bored” Press

July 2015

7/5/2015 - Poll: 47% of Democrats say they’re ‘Extremely Proud’ to be American

March 2015

3/6/2015 - Obama’s Trip to Red States Too Little, Far Too Late

3/4/2015 - GOP is pushing Iran Bill despite Obama’s Veto Threat

February 2015

2/19/2015 - CNN Poll on DHS Shutdown Blame Omits Democrats as an Option

November 2014

11/5/2014 - Republicans Win Senate With the Help of Training by Fox, CNN Types

October 2013

10/11/2013 - Wolf Blitzer: Maybe Obama Administration Should Have Delayed Obamacare if They Weren’t Ready [Video]

10/2/2013 - About Face: Washington Post Reverses Itself—Decides GOP is Solely to Blame for Shutdown

January 2013

1/4/2013 - Oops! MSNBC Graphic Shows Democrats Control Congress

November 2011

11/25/2011 - Sharpton Promo: GOP Have Pie All Over Their Faces

October 2011

10/30/2011 - WH Chief of Staff: Obama Administration’s First Three Years Have Been “Brutal”

10/18/2011 - P.U. to Pew Media Bias Survey

10/5/2011 - Obama Blasts Cantor and the GOP on Jobs Bill, No Mention of Harry Reid [Video]

August 2011

8/17/2011 - Reuters shocked that Republicans are opposed to job-killing EPA

8/16/2011 - NYT: President to “fight” on economy

July 2011

7/25/2011 - Cenk Uygur: “I Love Ripping Into Republicans”

June 2011

6/26/2011 - Survey: Nearly Half of Voters Think Reporters Are More Liberal Than They Are

6/17/2011 - Weiner Who? Pelosi Ignores Scandal to Criticize GOP About Jobs

April 2011

4/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Calls Fox News a “Roach Motel” for GOP Candidates

February 2011

2/7/2011 - Andrea Mitchell: “Republicans Trying to Appropriate Reagan”

2/4/2011 - Poll: 71% of Americans Want Republicans to Consider Tea Party Ideas

December 2010

12/29/2010 - Matthews: ‘Democrats Don’t Want to Stop Illegal Immigration’

September 2010

9/23/2010 - New Poll Shows Bias Crisis for Mainstream Media

9/16/2010 - NYT Hating on Republicans Again

9/14/2010 - MSM Attacks Republican Tobacco Ties But Glosses Over Democrat Ones