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Trump Rips Media “Hostility”

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump ripped the media for being so hostile to his campaign, in a recent interview with Fox News media critic Howie Kurtz: “The media are very negative toward a Republican, toward a conservative Republican, and certainly very negative toward me. They don’t report my statements properly, they’ll use the first quarter […]

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Who is the White House Mole?

There has been a series of leaks of classified information from the White House in an effort to portray President Obama as a tough American foreign policy leader, but no official has resigned from the administration or the Obama campaign in disgrace or protest. This suggests the betrayal of state secrets is being condoned or […]

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CNN’s Kurtz: The Media vs. Mitt Romney [VIDEO]

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz discussed on Sunday’s show whether or not the media is biased against presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. “Politico has also weighed into the debate saying Republican complaints against bias often ring true,” Kurtz said. Guest commentators Jennifer Rubin and David Shuster engaged in a heated discussion on matters such as […]

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Matthews: GOP Nomination Process Full of Hate

MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews didn’t mince any words last night during his commentary when he told viewers that the Republican Party nominating process is all about hate and ignoring experience. MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this: The utter confusion in the Republican presidential nominating process results from two discernible facts. One: they hate. […]

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The Post Reports on the Poor Republican Tax Heretics

In a front page, above the fold article in the June 6, 2011 edition of The Washington Post, the Post asserted that the Republican Party of today is radical and extreme, unlike the Republicans of the past. The Post also asserts that the Republicans are endangering progress in reducing the national debt by refusing to […]

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July 2017

7/12/2017 - Surprise! MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Leaves Republican Party [Video]

June 2016

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December 2011

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November 2011

11/16/2011 - Matthews: GOP Nomination Process Full of Hate

June 2011

6/6/2011 - The Post Reports on the Poor Republican Tax Heretics