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Separating Liberal Hysteria from Facts about Trump’s Refugee Vetting Executive Order

David French, a columnist at National Review, laid a conservative case behind Donald Trump’s executive order on delaying refugee arrivals for 90 days: So, what did Trump do? Did he implement his promised Muslim ban? No, far from it. He backed down dramatically from his campaign promises and instead signed an executive order dominated mainly by moderate […]

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Obama Plans to Cut Refugee Screening Time

From the Free Beacon: An Obama administration plan to resettle a greater number of foreign refugees in the United States by expediting the screening process is drawing concern from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are warning that the administration is not capable of properly screening these individuals for ties to terrorism. The Obama administration has committed to […]

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February 2017

2/10/2017 - Dear Media: Australia’s Refugees aren’t America’s Problem

2/3/2017 - Fake News: Buzzfeed, Media Caught Publishing a Debunked Story of Iraqi Mom Dying due to Trump Refugee Vetting Order

January 2017

1/30/2017 - Liberal Media Jumps on Trump’s Refugee Vetting Executive Order

1/30/2017 - Separating Liberal Hysteria from Facts about Trump’s Refugee Vetting Executive Order

1/29/2017 - Liberal Media Jumps on Pentagon’s Tweet about a Refugee-Turned-US Marine

September 2016

9/28/2016 - European Union Gives Cash to Turkey to Manage Refugees

July 2016

7/19/2016 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Teen Refugee Axe Attack that Wounds 18 People on German Train

June 2016

6/22/2016 - Controversy Swirls in Idaho after Refugee-Rape Story Circulates on Social Media

6/16/2016 - Washington Post Forgets Iraq Situation Was Partly Caused by Obama’s Withdrawal of Troops

May 2016

5/4/2016 - Obama Plans to Cut Refugee Screening Time

5/4/2016 - EU Nations that Reject Migrants to be Hit with $300,000-per-Head Fine

April 2016

4/26/2016 - Obama Tells Germans to Not Blame Refugees for Current Problems

4/13/2016 - Refugee Crisis Could Fracture the EU, Bono Worries

4/6/2016 - Report: 1.82 Million Migrants Entered Europe, Raises Terror Threat Level

March 2016

3/14/2016 - Open Borders Backlash in Germany: Merkel’s Party and Allies Lose Ground in Election

3/1/2016 - Obama to States: We Want to Welcome In More Syrian Refugees

February 2016

2/10/2016 - Turkey: No, United Nations, We Won’t Open Our Borders

January 2016

1/28/2016 - Goodbye Now: Sweden Plans to Deport 80,000 Refugees

1/13/2016 - Denmark’s Plan is to Seize Valuables from Refugees to Pay for Asylum Costs

1/11/2016 - Pope Francis: Europe can Welcome Immigrants while Remaining Safe

1/11/2016 - Protests in Cologne after New Year’s Eve Train Station Assaults

1/7/2016 - After Sexual Assault, Robbery Rampage, German Police Report suggests Suspects Claimed They were Refugees

December 2015

12/28/2015 - Washington Post Article on Maryland Syrian Refugee is All Sentiment

12/23/2015 - Sloppy Approval Process for San Bernardino Terrorists

12/22/2015 - To Save Non-Binding Iran Nuke Deal, Obama Administration Looks to Veto Anti-Terror Measures

12/22/2015 - Over 1 Million Migrants Entered Europe in 2015

12/17/2015 - Migrant Terrorism is a Threat? At Least 29 Migrants Accused of Terrorist Plots in America

12/17/2015 - Harvard: People Worried about Syrian Refugees are Islamophobic

12/17/2015 - Obama has Resettled 100,000 Refugees in America since 2012

12/14/2015 - DHS doesn’t know the Number of Syrian Refugees in America

12/12/2015 - Feds Warn that ISIS could Print Fake Syrian Passports

12/10/2015 - Climate Change is Fueling the Refugee Crisis, says John Kerry

12/4/2015 - U.S. Granted 680,000 Green Cards to People from Muslim-Majority Countries the Last 5 Years

12/4/2015 - Cruz, Sessions Ask Obama to Release Immigration Information of San Bernardino Shooters

12/3/2015 - Texas Sues Feds over Refugee Resettlement Program

12/1/2015 - It’s Hypocrisy to Ask Turkey to Seal Their Border, says Ben Carson

12/1/2015 - After Blowback, White House to Send Personalized Reports of Refugee Resettlement to Governors

12/1/2015 - Europe’s Open Borders Policy is Letting ISIS Terrorists in, says Pentagon

November 2015

11/30/2015 - Ben Carson visits Syrian Refugees

11/29/2015 - New York Times Editorial Board says GOP is Full of ‘Nativist Bigotry’

11/24/2015 - Predictably, Liberal Press Ignores Voters on Refugee Issue

11/20/2015 - France says Paris Attack Planner used Refugee Crisis to Sneak into Europe

11/20/2015 - House Passes Background Check Bill for Refugees

11/19/2015 - Obama is Wrong? His Claim about Religious Test for Refugees is Inaccurate

11/19/2015 - Obama Threatens Veto of Bill that would Enact Security Measures for Refugees

11/18/2015 - Is the Syrian Refugee Problem Overblown? Reason Magazine says Yes

11/18/2015 - Congress Moves to “Pause” Syrian Refugee Program

11/17/2015 - Europe’s Refugee Crisis Back to the Forefront after Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/17/2015 - 21 States Put Syrian Refugee Program on Hold

11/17/2015 - Senator Rand Paul Proposes Bill to Pause Syrian Refugee Program amid Terrorism Concerns

11/16/2015 - Ben Carson sends Letter to Congress to Stop Refugee Program

11/16/2015 - Texas puts a Halt to Syrian Refugee Program

11/16/2015 - Stats Don’t Lie: 72% of Refugees are Men, Only 20% from Syria

11/16/2015 - Several States are Halting Syrian Refugee Program after Paris Terrorist Attacks

October 2015

10/17/2015 - Germany’s Open Borders Policy for Middle Eastern ‘Refugees’ Causing Internal Strife

10/9/2015 - FBI Director Admits there are Gaps in Screening Syrian ‘Refugees’

September 2015

9/21/2015 - John Kerry Announces Increase in Refugee Quotas the Next 2 Years

9/18/2015 - Hungary sees Immigrants Hopping Fences to Gain Entrance

9/14/2015 - No More Palestinian Refugees, says Jordan

9/11/2015 - Obama wants to Admit 10,000 Syrian Refugees in 2016

9/8/2015 - Germany says It Can Take Up to 500,000 Refugees a Year

May 2015

5/26/2015 - U.S. Asylum-Seekers could have Terrorist Ties