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Washington Post Quotes Southern Poverty Law Center in Piece about Government Ignoring White Supremacists

The Washington Post, which has veered from a formerly reputable liberal newspaper to a very anti-Trump outlet, published an article which quotes the anti-conservative group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC is known for publishing an alleged “hate map,” which lists Christian groups as “hate groups” and whose map was published by CNN as a […]

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wondered if Barcelona Terror Attack was a ‘Copycat’ of Charlottesville

Ignoring recent events, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked if using a vehicle as a mass casualty-inflicting attack vehicle was a “copycat” of the Charlottesville tragedy, where a neo-Nazi sympathizer used his car to run over counter-protesters. Here’s what Blitzer said: “There will be questions about copycats. Questions, if what happened in Barcelona, was at all, at […]

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Political Correctness Propagates Radical Liberalism and Undermines The Truth

Political correctness advances liberal ideology—it is a weapon wielded by radicals to cow conservatives into submission. And the doctrines of political correctness undermine the truth. According to liberal illogic, individuals who oppose the slaughter of unborn infants obstruct “women’s rights” and “reproductive justice.” “Intolerant/homophobic” individuals who adhere to biblical teachings on gender and sexuality face […]

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CNN’s 2016 Review: Missing Radical Islam, Black Lives Matter Anti-Police Rhetoric, Fidel Castro’s Death

If CNN wished to be considered a legitimate, accurate news source, how can their end-of-year review omit naming Black Lives Matter for their anti-police rhetoric, whiffs and does not blame radical Islam for terrorist attacks AND does not mention the death of longtime Communist dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro? Here’s what the CNN write-up said about the […]

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Some Liberal Media Cover Thwarted Paris Gas Canister Attack on Notre Dame, Headlines Ignore Radical Islam

CNN and NBC News wrote pieces that were on their homepage, but neither headline mentioned “radical Islam” or “terrorism.” ABC News and CBS News did not highlight this thwarted gas canister attack on their homepage, which is concerning, isn’t it? CNN: “French officer injured in arrest of women planning attack, official says” NBC News: “Three […]

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September 2017

9/6/2017 - Washington Post Quotes Southern Poverty Law Center in Piece about Government Ignoring White Supremacists

August 2017

8/18/2017 - CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wondered if Barcelona Terror Attack was a ‘Copycat’ of Charlottesville

June 2017

6/13/2017 - Huge Omission: Washington Post Piece on Pulse Nightclub Attack Didn’t Mention ISIS, Terrorism

February 2017

2/16/2017 - Political Correctness Propagates Radical Liberalism and Undermines The Truth

2/9/2017 - Trump Tells U.S. Military He has Their Back, Will Fight Radical Islam

January 2017

1/1/2017 - CNN’s 2016 Review: Missing Radical Islam, Black Lives Matter Anti-Police Rhetoric, Fidel Castro’s Death

December 2016

12/20/2016 - Berlin Christmas Market Truck Attack: 12 Dead in Truck Battering Ram Attack in Germany

October 2016

10/21/2016 - Muslim Appreciation Month Arrives at the University of Florida

September 2016

9/9/2016 - Some Liberal Media Cover Thwarted Paris Gas Canister Attack on Notre Dame, Headlines Ignore Radical Islam

August 2016

8/3/2016 - Pope Francis Doesn’t Take the Bait on Radical Islam after Murder of French Priest

8/2/2016 - ISIS Calls Slain American Muslim Serviceman an “Apostate”

8/1/2016 - Muslims Attending Mass in Solidarity against ISIS Terrorism

July 2016

7/29/2016 - Why was the ISIS-Loving Teenager Under House Arrest before He Killed a French Priest?

7/29/2016 - FBI Chief Warns of ‘Terrorist Diaspora’ from Syria

7/18/2016 - CBS News: No Mention of Radical Islam or Terrorism in Announcing a Third American Died in Nice Attack

7/15/2016 - Newt Gingrich Concerned about Radical Ties of Muslims Entering America

7/2/2016 - CBS News Buried the Lede on al-Qaeda’s Recent Video Statements?

June 2016

6/28/2016 - Where in the World is Omar Mateen’s Wife?

6/21/2016 - FBI Scrubs Mention of ISIS in Orlando Attack Transcript

6/17/2016 - Iran is Trying to Convert People in South and Central America

6/15/2016 - Mainstream Media Doesn’t Mention French Police Couple Murdered by Radical Islamist

6/15/2016 - Disney Warned FBI about Orlando Shooter

6/14/2016 - Liberal Media Confused Why Orlando Attacker Did What He Did

6/13/2016 - Oh, Now the Liberal Media Worries about ISIS and Gays?

6/5/2016 - ISIS Threatens Another Attack on Europe and America

May 2016

5/13/2016 - FBI Chief: ISIS is Losing Recruitment Battle for Americans

5/12/2016 - MIT Lecture Asks if Islamophobia is Linked to Climate Change

5/11/2016 - Alleged Islamist Stabs Germans with a Knife at a Train Station

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Three Relatives of San Bernardino Terrorists are Charged

4/26/2016 - ISIS Pay Scale is Based on Wives, Kids and Sex Slaves

4/24/2016 - Texas Moderate Muslims Fight Islamist Radicalization at the Source

4/14/2016 - ISIS Takes Credit for Changing Obama’s Hostage Negotiating Tactics

4/5/2016 - ISIS Launches Their Own CSI Forensics Arm

4/2/2016 - Obama White House Strikes ‘Islamist Terrorism’ from French Prez Speech

March 2016

3/27/2016 - Barack Obama is Our Secretary-General-in-Chief

3/25/2016 - French Nab Suspect who was in “Advanced Stages” of Terrorist Plot

3/24/2016 - Gitmo Detainees, When Freed, Have Killed Americans

3/24/2016 - Belgium Terrorist Bomb Maker Died in Attack

3/24/2016 - Europe’s Breeding Ground for Terror

3/23/2016 - More Explosive Devices Found after Belgium Terrorist Attacks

3/21/2016 - Captured Paris Terrorist Attacker was Planning Another Attack

3/18/2016 - ISIS Lost 22% of Its Territory the Last 15 Months

3/17/2016 - John Kerry: ISIS is Committing Genocide

3/17/2016 - In Belgian Raid, Algerian Gunman found with ISIS Flag, Radical Islam Book Nearby

3/14/2016 - U.S. Official may have been the Target of Islamist Terrorist Attack in the Ivory Coast

3/10/2016 - ISIS Registration Form Leaked to the West, has 22,000 Names

3/8/2016 - British Police Warn that ISIS is Plotting ‘Enormous and Spectacular’ Attacks on the West

February 2016

2/16/2016 - ISIS is Strapped for Cash

2/10/2016 - Official Confirms ISIS Used Chemical Weapons

2/5/2016 - Witness Claims Paris Terrorist Attacks Mastermind Brought Dozens of Fighters into Europe

2/2/2016 - U.S. Airstrikes Take Out ISIS Radio Station in Afghanistan

January 2016

1/22/2016 - US Troops can Fight ISIS, Officially

1/22/2016 - FBI Struggles to Find Missing Hard Drive, Decrypt San Bernardino Terrorists’ Phones

1/21/2016 - FBI investigating Kent State Professor’s Ties to ISIS

1/14/2016 - Congress worries that Terrorist Plots are Tied to Immigration Spike

1/10/2016 - White House Task Force Targets Violent Extremism, but doesn’t Mention Islam

1/9/2016 - Man Tries to Kill Police Officer in Philly, Claimed Islam as Motivation

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Twitter to Clamp Down on ISIS and ‘Hateful Conduct’

12/30/2015 - Suicide Bombing Kills 26 in Pakistan, Wounds 45 Others

12/30/2015 - San Bernadino Terrorist Wife Claimed She was Pregnant in Applying for a Green Card

12/30/2015 - ISIS Fears Israel, Not America or the West

12/28/2015 - Boko Haram Kills 15 with RPGs and Suicide Bombings

12/23/2015 - Sloppy Approval Process for San Bernardino Terrorists

12/17/2015 - Migrant Terrorism is a Threat? At Least 29 Migrants Accused of Terrorist Plots in America

12/17/2015 - San Bernardino Terrorists Buried while FBI Agents Guarded the Funeral

12/17/2015 - Whistleblower Claims Obama Administration Shut Down Probe of Radical Islamists, Could’ve Stopped San Bernardino Couple

12/17/2015 - FBI now Considers Chattanooga Attack an Act of Terrorism

12/16/2015 - DHS Should Release All Documents Regarding San Bernardino Terrorist, says Congress

12/16/2015 - Pentagon Warns of ISIS Offshoot in Afghanistan

12/15/2015 - Saudi Arabia Announces Anti-Terror Alliance of Islamic Nations

12/10/2015 - Former Neighbor of San Bernardino Terrorist to be Indicted

12/9/2015 - Investigators: San Bernardino Terrorist Planned Attack in 2012

12/9/2015 - Terrorist Bride? Questions Emerge about San Bernardino Shooters

12/8/2015 - FBI said San Bernardino Shooters were Radicalized for Some Time

12/7/2015 - Democrats Attend a Prayer Service at a Mosque with Radical Ties, History

12/7/2015 - Free Beacon Analysis: 6 Successful Islamist Terrorist Attacks since 9/11

12/5/2015 - Obama Won’t Call the San Bernardino Shooting ‘Terrorism’

12/4/2015 - Marco Rubio: It’s Either Radical Islam Wins, or We Win

12/4/2015 - California Democratic Senator, after San Bernardino Shooting, says Gun Control Laws Work in California

12/4/2015 - Authorities Probing Whether San Bernardino Shooter’s Wife Radicalized the Husband

12/3/2015 - Obama Quick to Blame Guns and Gun Laws for Violence, Not Radical Islam

12/3/2015 - San Bernardino Shooter was in Contact with Suspected Terrorists

November 2015

11/25/2015 - Report: ISIS has Radicalized People in the U.S.

11/20/2015 - Mali Hotel Hostage Situation leaves at least 3 Dead

11/18/2015 - Boko Haram Blamed for Bomb Blast at a Truck Stop

11/18/2015 - John Kerry Apparently Justified the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

11/16/2015 - Marco Rubio Slams Hillary Clinton for Avoiding Use of “Radical Islam” in Describing Terrorists

September 2015

9/12/2015 - State Dept: Radical Islam is Losing, but Growing in Size

February 2015

2/15/2015 - Female Suicide Bomber kills 16 in Nigeria

2/15/2015 - Islamic State is the New al-Qaeda in the Middle East

January 2015

1/26/2015 - Saudi Arabia’s New King has Terrorist Ties

1/14/2015 - White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Says It’s Not “Accurate” to Call Paris Terrorism “Radical Islam” [Video]

May 2012

5/23/2012 - Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists