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Morning Joe’s Brzezinski: Trump is ‘A Stone-Cold Racist’

Following up on MSNBC’s “Everyday Racism in America” town hall Tuesday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski blamed President Trump for what she sees as an uptick in racist incidents and called him a “stone-cold racist.” Brzezinski didn’t originate the charge against Trump — that was made by MSNBC political analyst and McCain 2008 presidential campaign manager […]

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WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan Defends ESPN Writer’s Anti-Trump Tweets

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan defended ESPN’s Jemele Hill’s tweets that called President Trump a white supremacist and said he was unqualified to be president. Hill’s halfhearted apology was good enough for Sullivan, said tweets from Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders were inappropriate. It is, for example, wildly inappropriate for […]

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Obama in Dateline NBC Interview Admitted Instant ‘Hope and Change’ was ‘Unrealistic’

Outgoing President Barack Obama, in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, mentioned how his ‘hope and change’ campaign may have been “naive” and put “unrealistic expectations” in the minds of Americans. Here is a transcript of the interview segment: Obama: “…That pride is something that was a positive…any talk of it being a post-racial America, […]

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Democrats Blame Trump, Republicans for Hateful Rhetoric in …a Democratic-Majority County

In Montgomery County, Maryland, hardly a hotbed for conservatism with party registration rates of Democrats to Republicans being a 3-to-1 ratio, Democrats are blaming rising hateful rhetoric on the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Democratic and liberal leaders blame two high school incidents on Trump supporters, but the Republicans counter and point […]

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The Media Continues to Cry Wolf over Trump

A writer going by the pseudonym Scott Alexander wrote an insightful, data-driven piece on how the (liberal) media continues to cry wolf over Donald Trump’s alleged racism. It’s worth a read: Trump made gains among blacks. He made gains among Latinos. He made gains among Asians. The only major racial group where he didn’t get […]

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December 2015

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November 2015

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June 2014

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December 2013

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