Accuracy in Media

Who is the White House Mole?

There has been a series of leaks of classified information from the White House in an effort to portray President Obama as a tough American foreign policy leader, but no official has resigned from the administration or the Obama campaign in disgrace or protest. This suggests the betrayal of state secrets is being condoned or […]

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Republicans Outmaneuvered by Obama and Holder

Senator John McCain, who lost to Obama in 2008 in part because he did not want to challenge Obama’s personal character or loyalty to the U.S., is now upset over what he calls “…a disturbing stream of articles” that cite “leaked classified or highly-sensitive information…” in an “effort to paint a portrait of President Obama […]

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Obama’s Socialist Allies Defeated in Wisconsin

About a week after President Obama gave a Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, the honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Associated Press (AP) wire service ran a story casting doubt on the claim that Obama himself was a socialist. This is the same news organization which in 2008 carried a story […]

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July 2017

7/27/2017 - CNN Rips Trump Speech to Boy Scouts, But Gave Obama a Pass When He Skipped it To Appear on ‘The View’

7/27/2017 - Left Claims Hitler-Style ‘Indoctrination’ in Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech

June 2012

6/14/2012 - Who is the White House Mole?

6/11/2012 - NBC’s Jansing Parrots Obama Talking Points on Public Sector Jobs

6/11/2012 - CNN: Media to be Tough on Romney as His Chances Improve

6/11/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Defends Obama Against WashPost Reporter

6/11/2012 - Obama Economic Talking Points Dominate MSNBC News Reporting [VIDEO]

6/11/2012 - Republicans Outmaneuvered by Obama and Holder

6/8/2012 - American Family Radio; Logan Churchwell Discusses Fox News’ Anti-Obama Video

6/6/2012 - Obama’s Socialist Allies Defeated in Wisconsin

6/6/2012 - Obama and Israel: The Undermining of a Historic Relationship

December 2011

12/12/2011 - Conservative Jews Condemn President Obama

12/8/2011 - Gov. Christie Mocks Obama in front of Jewish Republicans

12/8/2011 - Newt Gingrich: Obama Debate Challenge

November 2011

11/30/2011 - The Case of CH2M HILL: $2 Billion in Crony Stimulation

September 2011

9/21/2011 - Obama & Solyndra: MAKIN’ IT RAIN

9/19/2011 - Solyndra, the Green Energy Anti-Depressant

August 2011

8/16/2011 - NYT: President to “fight” on economy

8/11/2011 - White House looks to Tinseltown for boost in 2012 with Death of bin Laden Movie

8/11/2011 - Super Congress Appointee Fred Upton, can school Obama (in tennis)

8/9/2011 - Rubio: Obama Competing For “Title Of Worst President In American History”

8/9/2011 - Up in Flames! Former student supporters ATTACK Obama…in 105° HEAT!

8/8/2011 - Obama’s Contradictory Beliefs in America’s AAA Status

8/5/2011 - Media: Lowest Labor Force Participation Rate since 1984 Equals some “good news”

July 2011

7/28/2011 - Obama’s Continued Denial of Illegal Fundraising Questions

7/21/2011 - Lee Invokes Race Card Amidst Debt Impasse

7/15/2011 - Issa Spearheads Spotlight on Alleged Obama Fundraising Illegality

7/8/2011 - Obama Gets a Boost From Reuters

7/7/2011 - Spotlight on Obama’s Alleged Fundraising Illegality

7/7/2011 - Obama’s Jewish Problem

June 2011

6/30/2011 - Unchecked Executive Power

6/29/2011 - Beyonce’s Barack Blues

6/27/2011 - Allen West on Obama: “NOT the Great Savior; Emperor of the World…just a guy FAILING.”

6/27/2011 - Allen West: “No more ATM’s, Cell Phones…”

6/13/2011 - Still Looking for “Green Jobs”

6/9/2011 - Reforming Patents or Enabling Piracy?

April 2011

4/27/2011 - AIM Chairman Applauds the Release of President Obama’s Birth Certificate

4/26/2011 - Spotting Media Bias in Story Choices

4/25/2011 - CNN 2008: High gas prices = BUSH!!! | CNN 2011: High gas prices = no easy answers

4/20/2011 - President Obama Pulls a Pawlenty – on Facebook

4/18/2011 - The Associated Press Really Likes the Progressive Income Tax for the “Rich”

4/15/2011 - CNN on the “Meanest” Cuts

4/14/2011 - New AP Tax Poll Misses the Mark…as Do the Media

January 2011

1/25/2011 - Senator Smith Demands Further Investigation on Forgotten November “Missile Mystery”