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Some Liberal Media Cover Thwarted Paris Gas Canister Attack on Notre Dame, Headlines Ignore Radical Islam

CNN and NBC News wrote pieces that were on their homepage, but neither headline mentioned “radical Islam” or “terrorism.” ABC News and CBS News did not highlight this thwarted gas canister attack on their homepage, which is concerning, isn’t it? CNN: “French officer injured in arrest of women planning attack, official says” NBC News: “Three […]

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ISIS Terrorism in Europe is Hurting Tourism

An insightful New York Times piece on how the Islamic State-inspired terrorism is dampening Europe’s tourism industry, if not decimating it: In France, growth in nightly hotel room bookings after the Paris attacks fell to single digits from 20 percent. After the Brussels bombings, bookings went negative, and after Nice, bookings fell by double digits, […]

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September 2016

9/9/2016 - Some Liberal Media Cover Thwarted Paris Gas Canister Attack on Notre Dame, Headlines Ignore Radical Islam

July 2016

7/29/2016 - ISIS Terrorism in Europe is Hurting Tourism

June 2016

6/5/2016 - Paris’s Louvre Museum Closes Amid Flooding Concern

May 2016

5/21/2016 - Some Evidence Found in EgyptAir Flight 804 Case

5/19/2016 - 66 Dead after Egypt Air Plane Crashes in Mediterranean Sea

March 2016

3/19/2016 - Fugitive Paris Attacker Captured in Raid

February 2016

2/5/2016 - Witness Claims Paris Terrorist Attacks Mastermind Brought Dozens of Fighters into Europe

January 2016

1/15/2016 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Jakarta Terrorist Attacks

December 2015

12/30/2015 - U.S. Airstrikes Kill Paris Terrorist Attack ISIS Leader, says Military

12/22/2015 - John Kerry admits Climate Change Deal is Voluntary, Claims It Creates Jobs

12/21/2015 - Belgium Detains 5 in Connection to Paris Terrorist Attacks

12/21/2015 - NY Times Issues Nonsensical Explanation for Edits on Obama Article

12/20/2015 - Data says Spike in Hate Crimes against Muslim Americans since Paris Terrorist Attacks

12/18/2015 - Obama admits He Doesn’t Watch Enough Cable News to Understand Terrorism Fears

12/17/2015 - Obama’s Paris Climate Change Deal is “Just a Bunch of Pledges”

12/16/2015 - 2 Suspects Arrested in Austria, Possibly Connected to Paris Terrorist Attacks

12/15/2015 - Obama’s Sneaky, Phantom Climate Change Deal Circumvents Congress

12/4/2015 - New York Sheriff, a Democrat, Reminds his Town of Protecting Selves with Legal Firearms

November 2015

11/25/2015 - Obama believes the Paris Climate Change Conference is a Rebuke to ISIS

11/25/2015 - Obama: ISIS is a “Serious Threat to All of Us”

11/24/2015 - Terrorist Fugitive Still On the Run, but Did He Abandon His Mission?

11/23/2015 - Brussels on Lockdown after Security Concerns Raised

11/22/2015 - Several Paris Attackers were on America’s Watch List

11/20/2015 - France says Paris Attack Planner used Refugee Crisis to Sneak into Europe

11/19/2015 - WaPo’s Cillizza: Clinton’s Defense of Obama’s Foreign Policy May Hurt Her Campaign [Video]

11/18/2015 - John Kerry Apparently Justified the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

11/18/2015 - Some ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Take Issue with Paris Terrorist Attacks Taking the Spotlight

11/18/2015 - 2 Terrorist Suspects Killed, 7 Arrested in Raid by French Police

11/17/2015 - Obama Endures Terrorism Questions at G-20 Summit Press Conference

11/17/2015 - Europe’s Refugee Crisis Back to the Forefront after Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/17/2015 - Obama: Paris Terrorist Attacks were “Obviously a Terrible and Sickening Setback” to anti-ISIS Strategy

11/17/2015 - Senator Rand Paul Proposes Bill to Pause Syrian Refugee Program amid Terrorism Concerns

11/16/2015 - Marco Rubio Slams Hillary Clinton for Avoiding Use of “Radical Islam” in Describing Terrorists

11/16/2015 - Several States are Halting Syrian Refugee Program after Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/16/2015 - Paris Terrorist Attacks Mastermind is Belgian, Believed to be Hiding in Syria

11/16/2015 - French Citizen who Participated in Paris Terrorist Attacks Hunted by Police

11/16/2015 - France Launched Airstrikes in Syria in Retaliation for ISIS Terrorist Attacks in Paris

11/16/2015 - Pre-G-20 Summit, Obama faces Calls to Defeat ISIS

11/15/2015 - American College Student from California among Victims of Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/15/2015 - Belgium Raid results in 3 Arrests after Paris Attacks

11/15/2015 - France Closed Borders after Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/15/2015 - Countries Light Up Landmarks in Support of France after Terrorist Attacks

11/14/2015 - France Cancels Sporting Events after Paris Terrorist Attacks

11/14/2015 - Paris Terrorist Attacks: Photos

11/14/2015 - Parisians House People Affected by Terror Attacks via Social Media

11/14/2015 - Horrific Scene at Paris Concert Hall Le Bataclan where Shooting Started

11/14/2015 - France’s War against ISIS will be “Merciless,” says France’s Hollande

11/14/2015 - Paris Terrorist Attacks leave at least 127 Dead, ISIS Claims Responsibility

11/14/2015 - Agence France Presse’s Homepage Temporarily Down

July 2015

7/7/2015 - Bill Clinton’s Limo Ride in Paris Cost Taxpayers $8,000

February 2015

2/11/2015 - Obama Avoiding the Obvious “Radical Islam” or “Islamist” Terrorism Labels

2/11/2015 - Just Painful: White House defends Obama’s “random” Paris Deli remarks

2/11/2015 - Obama White House thinks Global Warming is more Dangerous than Terrorism

2/11/2015 - Charles Krauthammer: Obama won’t Admit He was Wrong about Paris Terrorist Attack

2/10/2015 - White House, State Dept. try to Cover for Obama’s “Random” Terrorist Attack Remarks

January 2015

1/31/2015 - CNN: French Terrorist trapped Camera during Kosher Store Hostage Situation

1/20/2015 - Obama’s chief of staff, not Obama, takes blame for U.S. Snub of Paris Rally

1/14/2015 - Charlie Hebdo Magazine Sells Out in Paris, France

1/12/2015 - Al Jazeera Hates the Post-Charlie Hebdo Unity

1/12/2015 - No American Dignitary Showed up to Pro-France Rally in Paris

1/11/2015 - Charlie Hebdo Terrorists were Interviewed by French TV Station while Cornered by Police

1/9/2015 - Hostage Crisis in France: 3 Gunmen Killed, at least 3 Hostages Dead

1/9/2015 - After Charlie Hebdo, Islamists create Two Hostage Situations in France