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Oregon Judge Approves Third Gender Option on IDs

An Oregon judge approved a former Army sergeant’s request to identify as neither male or female, as he is “transitioning” from his male birth gender. NBC News noted that the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has been exploring how to handle this and has held several public comment sessions on potential gender option changes.

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Portland City Council Passed Tax on Businesses with Pay Gap between CEOs, Employees

From CBS News’ article on the Left’s common refrain of ‘pay gap’: “This ordinance won’t do anything to address income inequality,” said Sandra McDonough, the CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. She worries the new law could drive businesses away from Portland. “We’re concerned about it because it’s sending a signal that Portland isn’t working […]

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New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

The New York Times said the following about the mostly ‘peaceful’ protests against incoming President-Elect Donald Trump: Most of the gatherings have remained peaceful, but tempers have flared sporadically. Demonstrators burned trash cans in Oakland on Wednesday night, and tried to block a highway on Thursday before the police intervened. In Portland on Thursday night, […]

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May 2017

5/11/2017 - Oregon Judge Approves Third Gender Option on IDs

January 2017

1/6/2017 - Portland City Council Passed Tax on Businesses with Pay Gap between CEOs, Employees

November 2016

11/18/2016 - Liberal Media Headlines Don’t Include $1 Million in Property Damage during Anti-Trump Portland Riot

11/18/2016 - Over Half of Arrested Anti-Trump Protesters in Portland, Oregon Didn’t Vote

11/15/2016 - New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Oregon Poll: Kasich in Distant 3rd

February 2016

2/12/2016 - The Oregon Refuge Crisis is Over

2/1/2016 - Oregon Town Still Occupied by Armed Group

January 2016

1/27/2016 - Militia Leader Ammon Bundy, Others are Arrested after Gun Battle Kills 1

1/7/2016 - Fake Twitter Account of Nevada Rancher Fools NY Daily News

1/5/2016 - Oregon Standoff Ends as Ranchers Go to Prison

1/4/2016 - Armed Protesters at Federal Wildlife Refuge Occupy a Government Building

December 2015

12/3/2015 - Obama Quick to Blame Guns and Gun Laws for Violence, Not Radical Islam

12/1/2015 - Illegal Immigrants Sue Oregon for Barring Them from Obtaining Driver’s Licenses

October 2015

10/19/2015 - Poll: Americans Want Stricter Gun Sales, but No Specifics

10/3/2015 - Obama’s Gun Solution: He’ll Talk about Gun Control, but No Specifics Yet

10/2/2015 - Obama Ignored News that Oregon College Shooter Targeted Christians, Criticized Guns Instead

10/2/2015 - In 12-Minute Speech about Community College Shooting, Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times

10/2/2015 - Remember the Hero who Rushed at the Oregon Community College Shooter

10/2/2015 - Oregon Community College Gunman Targeted Christians, Initial Reports say

May 2015

5/15/2015 - $205 Million Later, Hawaii Shuts Down ObamaCare Exchange

April 2015

4/4/2015 - E-mails from Oregon’s Ex-First Lady showed She Influenced Policy

February 2015

2/14/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Tom Steyer involved in Oregon Ethics Scandal

2/14/2015 - Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Resigns after Ethics Scandal

2/13/2015 - Democrats Urge Oregon Governor to Resign amid Controversy

2/12/2015 - Oregon’s Democrat Governor, embroiled in Ethics Scandal, may not Resign

2/6/2015 - Oregon’s Governor called to Resign after Conflict of Interest, Cronyism emerge

January 2015

1/5/2015 - #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Disrupt Medal Ceremony for 100-year-old Navy Veteran

November 2013

11/14/2013 - ObamaCare: Only 3% of their Goal Enrolled, say Insurers

11/13/2013 - Oregon has Enrolled No One in Obamacare Exchanges