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Media Reports Hit to Obamacare, Neglects Newly Announced Benefits

President Trump announced a decision to halt subsidy payments to the insurance companies in Obamacare exchanges. Many of the media response centered on the damage that decision did to President Obama’s signature legislative achievement. “[Trump] dropped the ax with timing that could inflict maximal disruption on the Affordable Care Act enrollment season,” the Washington Post […]

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Bias Buzz Podcast- Barcelona Terrorist Attack, Charlottesville, the ALT-Right and Trump, Obamacare Premiums Soaring and More

Episode 85. This week Don is joined by Tommy Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations for the Heritage Foundation.  The discussion centers around the terrorist attack in Barcelona and the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville and the subsequent fallout. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below.

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The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s First 200 Days, McConnell-Staying or Going?, Google’s Diversity Crisis, Hillary the Preacher and More

Episode 84.  Rob Bluey, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Signal steps into the co-host slot this week as we discuss Donald Trump’s first 200 days in office,  an analysis of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s performance and the growing calls to replace him, Google’s diversity crisis and the role of tech and social media in the workplace, […]

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The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s First 200 Days, McConnell-Staying or Going?, Google’s Diversity Crisis, Hillary the Preacher and More

Episode 84.  Rob Bluey, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Signal steps into the co-host slot this week as we discuss Donald Trump’s first 200 days in office,  an analysis of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s performance and the growing calls to replace him, Google’s diversity crisis and the role of tech and social media in the workplace, […]

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Oops: White House Confirmed President didn’t take Phone Calls from Boy Scouts, Mexico

President Donald Trump boasted that the Boy Scouts of America called him and praised his recent speech to their national jamboree audience, in addition to how the Mexican president called to talk about border crossings. The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, clarified that these were conversations and were not discussed over the phone, as […]

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Liberal Twitter Goes Wild Over Dem Rep’s Misleading Video of Trump and Handicapped Child

Liberals on Twitter went crazy Friday after an aide to Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tweeted a misleading video of President Donald Trump appearing to ignore a wheelchair-bound child at the White House. Ansel Herz, the deputy communications director for Jayapal, tweeted out a video–since deleted, which appeared to show the president ignoring a small boy in a […]

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May 2018

5/3/2018 - CNN Cites Rubio, Price to Buoy Democratic Rhetoric on Tax Cuts, ObamaCare

October 2017

10/16/2017 - Media Reports Hit to Obamacare, Neglects Newly Announced Benefits

September 2017

9/21/2017 - Newsflash: Obama is Unhappy over Obamacare Repeal is Because It is His Legacy

August 2017

8/21/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- Barcelona Terrorist Attack, Charlottesville, the ALT-Right and Trump, Obamacare Premiums Soaring and More

8/14/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s First 200 Days, McConnell-Staying or Going?, Google’s Diversity Crisis, Hillary the Preacher and More

8/13/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s First 200 Days, McConnell-Staying or Going?, Google’s Diversity Crisis, Hillary the Preacher and More

8/3/2017 - Oops: White House Confirmed President didn’t take Phone Calls from Boy Scouts, Mexico

8/3/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- Scaramucci’s Short Tenure, Faux Conservative Columnists, CNN Claims Trump’s Tough Talk is Helping MS-13 and More

July 2017

7/31/2017 - Liberal Twitter Goes Wild Over Dem Rep’s Misleading Video of Trump and Handicapped Child

7/28/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast-GOP Led Senate Struggles with Obamacare Repeal, McCain’s Cancer, Jeff Sessions Future and More

7/28/2017 - Why didn’t NBC News or ABC News Cover Democrats’ Single Payer Vote?

7/28/2017 - CNN Critical of GOP’s Single-Payer ‘Bait’ Amendment

7/28/2017 - Washington Post’s ‘Fact Check’ of Trump’s Obamacare Claims Misses the Truth

7/24/2017 - Tortured Data Making Health Care Reform Much Harder

7/22/2017 - U.S. Health Care Is World’s Best, Regardless of What The Left Says

7/21/2017 - No, Media … 26 Million People Won’t Die if Obamacare is Repealed

7/21/2017 - CNN Failed to Recognize Liberal Ideology of Disruptive Capitol Hill Protesters

7/20/2017 - Do You Trust CNN’s Analysis of Trump’s Remarks to Senator Dean Heller?

7/19/2017 - No, Three Republican Senators Did Not Come Out Against Obamacare Repeal Because Of Sexism

7/18/2017 - Mostly Ignored: Chuck Schumer Admitted Obama Obamacare Payments Violated the Constitution

7/13/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- Donald Trump Jr’s Emails, Obamacare Repeal and Replace, Ivanka’s ‘Too Girlie Dress,’ and More

7/6/2017 - Bernie Sanders Goes after Fox News for Criticizing His Anti-ObamaCare Repeal Claim

June 2017

6/29/2017 - Liz Warren: Democrats should Run on Single Payer Health Care!

6/29/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- GOP Stumbles on Health Care, Trump Travel Ban Goes Forward, Media Melts Down After Trump Attacks and More

6/27/2017 - Liberal Media Focuses on One Statistic in CBO Study on Obamacare Replacement Bill

6/22/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- Why the Democrats Lost in Georgia, Will Obamacare be Repealed?, Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview Flops and More

6/22/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast- Why the Democrats Lost in Georgia, Will Obamacare be Repealed?, Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview Flops and More

May 2017

5/11/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- FBI Director Short List, Obamacare’s Inevitable Collapse, Paris Climate Agreement, South Korea Veers Left, Bill Clinton’s Novel and More

5/11/2017 - Another ObamaCare Dropout: Aetna withdraws from two more states

5/9/2017 - Media Piles On GOP Rep. Raul Labrador for Comment, ‘Nobody Dies because They don’t have Access to Health Care’

5/5/2017 - Even CNN Criticized Democrats’ Jeering of Republicans after ObamaCare Repeal Vote

5/5/2017 - NBC News: Doctor said ObamaCare Repeal Creates ‘Life or Death’ Conflict

5/4/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- May Day Protests, CNN Rejects Trump Campaign Ad, Hillary’s Blame Game, Obamacare Repeal Stalls and More

April 2017

4/27/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Le Pen or Macron?, WaPo Buries Positive Trump Poll Numbers, Obama Returns, Foul Mouthed Democrats and More

March 2017

3/30/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Why Ryancare Failed, Trump Reverses Obama Climate Policies, Dems Threaten Gorsuch Filibuster, Brexit and More

3/27/2017 - Liberal Media Goes All-In on How Trump Failed Negotiating Obamacare Repeal

3/27/2017 - ‘Journalism’: CBS Counted Trump Tweeted 70 Times about Repealing Obamacare

3/25/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- London Terror Attack, GOP Health Care Plan in Trouble, Neil Gorsuch Breezes Through Confirmation Hearings

3/16/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Maddow’s Trump Tax Reveal Dud, GOP Obamacare Repeal, Kellyanne Conway’s Microwave Cameras, Sanctuary Cities and More

3/15/2017 - Think Tank is Skeptical of CBO’s Scoring of GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan

3/14/2017 - CNN Politics Executive Editor: Democrats “Haven’t Offered Any Solutions” on Health Care [Video]

3/14/2017 - Liberal Media Headlines Focus on Potential Uninsured under GOP Obamacare Repeal Plan

3/14/2017 - Liberal Media Blasts Trump for Breaking Promise that Everyone will be Covered under Obamacare Repeal

3/10/2017 - Bernie Sanders: Obamacare Repeal Plan is ‘Robin Hood in Reverse’

3/9/2017 - ABC News: Look, There’s a Trump Voter who Doesn’t Like Repeal-and-Replace Obamacare!

3/9/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- GOP Obamacare Replacement Unveiled, WikiLeaks and the CIA, A Day Without A Woman, New Immigration E.O. and More

3/7/2017 - LA Times’ Liberal Bias: Poll shows Americans want Obamacare Fixed and the Kochs want a Full Repeal

3/7/2017 - Obamacare by the Numbers

3/3/2017 - Media Highlighted Joe Biden’s Criticism of Trump’s Court Comments, but Forgot about Obama’s Criticism of Courts

3/2/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s Joint Session Speech Disappoints Liberal Media, CPAC Wrap Up, Obama Book Deal, Remembering Andrew Breitbart and More

February 2017

2/25/2017 - Politico Published Leaked GOP ObamaCare Repeal Plan

2/10/2017 - Obamacare is Still Failing, Liberal Media

2/6/2017 - CNN Celebrated GOP won’t Repeal ObamaCare At Once, but Forgot How Onerous Obamacare is

January 2017

1/27/2017 - Washington Post Confused that Trump is Fulfilling Campaign Promises

1/19/2017 - New York Times’ Upshot Tries Hand at Obama Legacy Data and Omits Key Stats

1/16/2017 - NBC News: Obamacare Repeal can Affect Your Workday

1/11/2017 - NBC News Writes Puff Piece on Obama’s Legacy Among Latinos

1/5/2017 - CBS News Headline says Democrats are Trying to ‘Save’ ObamaCare

1/4/2017 - Bias Buzz: Megyn Kelly Moves to NBC, Trump Knows Business & Repealing ObamaCare

1/4/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Can Megyn Kelly Succeed at NBC?, Obamacare’s Future and More

1/3/2017 - Liberal Media Worried about ObamaCare Repeal, Wonder if GOP Has a Mandate

December 2016

12/15/2016 - Liberal Spin? CNN Concerned that Trump Supporters will Lose Health Care if ObamaCare is Repealed

12/13/2016 - No, Liberal Media, ObamaCare Repeal Won’t be Scary

12/12/2016 - Dear Liberal Media: Health Industry Not Too Worried about Gutting ObamaCare

12/12/2016 - But Who Passed ObamaCare, CNN? CNN Article Headline Reads, “Why Obamacare could be the messiest battle of 2017”

12/2/2016 - CBS News Alarmed by Trump’s “Perfect Executioner for ObamaCare”

November 2016

11/18/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Election Analysis and What Lies Ahead for Trump and the GOP with John Gizzi

11/10/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Election Analysis, How Trump Beat Clinton

11/9/2016 - WATCH: Obama is Wrong on ObamaCare Falling Apart

11/2/2016 - Obama Tells Millennials in Florida to Sign Up for ObamaCare

October 2016

10/27/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Election Countdown, Newt Gingrich Takes on Megyn Kelly,Obamacare’s Failure and More

10/26/2016 - Bias Buzz: Less than Two Weeks Until Election Day

10/26/2016 - Panic Mode? ObamaCare Administrator says “Headline Rates are not what [Consumers] pay”

10/25/2016 - Wow: Liberal Media Except for NBC News Covered ObamaCare Premiums Hike of 22% on Homepage

10/19/2016 - Wikileaks Email Dump: Hillary Clinton was Waiting for the ‘Unraveling’ of ObamaCare

10/7/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- VP Debate Analysis, Trump’s Taxes, Bill Clinton Calls Obamacare ‘Crazy’ and More

10/5/2016 - Bill Clinton Tries to Backtrack from Criticism of ObamaCare as the ‘Craziest Thing in the World’

August 2016

8/21/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump Shakes Up Campaign, Does the Media Favor Hillary?, Obamacare Suffers Big Setback and More!

8/21/2016 - No Cost Estimate Released for New ObamaCare PR Campaign

8/17/2016 - Liberal Media Covers Aetna’s Withdrawal from ObamaCare, Except for CNN

8/4/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Hillary’s DNC Speech, Lying on Fox News, Trump and Khizr Khan, Obamacare Continues to Fail, Melania’s Nudie Pics, and Rio

July 2016

7/14/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Dallas Police Shootings, Black Lives Matter, Obama’s Racial Legacy,Bernie’s Weak Clinton Endorsement, Justice Ginsburg’s Bias, Pokemon Go and More

June 2016

6/7/2016 - Colorado Will See ObamaCare Premium Increase Between 20-40%

May 2016

5/27/2016 - A Possible 48% Increase in ObamaCare Premiums in Pennsylvania

5/22/2016 - 17% Health Insurance Premium Hike in New York Next Year

5/20/2016 - Why is the Liberal Media Burying Stories about Little Sisters of the Poor vs. ObamaCare?

5/17/2016 - AARP Unhappy with Medical History Disclosure ObamaCare Rules

5/17/2016 - SCOTUS Declines to Rule on Little Sisters of the Poor-ObamaCare Case

5/16/2016 - You Could Pay for Sex Change Operations Under ObamaCare Regulations

5/16/2016 - Trump Camp Compares Muslim Ban Proposal to Obama’s ‘Keep Your Doctor’ Remark

5/13/2016 - House GOP Wins ObamaCare Subsidies Lawsuit, but the White House Gloats Instead

5/11/2016 - Moving Goalposts: Now It’s Easier for ObamaCare Co-Ops Bailouts

5/10/2016 - ObamaCare Got Your Tongue? Hillary Clinton Flustered by Health Insurance Spike Question

5/6/2016 - ObamaCare Rates to Go Up More than 4%

5/5/2016 - Another Possible ObamaCare Exit: Humana Eyeing Options in 2017

April 2016

4/19/2016 - Thanks, Obama: UnitedHealth’s Exit from ObamaCare will Raise Premium Prices

4/15/2016 - Thanks, Obama: Out-of-Pocket Costs Outpace Coverage

4/13/2016 - Obama Administration Attempts to Debunk ObamaCare Increases

4/9/2016 - UnitedHealthcare Leaves ObamaCare in Georgia, Arkansas

March 2016

3/26/2016 - Hillary Clinton Could Use Executive Action to Hold Down ObamaCare Costs

3/25/2016 - ObamaCare Update: Health Insurance Premiums Outpace Wages

3/24/2016 - ObamaCare Turned 6 Years Old

3/21/2016 - Little Sisters of the Poor Case is before SCOTUS this week

3/18/2016 - Auditor: Obama Administration was ‘Passive’ in Dealing with ObamaCare Fraud

3/10/2016 - ObamaCare Co-Ops Haven’t Repaid $1.2 Billion in Federal Loans

3/4/2016 - Obama Blames GOP for Americans’ Dislike of ObamaCare, Claims GOP Distorted the Truth

3/1/2016 - ObamaCare Co-Ops Used Accounting Trick to Fool Watchdogs

3/1/2016 - 8 of 11 Remaining ObamaCare Exchanges are Struggling

February 2016

2/24/2016 - HHS Audit: ObamaCare Officials Ignored High Risk of Failures in Website

2/19/2016 - Congress Contradicted Itself in Declaring Exemptions from ObamaCare

2/18/2016 - Colorado’s ObamaCare Exchange Had Inadequate Security

2/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Don’t Like the Police

2/9/2016 - Uninsured Rate Falls to 9.1%, but ObamaCare Still Unpopular

2/9/2016 - Report: $750 Million in Taxpayer Dollars Went to Illegal Immigrants thanks to ObamaCare Subsidies

2/4/2016 - Trump: Cruz’s Support of John Roberts Gave America ObamaCare

2/3/2016 - ObamaCare Repeal Fails to be Overriden by GOP in the House

2/2/2016 - Aetna CEO is Concerned about ObamaCare’s Viability

January 2016

1/29/2016 - Cruz: I Will Repeal ObamaCare when Elected President

1/26/2016 - CBO: Less People will Enroll in ObamaCare this year

1/13/2016 - Last Night’s State of the Union shows Obama is Still Out-of-Touch with Reality

1/12/2016 - ObamaCare Pushes Hikes in Premiums in 49 of 50 States in 2016

1/8/2016 - Of Course: Obama Vetoes ObamaCare Repeal Bill

1/7/2016 - Congress Sends ObamaCare Repeal to Obama’s Desk

December 2015

12/21/2015 - Another Year, Another ObamaCare Headache

12/20/2015 - Obama Administration Praises Americans Choosing ObamaCare due to Being Forced To

12/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton Admits that Obamacare Discourages Full-Time Employment [Video]

12/17/2015 - Even Hillary Clinton said ObamaCare Forces Americans into Part-Time Work

12/17/2015 - Congress Blocks ObamaCare Insurance Company Bailout

12/11/2015 - Did Marco Rubio Kill ObamaCare? Provision Undercuts Risk Corridors for Insurance Companies

12/10/2015 - ObamaCare Officials Unconcerned with Insurance Bailout

12/8/2015 - ObamaCare Funds May Be Mismanaged by Administration

12/4/2015 - Senate Passes Bill that will Gut ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood Federal Funding

12/2/2015 - 52% of Doctors Surveyed said ObamaCare Negatively Impacted Medical Profession

November 2015

11/30/2015 - ObamaCare Co-Ops Keep Closing

11/25/2015 - ObamaCare Supporters Keep Fighting for Insurance Bailout

11/23/2015 - ObamaCare Targets Craft Breweries

11/21/2015 - ObamaCare Bailout is an “Obligation” of the Feds, says HHS

11/9/2015 - $1.23 Billion Sunk into Failing ObamaCare Co-Ops

11/3/2015 - 10 of 23 ObamaCare Co-Ops have Failed, Costing at least $1.1 Billion

October 2015

10/26/2015 - ObamaCare is Making Nurses’ Lives Harder

10/23/2015 - 39% of ObamaCare Co-Ops are Going Out of Business

10/9/2015 - Study: ObamaCare’s Cadillac Tax Forces Companies to Cut Benefits

10/6/2015 - ObamaCare Individual Health Care Premiums to Go Up 50%

September 2015

9/30/2015 - Hillary Clinton Backs Labor Unions’ Gripe about ObamaCare’s Cadillac Tax

9/25/2015 - ObamaCare Website is Gold for ID Thieves

9/24/2015 - Pope Francis Visits Little Sisters of the Poor, a Silent Protest of ObamaCare’s Mandate

9/18/2015 - Another Victory for Religious Freedom: ObamaCare Birth Control Opt Out Rule Struck Down

9/16/2015 - ObamaCare Premiums Could Rise 23% Next Year

9/4/2015 - $572 Million in Extra ObamaCare Tax Credits Paid Out to Undeserving Recipients

9/3/2015 - Now ObamaCare’s 2016 Enrollment is Ramping Up

9/1/2015 - March For Life is Exempt from ObamaCare Abortion Drug Mandate, Court Rules

August 2015

8/27/2015 - Non-Profit Insurer Created by ObamaCare Shuts Down

8/12/2015 - Audit Finds HealthCare.Gov didn’t Verifty Social Security, Citizenship Info

8/6/2015 - Security Breaches of Hacking Electronic Medical Records Doubled the Past Year

July 2015

7/31/2015 - Yes, ObamaCare is a Government Takeover of Health Insurance and Care

7/29/2015 - Health Care Spending on the Rise due to ObamaCare

7/25/2015 - Mega-Merger of Health Insurance Companies Underway

7/22/2015 - Contractor of Maryland’s Failed ObamaCare Exchange will Repay $45 Million to Avoid Prosecution

7/22/2015 - Republican Senator David Vitter Introduces Law to Push Congress, Executive Branch to ObamaCare

7/21/2015 - Government Has No Idea where Billions of ObamaCare Grants Went

7/20/2015 - Congress Circumventing ObamaCare Laws by Declaring Their Office a “Small Business”

7/19/2015 - Former ObamaCare Executive Now Works for Insurance Company Lobbying Group

7/16/2015 - Fake Enrollees Benefitted from ObamaCare, Report Finds

7/16/2015 - 300,000 Americans Overpaid ObamaCare Fine, but IRS May Not Refund that $38 Million

7/15/2015 - Circuit Court forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Comply with ObamaCare Mandate

7/12/2015 - Feds Fail to Protect Sensitive Info in ObamaCare Enrollment

7/10/2015 - ObamaCare Calorie Labeling Rules Delayed by the Feds

7/10/2015 - ObamaCare’s Death Panels are a Reality, Critic Warns

7/9/2015 - Not So Affordable Care: Small Business Owners say ObamaCare makes it More Expensive

7/6/2015 - Health Insurance Premiums on the Rise

7/4/2015 - Obama’s HHS wants You to Talk to Family about ObamaCare on July 4th

June 2015

6/26/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Continues to Struggle among Young People

6/26/2015 - SCOTUS Justice calls ObamaCare “SCOTUScare” after King v. Burwell decision

6/25/2015 - Text of King v. Burwell decision on ObamaCare Subsidies

6/25/2015 - Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare, Again, in King v. Burwell

6/25/2015 - House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

6/24/2015 - Dear Obama: Jonathan Gruber DID have a Big Role in ObamaCare

6/23/2015 - Bloomberg’s Halperin Apologizes to “Republican Sources” [Video]

6/23/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC’s Morning Joe pokes fun at Obama White House over Gruber’s Large Role in ObamaCare

6/22/2015 - E-mails Expose Jonathan Gruber’s Involvement in ObamaCare

6/20/2015 - CBO Study says More Jobs would be Created if ObamaCare were Repealed

6/18/2015 - Liberal Media Keeps America in the Dark in ObamaCare’s King v. Burwell Case

6/17/2015 - ObamaCare’s $2.8 Billion Subsidies Can’t be Verified

6/16/2015 - ObamaCare Saves Your Info Forever

6/12/2015 - King v. Burwell is Obama’s Law of the Land

6/11/2015 - Obama and HHS put Onus on Congress if ObamaCare Subsidies are Struck Down

6/8/2015 - Poll: Americans want Health Insurance Costs to Go Down

6/7/2015 - Hawaii Ditches ObamaCare Exchange

6/5/2015 - ObamaCare Expands Medicaid (No Duh) but Costs May Skyrocket

6/3/2015 - ObamaCare paid Spanish-Speaking Clerks More than English Speakers

6/2/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Health Insurers will Hike Up Premiums in 2016

6/2/2015 - GOP Offers ObamaCare Alternative in case of King v. Burwell Decision

May 2015

5/29/2015 - Study finds Administrative Costs Ballooning under ObamaCare

5/26/2015 - ObamaCare Supreme Court Case on Subsidies could have Political Implications

5/24/2015 - Domino’s Customers Blast ObamaCare Regulations of Listing All Food Combos

5/23/2015 - Rate Hikes Expose ObamaCare’s Flaws

5/22/2015 - ObamaCare Costs Upset One-Third of Enrollees

5/15/2015 - $205 Million Later, Hawaii Shuts Down ObamaCare Exchange

5/13/2015 - Republican Alternative to ObamaCare Unveiled

5/12/2015 - How to Cut Health Insurance Costs for Young Adults by 44%

5/12/2015 - ObamaCare Wrinkle: White House wants Free Birth Control Paid for by Insurers

5/11/2015 - Obama Believes ObamaCare Created Jobs, but Ignores Statistics

5/4/2015 - ObamaCare has Led to More ER Visits, Not Less

5/3/2015 - Nearly Half of ObamaCare Exchanges in States in Financial Difficulty

April 2015

4/27/2015 - ObamaCare is Sexist

4/24/2015 - The GOP Should Punish John Kasich for Expanding ObamaCare in Ohio

4/23/2015 - Obama’s IRS didn’t help Taxpayers but Gave Bonuses to Employees

4/20/2015 - Wall Street Journal: ObamaCare is Leading to Hospital Monopolies

4/11/2015 - Ted Cruz could Unveil an ObamaCare Alternative

4/8/2015 - ObamaCare hasn’t Cut Premium Costs at all

4/6/2015 - ObamaCare for Newly-Released Inmates!

4/6/2015 - What would Hillary Clinton do about ObamaCare?

4/1/2015 - Supreme Court nixes Case over ObamaCare ‘Death Panels’

March 2015

3/26/2015 - Liberal Think Tank Finds Only 5 Positive Things about ObamaCare

3/25/2015 - Obama wants to Create New ObamaCare Network of Providers

3/25/2015 - Media Attacks Ted Cruz for Enrolling in ObamaCare, but Forget It’s Mandatory for Americans

3/24/2015 - 57% of Americans want Obama’s Successor to Repeal His Policies

3/24/2015 - More Reason to Scrap It: Widespread Confusion over ObamaCare Subsidies and Tax Refunds

3/24/2015 - Ted Cruz: The Anti-ObamaCare Candidate

3/24/2015 - Democrats say ObamaCare Small Business Rule will Hurt Businesses, Duh!

3/23/2015 - Obama Launches Passionate Defense of ObamaCare, Ignoring Polls and Reality

3/23/2015 - Hey Democrats, ObamaCare Hasn’t Aged Well

3/23/2015 - Democrats’ Message for 2016: Protect ObamaCare

3/22/2015 - Thanks, ObamaCare: Nearly 100,000 Americans waiting for Correct Tax Forms

3/18/2015 - Obama insists America loves ObamaCare, but Polls say No

3/17/2015 - House GOP Budget to Repeal ObamaCare

3/15/2015 - ObamaCare’s Botched Tax Forms a Major Problem

3/12/2015 - Democrats: Put Pregnant Women on ObamaCare Rolls!

3/4/2015 - SCOTUS will hear ObamaCare Mandate Case King v. Burwell

February 2015

2/27/2015 - ObamaCare Website Still Unfinished!

2/26/2015 - Obama’s Treasury paid $3 Billion to Insurance Companies due to ObamaCare, Circumvented Congress

2/21/2015 - Obama Admin sent 800,000 Americans the Wrong ObamaCare Tax Info

2/18/2015 - Nebraska Woman Loses her Healthcare Three Times under ObamaCare

2/16/2015 - ObamaCare Extension? Democrats are asking for one

2/15/2015 - Tech Problems Hit ObamaCare Website, Again

2/14/2015 - Yes, ObamaCare Costs are Rising Too Fast

2/13/2015 - Ed Schultz: ObamaCare means “you just have to pay a little more, that’s all”

2/11/2015 - Alternate Title to Pro-ObamaCare CNN Piece: GOP Caves on Medicaid Expansion

January 2015

1/31/2015 - Ohio’s ObamaCare Expansion has cost $2 Billion

1/29/2015 - Up to Six Million Households May Face Obamacare Penalty

1/28/2015 - ObamaCare Enrollment Figures Released, but Can We Trust Them?

1/28/2015 - House GOP to hold First ObamaCare Repeal Vote

1/23/2015 - Obama and Hashtags: Why Some Over Others?

1/22/2015 - Hadley Heath Manning named as one of the Four Rising Stars by the RNC

1/20/2015 - ObamaCare’s Lone Success Story in Colorado isn’t a Success

1/20/2015 - ObamaCare Website doesn’t Protect Americans from Security Risks

1/17/2015 - GOP Retreat in Hershey, PA a Success

1/17/2015 - Medicare Chief who Oversaw ObamaCare Rollout has Resigned

1/6/2015 - Harvard Profs Who Supported Obamacare Revolt over Increased Costs of Obamacare

December 2014

12/31/2014 - 7 Liberal Lies of the Year

12/31/2014 - 2014’s Liar of the Year: Jonathan Gruber

12/30/2014 - Less Doctors for Medicaid Patients as Payments will be Cut by 43%

12/26/2014 - Obama praises Medicaid Expansion, an increase of 24% due to ObamaCare

12/9/2014 - Jonathan Gruber, of “Stupid Voter” Fame, Grilled before Congress

12/4/2014 - Thanks, ObamaCare: More Americans putting of Medical Treatment due to Rising Costs

12/3/2014 - Another ObamaCare Website Disaster, but for Small Businesses

November 2014

11/28/2014 - Majority of Americans say Government should get out of Health Care

11/26/2014 - Chuck Schumer Slams Media for Being “Negative” and “Sensationalistic”

11/21/2014 - Mitt Romney: Obama has to Realize He Lost the Midterms

11/21/2014 - George Will: Gruber’s Statements Expose Liberal Progressives as Undemocratic at Core

11/20/2014 - Ben Carson: Let’s Re-Discuss ObamaCare and Vote on It Again

11/19/2014 - Obama: “I just heard about this” Gruber controversy

11/18/2014 - Obama: “I’ve Stolen Ideas” from likes of Jonathan Gruber, “Liberally”

11/17/2014 - Gruber-ing: The New ObamaCare Lies Timeline

11/17/2014 - CBS Evening News: “Embarrassed Democrats” Distancing Themselves from Obamacare Architect [Video]

11/12/2014 - ObamaCare FAIL: HHS warns of Low Enrollment

August 2014

8/13/2014 - White House Tech Team Promises to Fix HealthCare.Gov

May 2014

5/1/2014 - Bill Clinton Criticizes the Media for Unfavorable Obamacare Coverage

April 2014

4/10/2014 - Maryland Legislators Raise Minimum Wage to $10 as ObamaCare exchange falls apart

4/7/2014 - Nancy Pelosi: “Democrats Embrace the Affordable Care Act” [Video]

4/4/2014 - Networks Turn Down White House Request for Primetime Health Care Address

4/1/2014 - AP’s Julie Pace: White House Recognizes that Running on Obamacare is “Political Suicide” [Video]

March 2014

3/24/2014 - Andrea Mitchell: Obamacare Delays “Undermines His Case” Against Republicans [Video]

3/17/2014 - Reports: Jay Carney to Exit White House

3/14/2014 - Chris Matthews: “I Think the Senate Goes” in 2014 [Video]

3/14/2014 - AP WH Correspondent: Democrats Distancing Themselves From Obama [Video]

3/13/2014 - Obama admin official Sebelius says ObamaCare is working

3/12/2014 - MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Warns Democrats on Running From Obamacare—“Voters Are Going to Know You’re Full of It” [Video]

February 2014

2/28/2014 - MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Why Couldn’t the Government Get Obamacare Right? [Video]

2/17/2014 - Obama to Charles Barkley: “Whole Bunch of People” Won’t Call It Obamacare Once It Succeeds [Video]

2/13/2014 - Candidate Obama versus President Obama on Executive Power [Video]

2/11/2014 - Obama delays ObamaCare again…until 2015

2/8/2014 - GOP House Speaker Boehner backtracks on Immigration

2/8/2014 - From ObamaCare to China: Retiring Senator Baucus a new Ambassador

2/7/2014 - Running for Cover—David Gregory Says Dems Don’t Want to Try and Win Obamacare Debate [Video]

2/5/2014 - CBO: ObamaCare could cost 2.5 Million Jobs

2/3/2014 - Obama Defends Obamacare—Says He Has Held “Everybody” Accountable for Botched Rollout [Video]

2/3/2014 - HealthCare.Gov still not ready for Prime Time with Errors Galore

2/1/2014 - Another Democrat bites the dust: Waxman to retire

January 2014

1/15/2014 - Liberal Virginia Rep. Jim Moran to Retire at the end of his term

1/13/2014 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: White House Has Gone an Entire Week Without a Health Care Media Crisis [Video]

1/10/2014 - Pelosi to Reporter: Don’t Call it Obamacare [Video]

1/7/2014 - CBS News’ Major Garrett Presses White House on Backing Away from Obamacare Enrollment Goal [Video]

1/3/2014 - Doctors and Hospitals Predict ObamaCare Confusion

1/3/2014 - U.S. Supreme Court Justice delays ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

1/2/2014 - Michael Moore: “Obamacare is Awful”

December 2013

12/30/2013 - D.C. Delegate Norton: Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Low Because Millions of People Think GOP Repealed the Law [Video]

12/30/2013 - ObamaCare: Painful for All

12/27/2013 - What ObamaCare? Democrats Push for a Higher Minimum Wage

12/27/2013 - Obama: Late Enrollment Rush isn’t a Big Deal, Extends ‘Deadline’ again

12/24/2013 - ObamaCare: Coverage for Some, Not for Many

12/23/2013 - Obama Defends Obamacare, Ducks Question About “Lie of the Year” [Video]

12/18/2013 - CNN’s John King: Obama is “0 for 2013” [Video]

12/17/2013 - True Confessions—HHS Secretary Sebelius Admits that Some People May Be Facing Higher Premiums Under Obamacare [Video]

12/17/2013 - Top 10 Misreported or Underreported Stories of the Year

12/16/2013 - ObamaCare: 15,000 Enrollments Don’t Go Through, White House calls it Progress

12/13/2013 - Politifact Names Obama’s “If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan” Promise As Its Lie of the Year

12/12/2013 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Website is Fixed—Dems Should Tell People “It Works”

12/10/2013 - ObamaCare, or HealthCare.Gov, fails 10% of the Time

12/9/2013 - MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Obamacare is a “Derogatory Term” Conceived by “Wealthy White Men” [Video]

12/6/2013 - Another Blow to ObamaCare: Wisconsin delays Medicaid Enrollment

12/5/2013 - Obama Pivots to the Economy, again, at Soros Think Tank

12/3/2013 - Sebelius Op-Ed in USA Today: Don’t Give Up on ObamaCare

12/2/2013 - HealthCare.Gov only signs up 100,000 in November; 200,000 Total in 2 Months

12/2/2013 - Robert Gibbs: Pressure on Obama Administration to Be More Forthcoming on Obamacare Problems [Video]

12/2/2013 - Reuters asks if the “Second Coming” of ObamaCare Website will work?

November 2013

11/27/2013 - Obama Defends ObamaCare…at Fundraisers in California

11/25/2013 - Poll: Americans Don’t Trust Obama

11/24/2013 - Media Tries to Sell ObamaCare Enrollment Boost

11/22/2013 - With Ratings Sagging, Obama Meets With MSNBC Hosts, Liberal Pundits

11/22/2013 - A Look at Letters of ObamaCare Cancellations

11/21/2013 - ObamaCare will Increase Health Insurance Premiums, say Insurance Execs

11/21/2013 - Obama was Briefed on ObamaCare Website Woes

11/20/2013 - JFK’s Funeral Anniversary brings the Obamas and Clintons

11/20/2013 - Oh the Irony: ObamaCare Example can’t get Health Care

11/20/2013 - Chris Matthews: Obamacare Working in States Where GOP isn’t “Viciously” Trying to Sabotage It [Video]

11/19/2013 - Poll: If 2012 Election were Held Today, Romney would have beaten Obama

11/19/2013 - Poll: Obama’s 39% Job Approval Rating Ties GW Bush’s 2nd Term

11/19/2013 - Buyers’ Remorse: New Poll Reveals Voters Would Choose Romney If They Had a Second Chance [Video]

11/19/2013 - Nancy Pelosi in Denial, says Democrats aren’t retreating from ObamaCare

11/18/2013 - Nancy Pelosi Stumbles Over Obamacare Promises [Video]

11/18/2013 - Republican’s Keep Your Plan Bill passes House with Democratic Votes

11/15/2013 - Obama Chides Media for Ignoring Good News on Obamacare—Medicaid Signups [Video]

11/15/2013 - Chris Matthews: GOP Has Turned Small Issues Like Benghazi, Obamacare Failure Into Distractions [Video]

11/14/2013 - ObamaCare: Only 3% of their Goal Enrolled, say Insurers

11/14/2013 - ObamaCare Signs Up a Paltry 106,000 since October

11/14/2013 - New York Times Says President Made an “Incorrect Promise” on Healthcare Coverage

11/13/2013 - ObamaCare: Obama warns Enrollment Numbers will be Low

11/13/2013 - Oregon has Enrolled No One in Obamacare Exchanges

11/12/2013 - Obama spars with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal over ObamaCare

11/10/2013 - ObamaCare “Success”: 5 People sign up in D.C.

11/9/2013 - Oh the Irony: Former MSNBC host loses Health Insurance due to ObamaCare

11/9/2013 - For Once, GOP gets Personal on ObamaCare Attacks

11/8/2013 - ObamaCare-ful? Obama gets Lectured by worried Senate Democrats

11/8/2013 - Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Americans Were Not “Myzeld” By the President [Video]

11/6/2013 - Jay Carney: “Communications Are Challenging Here” [Video]

11/6/2013 - #VAGov: Terry MacAuliffe survives Cuccinelli surge as ObamaCare takes Center Stage

11/4/2013 - Obama, Out of Options, takes to Twitter to defend ObamaCare

11/4/2013 - Aw?! ObamaCare “threatening” Democratic 2014 Elections

11/4/2013 - New York Times Defends Obama—Says He “Misspoke” on Health Insurance Pledge [Video]

11/1/2013 - White House Press Secretary Carney: Obamacare Website Has been Functional “It’s Just been Poorly Functional” [Video]

11/1/2013 - Obama Pivots from ObamaCare to Pro-Business Policy

11/1/2013 - CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson: Only 6 Americans signed up for ObamaCare on 1st Day

October 2013

10/31/2013 - Piers Morgan Says Obama Lied About Obamacare [Video]

10/31/2013 - Obama blames Insurance Companies for Canceling Plans, not ObamaCare

10/30/2013 - Chuck Todd: Obama Made Promises Hoping Insurance Companies Would Keep Them [Video]

10/29/2013 - Reuters avoids any News of ObamaCare and Obama’s Lies

10/28/2013 - MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Chastises Liberals for Not Being Honest About Obamacare [Video]

10/28/2013 - ObamaCare Data Site Crashes, adds to Obama’s Problems!

10/25/2013 - CBS News: Medicaid Enrollments Surge Under Obamacare, Endangering Its Financial Structure [Video]

10/25/2013 - ObamaCare Contractors Point Finger…at Each Other

10/24/2013 - Reuters: ObamaCare doesn’t lead to part-time work

10/23/2013 - Obama says he needs a “Tech Surge” to save ObamaCare

10/23/2013 - Judge: I won’t stop ObamaCare subsidies

10/22/2013 - Piers Morgan Grills Jay Carney Over Obamacare Website Failure [Video]

10/21/2013 - ObamaCare FAIL: Zero enrolled in Michigan, 1 in Delaware

10/21/2013 - ObamaCare: Media mislabels Big Problems as “Glitches” to mask Problems

10/18/2013 - ObamaCare: Only 1 Delaware Resident signed up!

10/11/2013 - Wolf Blitzer: Maybe Obama Administration Should Have Delayed Obamacare if They Weren’t Ready [Video]

10/10/2013 - Hey Obama: You Spent $634 Million for a Terrible ObamaCare Website?

10/9/2013 - Obama: GOP is trying to Extort Me and Americans over the Debt Ceiling, ObamaCare!

10/9/2013 - Jon Stewart of The Daily Show says Obama official Sebelius may have lied about ObamaCare!

10/8/2013 - ObamaCare “Glitches” will be fixed, says Obama officials

10/8/2013 - Mika Brzezinski Questions Ted Cruz’s Patriotism [Video]

10/7/2013 - Hey Obama, Putin approves you cutting Asia trip short!

10/3/2013 - Obama the Great Divider? Tells GOP He won’t Negotiate

10/2/2013 - Maryland delays ObamaCare enrollment, cites Glitches

10/1/2013 - ObamaCare “Glitches” delay Enrollment Online!

10/1/2013 - ObamaCare Launches Today, despite Unpopularity in America

September 2013

9/27/2013 - House GOP to Obama: Delay ObamaCare by 1 Year

9/27/2013 - Obama delays ANOTHER ObamaCare provision!

9/25/2013 - Obama in Panic Mode: Don’t Defund ObamaCare, he warns

9/25/2013 - Poll: Americans doubt Economic Recovery under Obama

9/25/2013 - #MakeDCListen: Texas Senator Ted Cruz Takes a Stand during Marathon Speech

9/20/2013 - House GOP adopts Heritage Action plan to Defund ObamaCare

9/17/2013 - Obama: I Won’t Negotiate with Congress on Debt Ceiling

9/13/2013 - Another Obama Pivot? Shifting to U.S. after Syria Embarrassment

9/5/2013 - Bill Clinton back in the Limelight, tries to Save ObamaCare

August 2013

8/29/2013 - Another Day, Another ObamaCare Delay!

8/22/2013 - Obama Pivot: Back to the Economy, Stupid!

8/12/2013 - Obamanomics: Obama Slams Canada for Keystone XL delays

8/9/2013 - Congress “wins” ObamaCare waiver while Americans don’t

July 2013

7/29/2013 - Reuters Pushes “ObamaCare Foot Soldiers train to enroll the Masses” article

7/25/2013 - Obama’s Misleading Obamacare Claims

7/19/2013 - House GOP vote NAY on ObamaCare delays

7/7/2013 - Layoffs Rise but Reuters says Economy is Improving

June 2013

6/14/2013 - Obama scraps age limit on Morning-After Pill

6/7/2013 - Sideshow? Obama addresses mental health issues amid scandals

6/7/2013 - Unemployment Rate ticks up to 7.6%, 16% of young Americans out of work

May 2013

5/27/2013 - Big Media Lobby for Immigration Bill

5/24/2013 - GOP eyes Sebelius Fundraising for Health Care

November 2012

11/16/2012 - Chris Matthews Chastises CEOs Making Cuts Due to Obamacare

June 2012

6/29/2012 - For Obama Campaign, Health Reform is Still a BFD

6/28/2012 - Matthews: SCOTUS Decision on Health Care Is the “Whole Ballgame” for Obama

6/8/2012 - Media Bias Against Faith Reporting

May 2012

5/25/2012 - Obama Stimulus Money for Video Games and Racial Studies

April 2012

4/30/2012 - MSNBC and Obama Campaign Want to Move Forward [Video]

March 2012

3/28/2012 - Bias Clips: MSNBC Uses ‘The Hunger Games’ to Promote Obamacare

January 2012

1/21/2012 - Obama Stands By Change

September 2011

9/6/2011 - Two Out of Four Liberals Agree that Health Care Reform Was Obama’s Biggest Mistake [Video]

April 2011

4/12/2011 - Surprise! WaPost Continues PR Fight for Obamacare

March 2011

3/15/2011 - Bloggers Briefing with Former Congressman Ernest Istook Jr. (R-OK)

January 2011

1/15/2011 - Newsweek’s Evan Thomas: ‘Obamacare is a Disaster’