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2014’s 7 Liberal Losers of the Year

1. Jonathan Gruber Lies, lies and more lies. He called the American voters “stupid” for believing his lies about ObamaCare’s costs, and ended up having to testify on Capitol Hill to defend his demeaning and arrogant remarks. The worst part was that he made such comments on multiple occasions, and was unapologetic until the videos […]

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7 Liberal Lies of the Year

1. ObamaCare and Jonathan Gruber “Gruber-Gate,” as some called it, exposed the lies that have propped up ObamaCare since the start. Jonathan Gruber, a MIT economist, boasted on multiple occasions of how he fooled and tricked the “stupid” American voter regarding ObamaCare’s purpose and true costs. A key architect of ObamaCare, Gruber’s comments enraged America […]

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March 2017

3/13/2017 - Many of the Threats against Jewish Community Centers are from One Person, said NYPD

February 2017

2/24/2017 - Much-Hyped NYC Security Cost to Protect Trumps is $10 Million Lower than the First Estimate

March 2016

3/16/2016 - Poll of New York Police: 87% Think New York City is Less Safe since De Blasio Took Office

July 2015

7/14/2015 - NYPD Settles Case with Eric Garner’s Family for $5.9 Million

May 2015

5/6/2015 - New York Mets Honor Slain NYPD Officer

5/3/2015 - NYPD Officer Hospitalized after being Shot in the Head

January 2015

1/5/2015 - NYPD is Out of Control, even after Bill de Blasio’s (In)action

1/2/2015 - Bill de Blasio re-appoints anti-Cop Judge

December 2014

12/31/2014 - 2014’s 7 Liberal Losers of the Year

12/31/2014 - 7 Liberal Lies of the Year

12/30/2014 - Bill de Blasio Booed at Police Academy Graduation

12/22/2014 - New York Yankees will pay for Slain NYPD Cop’s Son’s Education

August 2013

8/14/2013 - NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” Policy is Unconstitutional

April 2012

4/27/2012 - The New York Times’ War on Police

4/24/2012 - Journalism, Jihad, and The New York Times