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Lost in Flynn’s Resignation is the Pro-Iran Deal Obama Supporters’ Push to Hide the Iran Deal Details

According to anonymous sources of the Free Beacon, the resignation of Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn hides the secret campaign by Obama supporters in the liberal media. Flynn resigned after it was discovered that he was not truthful to Vice President Mike Pence about his conversation with a Russian ambassador about U.S. sanctions on Russia. […]

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Obama’s Echo Chamber on the Iran Deal Exposed

An interesting take from the Daily Signal: Even observers who agreed with the administration’s Iran policy were stunned by the arrogance of Rhodes, an aspiring novelist with a graduate degree in creative writing. For example, Tom Ricks, a veteran defense reporter, blasted Rhodes in a blog: “To be cynical and ignorant and spin those things […]

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Iranian Commander: We Can Wipe Out Israel in Eight Minutes

That’s quite a statement: “If the Supreme Leader’s orders [are] to be executed, with the abilities and the equipment at our disposal, we will raze the Zionist regime in less than eight minutes,” Ahmad Karimpour, a senior adviser to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp’s al-Quds Force, was quoted as stating, according to regional reports. Photo […]

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January 2018

1/18/2018 - Joy Reid Twists David French’s Words Beyond Comprehension

February 2017

2/15/2017 - Lost in Flynn’s Resignation is the Pro-Iran Deal Obama Supporters’ Push to Hide the Iran Deal Details

September 2016

9/10/2016 - North Korea’s Nuclear Test Registered a 5.3 on the Richter Scale

August 2016

8/19/2016 - Associated Press Debunks Obama’s Claim that the Iran Deal Wasn’t a $400 Million Hostage Ransom Deal

May 2016

5/31/2016 - Obama’s Echo Chamber on the Iran Deal Exposed

5/28/2016 - Obama’s Hiroshima Speech Lacked Historical Context

5/24/2016 - Iranian Commander: We Can Wipe Out Israel in Eight Minutes

5/10/2016 - White House Fights Back Against Allegations They Misled the Public on the Iran Deal

5/2/2016 - Iran Plans on Building 7 Nuclear Power Plants by 2020

April 2016

4/14/2016 - Iran Blocks Congressional Access to Nuke Sites

4/12/2016 - John Kerry Visits Hiroshima, Japan to Push for a Nuclear-Free World

4/6/2016 - North Korea Can Put Nuclear Warheads on Missiles

March 2016

3/6/2016 - Iran Accuses America of Breaking the Nuclear Deal

3/4/2016 - North Korea to Put Nukes on Standby

February 2016

2/22/2016 - Obama Administration Dropped De-Nuke Rule with North Korea

January 2016

1/21/2016 - Oh, That’ll (not) Work: U.S. to Pressure China to Rein in North Korea

1/13/2016 - North Korea’s Dictator Calls for More Nuclear Arms

1/6/2016 - CNN Reports Iran has Missiles that can House a Nuclear Warhead

December 2015

12/3/2015 - North Korea may be Building a Tunnel at a Nuclear Site

November 2015

11/29/2015 - Obama Administration Admits Iran Nuke Deal is Nonbinding

11/12/2015 - Russia has a Secret Nuclear-Armed Submarine Drone

October 2015

10/13/2015 - Of Course: Iran’s Parliament Votes to Implement the Iran Nuke Deal

September 2015

9/15/2015 - North Korea Restarts Nuclear Fuel Program

August 2015

8/14/2015 - 58% of Independents Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of Iran

8/12/2015 - North Korea could Double Their Ability to Produce Weapons-Grade Uranium

8/11/2015 - Jewish Groups Accuse Obama White House of Spewing Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

8/10/2015 - Obama Claims America’s Credibility on the Line for the Iran Deal

8/5/2015 - Iran Deal will Bring War, warns Israel’s Netanyahu

8/5/2015 - WATCH: State Dept Unfazed by Side Deals between Iran, UN Agency

8/3/2015 - Even the French Dislike the Iran Deal

8/3/2015 - Majority of Congress is Against Obama’s Iran Deal

July 2015

7/30/2015 - U.S. Allies Spurn America, Turn to Russia for Nuclear Program Help

7/20/2015 - Poll: 59% of Americans say Obama hasn’t dealt Harshly with ISIS

7/16/2015 - WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Makes Obama Advisor Susan Rice Look Silly on Iran Deal

7/14/2015 - Iran and the West Agree to a Nuclear Deal

7/13/2015 - “Iran is an Outlaw Regime,” says U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

7/10/2015 - WATCH: Senate Democrat Express Concern about Obama’s Iran Deal

7/2/2015 - Iran Threatens to Go Nuclear if Talks Fail

7/1/2015 - Another Iran Talks Deadline Missed

June 2015

6/16/2015 - U.S. Intelligence Chief admits Omissions in Detailing Iranian Threat

6/11/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept refuses to say if Iran Nuke Talks were Compromised

6/10/2015 - Iran is Cheating on Sanctions, Report says

6/4/2015 - WATCH: State Dept trust “Nuclear Experts” that Iran will Slow Down their Nukes Program

6/4/2015 - Contrary to Obama Rhetoric, Iran continues Nukes Program during Negotiations

May 2015

5/26/2015 - Obama warns Longtime Ally Saudi Arabia to Not Get Nukes

5/23/2015 - Obama says His Legacy is At Stake on Iran Nukes Deal

5/17/2015 - Russia says It Has a Right to Deploy Nukes in Crimea

April 2015

4/23/2015 - GOP Courting Jewish Donors after Obama’s Pro-Iran Deal

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: White House Ditched Kerry on Iran Deal

4/16/2015 - Iran will get Chinese Nuclear Plants Soon

4/14/2015 - Russia Opens Missile Sales to Iran, Obama White House says it’s a Red Line

4/13/2015 - John Kerry tells Critics to ‘Hold Their Fire’ until a Final Deal is Made

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Can’t Spin Iran’s Accusation that Obama is ‘Lying’ about Nukes Deal

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: 28 Times Obama said He Won’t Allow Iran to Get a Nuclear Bomb

4/10/2015 - Iran Leaders Blast Obama’s Nuke Deal, Want More Concessions

4/9/2015 - Iran says the New Iran ‘Deal’ is Unacceptable

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN says Democrats are Skeptical of Obama’s Iran Deal as well

4/8/2015 - Obama: Well, Iran could Develop a Nuclear Bomb after Deal Expires

4/6/2015 - Experts say that Verifying Iran’s Side of the Deal isn’t Possible

4/5/2015 - Liz Warren: We Have No Other Choice But to Negotiate with Iran

4/5/2015 - Lebanon’s Hezbollah calls Iran Deal a “Victory”

4/5/2015 - Obama doesn’t try to Free 3 Imprisoned Americans in Iran

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal is a Framework, Still Needs Negotiating Final Terms

4/3/2015 - Iran Brags about U.S. Concessions in Nukes Deal

4/3/2015 - VIDEO: Even Andrea Mitchell says Iran is “running circles” around Kerry

4/3/2015 - Iran says Obama Lied about U.S. Concessions in Nukes Deal

4/2/2015 - Kerry agrees to Lifting Sanctions on Iran, Reports Say

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Israel’s Netanyahu Blasts Iran Talks led by John Kerry

4/2/2015 - Kerry almost working alone in Iran Nukes Deal as China, France, Russia Leaves Talks

4/1/2015 - Netanyahu: The World Needs a “Better Deal” with Iran

March 2015

3/31/2015 - Israel Shows Off Newest Submarine in light of Possible Iran Deal

3/31/2015 - Iran Refuses to Give Up Nukes

3/31/2015 - State Department: No Consequences for Iran after Missing Deadline

3/31/2015 - VIDEO: “The Biggest Danger” of an Iran Deal is a Middle East Nuclear Arms Race

3/30/2015 - Iran Makes Bold Move, Asks for More Concessions

3/29/2015 - Obama Admin Racing Against the Clock to Finish Iran Nukes Deal

3/28/2015 - VIDEO: Allies No Longer Trust U.S., Fear Secrets will be Leaked to Iran

3/27/2015 - Obama threatens U.S. Allies for Dissenting on their Iran Nukes Deal

3/25/2015 - Experts: Too Many Holes in Obama’s Nukes Deal with Iran

3/25/2015 - VIDEO: Even the French are Upset over Obama’s Iran Deal, says Charles Krauthammer

3/24/2015 - Good: Deadline Passes without a Iran Deal

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Won’t Mention Iran-Backed Civil War in Yemen during Nuke Talks

3/23/2015 - Not Comforting: U.S. Boosts Military Presence in Persian Gulf as Iran Nukes Deal Edges Closer

3/22/2015 - The French say “No Bomb” as U.S. and Kerry like Iran Nukes Deal

3/21/2015 - South Korea blames North Korea for Nuclear Facility Cyberattack

3/21/2015 - Congress: If Obama pushes Iran Deal to the U.N., We’ll Cut Funding

3/17/2015 - Putin: Russia was Ready to Use Nukes over Crimea

3/15/2015 - Iran: Obama, bypass Congress and get United Nations to Approve Nukes Deal

3/11/2015 - Russia: We Have a Right to Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Crimea

3/11/2015 - Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran is “Nonbinding” so Why Negotiate It?

3/11/2015 - Iran Declares Pre-Emptive Nukes Talks Victory

3/8/2015 - Ex-Iran Hostage says Obama can’t Trust Iran on Nukes

3/7/2015 - Saudi Arabia could get Nukes if Iran Deal Fails

3/4/2015 - GOP is pushing Iran Bill despite Obama’s Veto Threat

3/4/2015 - The U.S. Gov’t is “seriously concerned” about North Korean Nukes

3/4/2015 - U.S. Deal with Iran is Handing Iran the Nuclear Bomb, Experts Say

3/4/2015 - State Department: Netanyahu Twisted Kerry’s Words on Iran

3/4/2015 - Nancy Pelosi wasn’t Happy during Netanyahu’s Speech

3/2/2015 - Delusional: Kerry says Israel is Safer after Conceding to Iran on Nukes

February 2015

2/26/2015 - Saudi Arabia may let Israel use their Airspace to Bomb Iran Nuke Facilities

2/24/2015 - Obama is Letting Iran Ramp Up their Nuclear Program

January 2015

1/30/2015 - North Korea could Hand Nukes Over to Iran

November 2014

11/28/2014 - Iran’s Ayatollah Mocks West over Nuclear Talks Extension

11/25/2014 - Iran Nuclear Talks Fail, but Kerry extends Deadline to Next Year

September 2014

9/26/2014 - Obama White House denies they would give Iran leeway for help against ISIS

August 2014

8/22/2014 - Iran “moving” back toward Nuclear Talks with the West

July 2014

7/20/2014 - Iran seeks an Extension of Nuclear Talks as the West Cowers in Fear

April 2014

4/14/2014 - Iran, the West at a Standstill over Nukes

4/9/2014 - U.S. meets with South Korea and Japan to discuss North Korean Nukes

February 2014

2/21/2014 - U.S. and Iran Nuclear Talks falling apart after Obama spiked the football

December 2013

12/22/2013 - Iran restarting Nuclear Talks

12/9/2013 - U.S. tells Israel that ‘Core Sanctions’ in Iran remain in place

12/6/2013 - Mexico Temporarily Loses Nuclear Weapon Materials, Panic Ensued

12/4/2013 - Saudi Arabia, Abandoned by Obama, going it Alone

12/1/2013 - Ethically-challenged Sen. Bob Menendez accuses Obama of “Fear Mongering” on Iran

November 2013

11/17/2013 - France, not America, sinks Iran Nuclear Talks

11/11/2013 - Israel Blasts Obama’s pro-Iran Policy, Obama gives him a call

October 2013

10/11/2013 - Iran Dissidents say Iran Gov’t moving Nuke Research off-site

June 2011

6/9/2011 - Boiling a Frog