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Even Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Trust Iran, at least Publicly

As the Free Beacon reported: “Hillary Clinton told voters at a town hall meeting in Dover, New Hampshire, Thursday that she doesn’t “trust the Iranians” despite the fact that she touted the Iran nuclear deal as an “important step” just days before.” “Reuters  reported that the Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state admitted that […]

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July 2015

7/29/2015 - Majority of American Jews Not Happy with Obama’s Iran Deal

7/20/2015 - John Kerry Admits He Never Asked for On-Demand Inspections with Iran

7/17/2015 - Even Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Trust Iran, at least Publicly

7/17/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Bad Iran Deal just Keeps Getting Worse

7/17/2015 - Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from Nuclear Plant Sites

7/16/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal Leaves Hostages Out in the Cold

7/16/2015 - WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Makes Obama Advisor Susan Rice Look Silly on Iran Deal

7/15/2015 - VIDEO: Air Force General Disapproves of Iran Deal, says Iran can Increase Terrorism Sponsorship

7/15/2015 - Poll: 55% of Americans Don’t Trust Iran to Stick to Terms of the Newly-Struck Deal

7/14/2015 - Iran and the West Agree to a Nuclear Deal

7/13/2015 - “Iran is an Outlaw Regime,” says U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

7/10/2015 - WATCH: Senate Democrat Express Concern about Obama’s Iran Deal

7/7/2015 - Free Beacon Video Shows 12 Times Obama Caved on Iran Deal

7/2/2015 - Iran Threatens to Go Nuclear if Talks Fail

7/1/2015 - Another Iran Talks Deadline Missed

June 2015

6/30/2015 - State Dept Tosses Free Beacon Reporter from Briefing

6/23/2015 - Iranian Parliament Chants of “Death to America” Aren’t Helpful, says State Dept

6/22/2015 - State Dept Report says Iran is Financing Terrorism on Global Scale

6/19/2015 - Ted Cruz moves to Withhold State Dept Funding over Omission of Iran Report

6/4/2015 - WATCH: State Dept trust “Nuclear Experts” that Iran will Slow Down their Nukes Program

6/4/2015 - Contrary to Obama Rhetoric, Iran continues Nukes Program during Negotiations

6/3/2015 - VIDEO: Obama Officials Claim Iran Froze Nukes Program during Negotiations, but Not True

6/3/2015 - WATCH: Head-in-the-Sand State Dept Oblivious about Iran Nukes Program Speeding Up

6/2/2015 - WATCH: Marie Harf, State Dept Spokeswoman, admits They Went Over Nuke Talks Deadline

March 2015

3/20/2015 - Iran Nuclear Talks at a Standstill over Ending Sanctions