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Politico, Slate Give Parkland Students Megaphone for NRA ‘Hypocrisy’

A Politico article Monday covered Parkland students’ complaints about the NRA, to include a bizarre take on how people are not allowed to carry guns to speeches by the president or vice-president. “Parkland survivors criticized the National Rifle Association after it banned guns from Vice President Mike Pence’s upcoming speech at the organization’s annual convention […]

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NRA Shocks Media, Backs Regs on Controversial Gun Bump Stocks

Bump stocks have come under criticism after the Las Vegas shooting, where at least 58 people were killed and more than 500 people woundedby a lone gunman, because bump stocks make semi-automatic guns work more like automatic guns, which are banned under federal law. The NRA announced yesterday that it encourages regulations on bump stocks, which […]

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NRA Takes Aim at New York Times [Video]

In a no holds barred video released on Friday, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch fired what she said was the “shot across your proverbial bow” at the New York Times for what she called its decades long mediocrity and aversion to telling the truth. “We’ve had it with your narratives, your propaganda, your fake news. We’ve […]

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Liberals Accuse New NRA Ad of Inciting Violence

Liberals are going crazy over a new ad from the NRA featuring Dana Loesch condemning left-wing violence. Here is the transcript of the ad: “They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows […]

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Ouch: Gun Control Group Held Anti-NRA Rally, but Few Attended

The pro-gun control group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, held a counter-protest at the National Rifle Association’s annual meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it appeared that up to 100 people attended the planned rally, which is not much of a counter-protest that the media would report on. The @MomsDemand / @Everytown protest at #NRAAM2017 […]

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Trump to Address NRA Meeting

President Donald Trump is rewarding the National Rifle Association for its support of his campaign last year by speaking at the organization’s annual meeting taking place in Atlanta this week. Trump’s speech is scheduled for Friday afternoon during the NRA-ILA’s Leadership Forum. “The NRA is honored to have the president address our annual meeting at […]

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May 2018

5/2/2018 - Secret Service Prohibited Guns — Not the NRA — for VP Pence’s Speech to NRA Convention

April 2018

4/30/2018 - Politico, Slate Give Parkland Students Megaphone for NRA ‘Hypocrisy’

March 2018

3/30/2018 - Underreported: Media’s Gun Control Activism Led to Spike in NRA PAC Donations

October 2017

10/26/2017 - NRA Mocks CNN’s ‘Facts First’ Apple Promo with Lemon Video

10/6/2017 - NRA Shocks Media, Backs Regs on Controversial Gun Bump Stocks

August 2017

8/7/2017 - NRA Takes Aim at New York Times [Video]

July 2017

7/6/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- North Korean Missile Crisis, CNN Bullies Reddit User Over Trump GIF, Chris Christie’s Beach and More

June 2017

6/30/2017 - Liberals Accuse New NRA Ad of Inciting Violence

May 2017

5/1/2017 - Ouch: Gun Control Group Held Anti-NRA Rally, but Few Attended

April 2017

4/27/2017 - Trump to Address NRA Meeting

4/11/2017 - Dana Loesch Blasted New York Times’ Bias in Publishing ‘Fake News’

4/6/2017 - NRA Released Video Detailing the Legal Challenges to the Second Amendment

March 2017

3/23/2017 - NRA: Right to Carry is Expanding in America

3/17/2017 - Dana Loesch Called Out Snoop Dogg’s Trump Clown Shooting Video, ‘Hypocritical’ Moms Demand Anti-2A Group

3/1/2017 - NRA Video Mocks New York Times “The Truth” Ad

February 2017

2/28/2017 - NRA President LaPierre Criticized CNN, Violent Leftist Protesters in CPAC 2017 Speech

2/28/2017 - NRA Counters New York Times ‘Truth’ Ad, Highlighted Liberal Media Bias and Missed Stories

2/24/2017 - NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to Speak Today at CPAC 2017

2/21/2017 - NRA Taps Dana Loesch as Major National Spokesperson

January 2017

1/4/2017 - NRA President Wayne LaPierre: ‘Deceitful Media…Tried to Distract Americans’ by Blasting Trump

December 2016

12/16/2016 - Austrians Worried about the Migrant Crisis, Their Own Safety

November 2016

11/17/2016 - NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Thanks NRA Members for Sending Hillary Clinton ‘On Permanent Political Vacation’ and Standing Up to the ‘Disgraceful Media’

11/2/2016 - An Obama Third Term? Hillary Clinton could have Joe Biden as Her Secretary of State

October 2016

10/25/2016 - NRA President Issues Urgent Message to Supporters, Warns of Obama’s 3rd Term via Hillary Clinton

10/21/2016 - Ex-Navy SEAL and NRATV Commentator Dom Raso Warns of ISIS at the Mexico-US Border

10/21/2016 - NRA TV Host Debunks Politifact’s Hillary Clinton-Gun Confiscation Narrative

September 2016

9/26/2016 - NRA News Launched #ElitistControl Campaign

9/26/2016 - Commentator Predicted that a Terrorist would Target a Gun-Free Zone Mall

9/23/2016 - Watch Livestream of 31st Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference

June 2016

6/30/2016 - NRA Launches Pro-Trump Ad Featuring Benghazi Hero [Video]

6/22/2016 - Protesters Arrested Outside the NRA Building

6/17/2016 - NRA Announces Hiring of Dana Loesch to Serve as Women’s Policy Advisor and National Spokesperson

May 2016

5/26/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Is Trump Really Gaining on Hillary Clinton?

5/25/2016 - Kimberly Corban, who Challenged Obama on Gun Control, Honored by NRA

5/19/2016 - Donald Trump to Speak at NRA Annual Meeting

April 2016

4/13/2016 - Trump is the Only Confirmed GOP Candidate for 2016 NRA Convention

March 2016

3/17/2016 - NRA: No, We Don’t Back Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee Garland

3/4/2016 - NRA President Wayne LaPierre Challenges Obama to a Debate

January 2016

1/11/2016 - Harrisburg Mayor Pulls Police from NRA Gun Show over Dispute on Security Fees

1/4/2016 - NRA Goes Toe-To-Toe with the Democrats, Obama & Hillary on Gun Rights

December 2015

12/4/2015 - Gone Too Far? New York Daily News Lists NRA’s LaPierre Among American Terrorists

November 2015

11/5/2015 - Bloomberg’s Gun Control Money Flops as Virginia GOP holds State Senate

October 2015

10/23/2015 - Poll: NRA is More Popular than Obama and Hillary Clinton

10/14/2015 - NRA Ad Hammers Hillary Clinton’s Anti-2nd Amendment Comments

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton says America Needs to Stand Up to the NRA

August 2015

8/21/2015 - Social Security Administration could Bar Recipients from Getting Guns

July 2015

7/30/2015 - Los Angeles Politicians Issue Ban on Gun Magazines that Hold More than 10 Rounds

June 2015

6/9/2015 - NRA Accuses State Dept of Suppressing Gun Rights

April 2015

4/13/2015 - Winners and Losers in the NRA Primary

4/11/2015 - Thanks, Obama: NRA Revenue Jumped 35% from Last Year

4/10/2015 - GOP Presidential Hopefuls to Address NRA Convention

March 2015

3/19/2015 - Obama’s ATF Bullet Ban received over 310,000 Comments, a Huge Number

3/7/2015 - Obama’s Gun Control Agenda is to Ban Certain Bullets

3/6/2015 - NRA: Obama wants to ban all Hunting Ammo

January 2015

1/5/2015 - The 2nd Amendment is Alive and Well

September 2014

9/3/2014 - Piers Morgan and CNN Officially Part Company

May 2014

5/23/2014 - NRA Host Colion Noir Blasts the Liberal Media—Calls Them “Political Slavemasters” [Video]

April 2014

4/27/2014 - NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Blasts “Dishonest” Liberal Media [Video]

March 2014

3/7/2014 - #CPAC2014: NRA President LaPierre, Chris Christie Blast Liberal Media

November 2013

11/10/2013 - Schools arming their Teachers, post-Sandy Hook

October 2013

10/17/2013 - Gun Control Efforts by ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to tackle New York Gun Show laws

September 2013

9/23/2013 - Kansas Journalism Professor Placed on Leave After Anti-NRA Tweet

9/12/2013 - Chris Matthews: GOP Against Minority Voting Because “They Don’t Like Their Votes” [Video]

July 2013

7/7/2013 - Unpopular Illinois Governor nixes parts of Concealed Carry bill

7/1/2013 - Reporter Who Sought to Remove Gag Order on NRA-Shirt-Wearing Teen Thrown Out of Court

May 2013

5/3/2013 - NRA Supporters Gather in Houston, as Media Scrutiny Grows

December 2012

12/19/2012 - MSNBC Anchor Suggests GOP is Complacent in Sending Kids “To Be Assassinated?”