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Newsweek Compares Charles Manson to Donald Trump

President Trump can’t be blamed for Charles Manson’s crimes or death, so Newsweek took a new tack, writing an article that said Manson lured his supporters through the same techniques the president uses to attract his. Manson, who died Monday morning in prison in California, where he has been since 1969 for orchestrating the brutal […]

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Media Defends Fired FBI Director James Comey’s Draft Letter in Clinton Email Investigation

Former FBI director James Comey drafted a letter that reportedly said he would charge Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information and private e-mail server, according to a new report. That letter was drafted before the investigation was concluded, leading to charges that he decided the outcome before the investigation was complete. How did […]

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Liberal Media Realizes the Truth about Antifa: FBI Designated Them as ‘Terrorists’

The liberal media finally recognized the violence that motivates Antifa (short for “anti-fascists”) extremists. In several liberal outlets, ranging from Newsweek to Politico to the Daily Beast, liberals found out that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned of impending violence by “terrorist” Antifa extremists back in 2016. In other words, the Obama […]

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Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

Too often, the liberal media uses the phrase ‘anti-abortion’ to describe the pro-life movement. They’ve stuck to that playbook and style guide, even after Donald Trump shamed the liberal media to cover the annual pro-life ‘March for Life’ the day before the march took place in Washington, D.C. Of the thirty-plus headlines from Google News […]

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1/30/2017 - Liberal Media Used ‘Anti-Abortion’ Phrase to Describe ‘March for Life’ by 19-2 Margin

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