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Lester Holt Tips Hand in Immigration Discussion

NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt crossed the line from observation to advocacy in his reporting last night about the immigration crisis along the Southern border. Holt put the responsibility of children being separated from parents away from the parents committing a crime — illegal entry — as determined by Congress. Holt also failed to report […]

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Media Obscures News to Continue Attacks on Pruitt

On Tuesday, one could scroll the entirety of the Washington Post’s web page and not find a story that essentially acquitted EPA of some of the most serious accusations of excess the media has labeled against him over the past year. The story, buried on page A8 of the print edition with a small headline […]

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Trump Rips NBC Over Retracted Michael Cohen Story

NBC retracted its false reporting that Michael Cohen’s phones were wiretapped prior to the FBI raiding his home, office and hotel room last month. NBC later changed its story. NBC then reported that investigators weren’t recording calls of Cohen, a longtime lawyer for President Donald Trump, but simply tracking phone numbers, or logging metadata about […]

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White House Correspondents Say Trump Makes Them Work Harder

It’s not as fun or easy to take pot shots at a conservative president when that president fights back, according to Variety. In Ted Johnson’s piece, headlined, “Inside the Intense, Combative World of Covering the Trump White House,” White House reporters admitted they work harder to ensure their stories are accurate, that the Trump administration is […]

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NBC Tweets Support for Oprah as ‘OUR Future President’

NBC chimed in on the Golden Globes last night with a tweet supporting Oprah Winfrey as “OUR Future President.” Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes — NBC (@nbc) January 8, 2018 The tweet came right after host Seth Meyers made reference to a potential Winfrey candidacy in his opening monologue: “In 2011, I […]

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Chuck Todd Forgot the Declaration of Independence Mentions God-Given Natural Rights

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ show, quoted Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate candidate, and thought he was misquoting the U.S. Constitution. Todd said the following: “First off, he doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution as it’s written,” Todd said, before playing a clip of Moore referencing what is written in […]

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June 2018

6/19/2018 - Lester Holt Tips Hand in Immigration Discussion

May 2018

5/8/2018 - Media Obscures News to Continue Attacks on Pruitt

5/7/2018 - Trump Rips NBC Over Retracted Michael Cohen Story

April 2018

4/25/2018 - White House Correspondents Say Trump Makes Them Work Harder

4/16/2018 - NBC Reflects on Superman Anniversary — But Here’s What They Left Out

January 2018

1/8/2018 - NBC Tweets Support for Oprah as ‘OUR Future President’

October 2017

10/17/2017 - Trump Says He’s ‘Surprised’ by Dishonesty in Media

September 2017

9/29/2017 - Chuck Todd Forgot the Declaration of Independence Mentions God-Given Natural Rights

August 2017

8/2/2017 - 20-minute Trump Jr. Meeting Got 20 Times the Coverage of Hillary Uranium Giveaway

8/1/2017 - Better to Denigrate Author Than Write About Hillary’s Uranium Scandal

July 2017

7/31/2017 - Media Disputes Notion that More NFL Viewers Turned Off Games due to National Anthem Protest

7/18/2017 - Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Continue to Slide, Hits New Low on Sunday

7/15/2017 - Study: Audience Slip Continues for Local TV News

June 2017

6/20/2017 - Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Slip Further with Alex Jones Interview

6/6/2017 - Megyn Kelly Falls Flat in NBC Debut

May 2017

5/17/2017 - SNL Cast Cried after Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump

March 2017

3/6/2017 - Broadcast Networks Have Lost Over 1 Million Viewers Since February

3/6/2017 - NBC Going Digital? Parent Company Buys Shares in Snapchat to Compete with Buzzfeed, Vox

January 2017

1/18/2017 - In Interview, Obama Blamed Gerrymandering for Democratic Party’s Election Losses

1/18/2017 - Obama, in Dateline NBC Interview, says He Doesn’t Personalize Politics

1/18/2017 - Lester Holt’s Questions to Obama in Dateline NBC Interview were Softballs

1/18/2017 - Obama in Dateline NBC Interview Admitted Instant ‘Hope and Change’ was ‘Unrealistic’

1/4/2017 - Bias Buzz: Megyn Kelly Moves to NBC, Trump Knows Business & Repealing ObamaCare

1/4/2017 - Megyn Kelly to Leave Fox News for NBC

October 2016

10/3/2016 - NBC News Chairman Calls Brian Williams’ Credibility Problems “Ancient History”

10/1/2016 - Cue the Popcorn: Chuck Todd, Trump Aide Spar over Post-Debate Polls

September 2016

9/28/2016 - Presidential Debate Was Most-Watched and Tweeted Ever

July 2016

7/18/2016 - Race Relations Hits 25-Year Low in NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll [Video]

June 2016

6/8/2016 - NBC Host Savannah Guthrie to Skip Rio Olympics due to Zika

May 2016

5/30/2016 - Brian Williams At It Again: America Bombed Japan “In Anger”

January 2016

1/20/2016 - NBC says It’s Proud of a Good #DemDebate this Sunday

October 2015

10/30/2015 - RNC Suspends NBC GOP Debate after CNBC Debacle

August 2015

8/26/2015 - Biden’s Potential 2016 Bid Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Weakness

8/21/2015 - Democrats Tell NBC that Hillary Clinton’s Campaign is “In Denial” over E-mails

8/14/2015 - Democrats Have the Oldest Slate of Candidates, says Chuck Todd

8/6/2015 - WATCH: Chuck Todd says August Ad Buys for Hillary Clinton Signals Serious Problems

8/5/2015 - WATCH: July Polls were Bad for Hillary

8/4/2015 - Poll shows Hillary Clinton down 15 Points in Favorability since June

July 2015

7/2/2015 - VIDEO: Even NBC says Obama White House Knew of the Hillary E-mails

June 2015

6/26/2015 - WATCH: NBC Reviews how Hillary Clinton isn’t Transparent

6/22/2015 - Chuck Todd: Brian Williams “Shockingly Honest” in Lauer Interview—Proud of How NBC Handled the Situation

May 2015

5/29/2015 - WATCH: NBC says Clinton’s Wealth and Scandals will be a Problem in 2016

5/17/2015 - LOL: Andrea Mitchell says GOP, Not Hillary, talks to Reporters and Normal Americans

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Lack of Trustworthiness Will Come Back to Haunt Her

April 2015

4/26/2015 - Report: Brian Williams Lied at least 6 Times

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: So Far, Hillary Clinton has had a “Substance-Free” Campaign

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: Andrea Mitchell says Hillary Runs Away from State Dept Record due to ‘A Lot of Missteps”

4/3/2015 - VIDEO: Even Andrea Mitchell says Iran is “running circles” around Kerry

March 2015

3/16/2015 - Andrea Mitchell Fact Checks the State Dept on Saving Hillary’s E-mails

3/12/2015 - NBC Nightly News finds that Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Argument is Deeply Flawed

February 2015

2/15/2015 - More Brian Williams Myths Exposed by Washington Post

January 2015

1/15/2015 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton Isn’t an Intimidating Candidate [Video]

October 2014

10/21/2014 - “Today” Show is No. 1 Morning Show—On Social Media

August 2014

8/5/2014 - CNN May be David Gregory’s Next Stop

June 2014

6/30/2014 - Losing the Media: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Hillary Clinton is “Out of Touch” [Video]

6/4/2014 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: White House Was Caught” Flat-Footed” by Bergdahl Response [Video]

May 2014

5/22/2014 - NBC Stretches the Truth to Claim Today Show is #1

April 2014

4/22/2014 - Who’s Crazy? NBC Hired Psychological Consultant to Evaluate Meet the Press’ David Gregory

September 2013

9/30/2013 - Good Morning America Beats Today For the Year in Ratings

June 2013

6/5/2013 - Today Is So “Yesterday,” as Good Morning America Whips Former Number One Show

March 2013

3/25/2013 - Rahm Emanuel’s Brother Upset at NBC Over “Rock Center” Interview

January 2013

1/14/2013 - Oops! Subsidiary of Anti-Gun NBC Sponsors Largest U.S. Gun Show

November 2012

11/28/2012 - Can Jeff Zucker Save CNN?

11/26/2012 - Matt Lauer’s Bad Week—Amid Rumors of Firing—Getting Trashed on Twitter

11/6/2012 - NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Sees Hurricane Sandy as Sent “Seemingly From Above” to Help Obama Get Re-elected

September 2012

9/12/2012 - “Today Show” Skips 9/11 Moment of Silence for Kardashian Interview [Video]

July 2012

7/18/2012 - Guthrie No Answer for Today Show Woes

June 2012

6/11/2012 - NBC’s Jansing Parrots Obama Talking Points on Public Sector Jobs

6/11/2012 - Obama Economic Talking Points Dominate MSNBC News Reporting [VIDEO]

6/8/2012 - Media Bias Against Faith Reporting

May 2012

5/29/2012 - NBC Questions “Weenie” Hayes’ Hero Remarks [VIDEO]

5/14/2012 - Newsweek/Daily Beast Columnist Makes Hitler Comparison with Ann Romney

5/12/2012 - NBC Yanks “Rock Center” from Lineup, Future Uncertain

April 2012

4/18/2012 - NBC Rolls Snake Eyes with Chelsea Clinton Hiring

4/9/2012 - American Family Radio; Media watchdog: NBC’s edit wasn’t an ‘error’

4/3/2012 - Bias Clips: Sarah Palin Defends Her Experience with NBC’s Lauer

March 2012

3/18/2012 - Brian Williams’ “Rock Center” Ratings Dropping Like a Stone

February 2012

2/24/2012 - Arizona Debate Ratings Indicate Voter Fatigue

January 2012

1/26/2012 - NBC Scores Big With GOP Debate

1/3/2012 - MSNBC’s Schultz Finally Discloses Three-Year Old NBC-Bain Capital Partnership [Video]

October 2011

10/14/2011 - “Today Show” Speculation About Biden’s Future as VP Irks White House

September 2011

9/29/2011 - NBC News Prez Thinks It’s Okay for News Division to Take a Stand

June 2011

6/2/2011 - NBC Set to Hire NPR Retread Vivian Schiller

February 2011

2/9/2011 - Zucker: NBC Tried to Buy HuffPo