Accuracy in Media

Blurred Lines between Journalists and Activists

While there have long been different types of journalists—most notably reporters whose job it is to report the facts and stories in a fair and balanced way, and opinion journalists, who are still supposed to be fact-based, yet their job is to express their opinion, and, in essence, make a case for something—what is relatively […]

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December 2017

12/4/2017 - Warren Dukes it Out With Trump Over ‘Pocahontas’ Reference

May 2016

5/20/2016 - Poll: 9 in 10 Native Americans Not Offended by Washington Redskins Name

5/2/2016 - Hillary Clinton’s Comment of “Off the Reservation” Angers Native Americans

August 2014

8/26/2014 - Blurred Lines between Journalists and Activists