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Ironic: Workers File Lawsuit against DNC over Wages, Overtime Pay

Field workers for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit over lack of overtime pay and sub-minimum wage payments. Oh, the irony: Justin Swidler, the attorney representing the field workers, argued the Democratic Party failed to pay workers a minimum wage and denied them overtime compensation. Swidler “says the lawsuit seeks ‘fair pay for […]

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Minimum Wage Hike to Hit Several States Today

Say hello to the rise of the automated machines at fast-food restaurants: Minimum wage increases are set to go into effect in 15 localities on Friday. Minimum wage increases will go into effect in 15 cities in California, Kentucky, Maryland, Oregon, and Illinois, as well as the District of Columbia. Those increases threaten to curb hiring […]

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June 2017

6/29/2017 - Study: Minimum Wage Workers Lost $125 Per Month due to Minimum Wage Hike

May 2017

5/17/2017 - Ironic: Workers File Lawsuit against DNC over Wages, Overtime Pay

August 2016

8/26/2016 - Fight for $15 Fiasco: D.C. Restaurants Lose 1,400 Jobs

July 2016

7/1/2016 - Minimum Wage Hike to Hit Several States Today

June 2016

6/22/2016 - Fight for $15 Takes Hold in D.C. after City Council Approves Measure

6/10/2016 - Report finds Half of DC Employers Will Fire Workers, Cut Hours after Minimum Wage Law Passed

6/2/2016 - Ex-McDonald’s CEO: Fight for $15 will Cost Jobs, Lead to Automation

May 2016

5/16/2016 - Thanks Fight-for-$15: Wendy’s to Introduce Self-Serve Kiosks

5/12/2016 - Fight for $15 Fallout? CBO Report finds Higher Unemployment among Unskilled Young Men

April 2016

4/28/2016 - Florida Governor’s Radio Ads in California Criticize New Minimum Wage

4/15/2016 - LA Unions Want to Be Exempt from $15/Hour Minimum Wage

4/15/2016 - Heated #DemDebate between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

4/11/2016 - Labor Union Organizers Funneled Funds to ‘Fight for $15’

4/5/2016 - California, New York Pass Higher Minimum Wage Laws

March 2016

3/28/2016 - $15 Minimum Wage Deal Tentatively Reached in California

3/25/2016 - California Voters will Vote on $15-an-hour Minimum Wage

February 2016

2/26/2016 - Seattle’s Living Wage is Now ‘Livable Schedules”

2/24/2016 - Millennial’s Letter to Yelp CEO Complains about Low Pay, High Housing Costs in San Francisco

2/17/2016 - New York Times Claims No Proof that $15/Hour Wage Hurts Employers

November 2015

11/17/2015 - Study: Hillary Clinton’s $12/Hr Wage Hike would Eliminate 770,000 Jobs

September 2015

9/20/2015 - Anti-Wal-Mart Group Fractures into Two Groups

9/4/2015 - Wal-Mart Raised Wages, but Now is Cutting Work Hours

August 2015

8/11/2015 - The $12 an Hour Minimum Wage Increase could Hurt Maine’s Economy

July 2015

7/27/2015 - Hillary Backs $15 an hour Minimum Wage Hike as She Moves to the Left

June 2015

6/8/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Wage Increase Stance is … Fuzzy

May 2015

5/13/2015 - Congress Likes Living Wage, but Not for Their Interns

April 2015

4/15/2015 - Seattle Phasing in Higher Minimum Wage and Makes Eating Out More Expensive

4/15/2015 - SEIU Wants In, Set to Protest McDonald’s for Higher Minimum Wage

4/4/2015 - Obama’s Dept of Labor doesn’t get $60 Million in Back Wages to Low-Wage Workers

4/1/2015 - Ha! George Soros-Owned Restaurant Sued for Unfair Wages

March 2015

3/24/2015 - Seattle Restaurants: The $15 Wage Hike will Lead to Hours, Staff Cuts

February 2015

2/21/2015 - Wal-Mart raises their Wages, but Liberals Still Whine

January 2015

1/3/2015 - Liberal Media Keeps Pushing Minimum Wage Myths

October 2014

10/29/2014 - Out of Options, Labor Union Group sues Wisconsin GOP Gov. Walker to Raise Minimum Wage

April 2014

4/10/2014 - Maryland Legislators Raise Minimum Wage to $10 as ObamaCare exchange falls apart

March 2014

3/6/2014 - As war looms, Obama fights for Minimum Wage Increase

February 2014

2/21/2014 - NBC’s Chuck Todd Calls White House Pushback on CBO Minimum-Wage Report “Petty” [Video]

2/13/2014 - Obama signs Another Executive Order, this time for Hiking the Minimum Wage

January 2014

1/2/2014 - SeaTac $15 Minimum Wage partly struck down by Courts

December 2013

12/27/2013 - What ObamaCare? Democrats Push for a Higher Minimum Wage

November 2013

11/29/2013 - Seattle Area City narrowly votes to enact $15 Minimum Wage Law