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‘Sanctuary City’ No More: Michigan City Council Reverses Decision

Lansing, Michigan was a ‘sanctuary city’ for a short time, meaning that local law enforcement authorities claim jurisdictional authority on immigration matters over the federal government. The city council voted 6-0 to become a ‘sanctuary city’ last week, but this week, a 5-2 vote reversed the decision. The city council members allegedly feared public backlash […]

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Politico Highlights Dissension within Clinton Campaign over Michigan Strategy

Looks like Hillary Clinton’s legacy is mismanaging two presidential campaigns, huh? How is THAT not being reported, instead of the Jill Stein recount, Electoral College drama and other things? In Politico’s piece, “How Clinton Lost Michigan – and the Election,” the Clinton campaign headquarters and staff were criticized for micro-managing the grassroots campaign, ranging from […]

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April 2017

4/14/2017 - ‘Sanctuary City’ No More: Michigan City Council Reverses Decision

February 2017

2/3/2017 - Fake News: Buzzfeed, Media Caught Publishing a Debunked Story of Iraqi Mom Dying due to Trump Refugee Vetting Order

December 2016

12/16/2016 - But Voter Integrity? Michigan Recount Shows Too Many Votes in Detroit

12/15/2016 - Politico Highlights Dissension within Clinton Campaign over Michigan Strategy

November 2016

11/27/2016 - The Dangers of Being a Cop: Wayne State University Cop Shot in the Head, Passes Away

May 2016

5/26/2016 - Actress Melissa Gilbert Drops Out of Michigan Congressional Race, Leaves Democrats Hanging

5/11/2016 - CNN Omitted Flint Mayor’s Political Affiliation as a Democrat after Scandal Emerges

5/11/2016 - Democratic Mayor of Flint, Michigan Allegedly Funneled Money from Water Safety Fund to Her PAC

5/5/2016 - Obama Drinks Water from Flint, Michigan to Show It’s Safe to Drink

April 2016

4/3/2016 - Flint Mayor Backtracks Threat to Sue Michigan

March 2016

3/31/2016 - 12 Detroit Principals Caught in Bribery Scheme

3/29/2016 - Now Officials Backtrack on Flint Water Date, say It May Take More Time

3/27/2016 - Water in Flint will be Lead-Free by August, Feds Say

3/9/2016 - Hillary Clinton Loses Michigan after Leading Polls by 31%

3/9/2016 - Trump Wins Hawaii, Mississippi & Michigan; Cruz Takes Idaho

3/4/2016 - Rubio, Cruz Take On Trump in Last Night’s GOP Debate

February 2016

2/22/2016 - Kalamazoo Shooter Admits Guilt in Random Shootings

2/14/2016 - Michigan Officials were Tired of EPA Researcher’s Findings in Flint, Michigan

2/13/2016 - Emails Expose EPA Dragging Feet on Flint’s Water Crisis

2/7/2016 - EPA Under Fire as GOP Focuses on Probe of Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

2/3/2016 - Two Officials Involved in the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Won’t Appear Before Congress

January 2016

1/21/2016 - Michigan GOP Governor Takes Blame for Flint Water Crisis, but the EPA Knew It, Too

1/19/2016 - Michigan Governor Disputes Hillary Clinton’s Claim that She Spurred Action in Flint over Water Problems

November 2015

11/29/2015 - Former Intel Committee Chairman says China’s Agreement on Hacking was a PR Stunt

11/16/2015 - Several States are Halting Syrian Refugee Program after Paris Terrorist Attacks

October 2015

10/15/2015 - Illegal Abortions? Police Find Containers of Human Tissue in Doctor’s Car

June 2015

6/11/2015 - Gun Rights Win: Detroit Woman Fights Off 5 Intruders

May 2015

5/11/2015 - Detroit Senator Wanted for Questioning after Girlfriend’s Car Sprayed by Shotgun Shells

5/7/2015 - Michigan Vote shows Americans don’t Like Tax Hikes

April 2015

4/9/2015 - Michigan Union uses Photo ID to Avoid Right to Work Laws

July 2014

7/6/2014 - Google and Detroit Argue over the Future of Driverless Cars

June 2014

6/22/2014 - GM E-mails Expose Culture of Secrecy over Dangerous Defects, says Congress

6/7/2014 - Reuters: Let the Feds Bail Out Detroit

April 2014

4/26/2014 - U.S. Court upholds Michigan Ban on Affirmative Action

4/19/2014 - Detroit Reaches a Pension Deal to get out of Bankruptcy

February 2014

2/22/2014 - Detroit Bankruptcy Case goes Forward as Bonds are Unpaid

January 2014

1/23/2014 - Detroit: Bailed Out by Gambling Money?

November 2013

11/6/2013 - Detroit Unions try to Pressure Detroit Manager as City is Bankrupt

October 2013

10/24/2013 - Reuters: ObamaCare doesn’t lead to part-time work

10/23/2013 - Obama says he needs a “Tech Surge” to save ObamaCare

10/21/2013 - ObamaCare FAIL: Zero enrolled in Michigan, 1 in Delaware

10/17/2013 - Affirmative Action Case in Universities to be Heard by US Supreme Court

10/8/2013 - Detroit’s Bankruptcy changes City Bond Game, says Economists

August 2013

8/21/2013 - Unions decry Detroit’s Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, call it “Unconstitutional”

8/5/2013 - NEWSFLASH: Bankrupt Detroit has Subpar Worker Skills

July 2013

7/29/2013 - Aww?! Media is worried about Detroit while Obama ignores it

7/26/2013 - Detroit’s Unions Dealt Major Blow in Restructuring by Courts

December 2012

12/12/2012 - Chris Matthews Berates Guest Over Backing from Koch Brothers—Gives UAW a Pass