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PBS to Spread Its Bias Across the Pond

The New York Times reported this week that PBS is looking into the possibility of establishing a digital channel in Great Britain. The initiative, which partly is meant to make money for PBS, is being led by PBSd, which sells PBS programming to home video, foreign and commercial markets. PBSd is a joint venture of […]

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Obama Tries to Manage the Press

In an effort to manage the mainstream media and limit damage control, Barack Obama has largely eschewed the longtime tradition of short question-and-answer sessions with the Press Corps in favor of longer sit-down interviews. According to Politico, Obama has held just 75 of the shorter pressers, compared to 258 by George Bush and 408 by […]

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Olbermann Goes Down for the Count

In a move that caught almost everybody by surprise Keith Olbermann announced tonight that this would be his last show on MSNBC. Olbermann one of MSNBC’s unabashed liberals was suspended back in November for violating the network’s ethics policy after it was revealed he had made political contributions to three Democrats seeking federal office. MSNBC […]

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August 2011

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January 2011

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