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CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage Goes to Pot

CNN finished the year on a high note with its New Year’s Eve coverage with a report from a Denver marijuana dispensary by reporter Randi Kaye, who appeared to be having such a good time that she couldn’t remember where she was. “I think I got a little high. I’m trying to remember where we […]

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Marijuana-Impaired Driving is a New Danger

Cause and effect? Or is it correlation? The Daily Signal has more on this: According to the Washington State Marijuana Impact Report, the incidents of marijuana-impaired driving are increasing dramatically. Fatal driving accidents have risen 122 percent between 2010 and 2014, according to the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission. Marijuana is big business in Washington […]

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D.C. Going to Pot? City could Legalize Marijuana Soon

WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia could vote and legalize marijuana use within the city and where advocates say it’s a civil rights issue, not a health issue. Reuters reported that the pro-marijuana group DC Cannabis Campaign collected 57,000 signatures to put the measure on the November 4th ballot in D.C., where only 22,373 was […]

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