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CNN Wonders Why Sexism Exists in (Liberal) Silicon Valley

Unfortunately, sexism is allegedly alive and well in Silicon Valley, which is far from a conservative or moderate political atmosphere. CNN did a piece on how sexism is prevalent in the start-up industry in northern California, but neglected to mention that the area is politically liberal and progressive. More often than not, left-leaning activists claim […]

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Hollywood Goes All-In for Hillary Clinton

A NBC News’ article headline read, “How Celebrity Surrogates Could Help Hillary Clinton,” and the article outlined how the Democrats have had a stranglehold on celebrities in Hollywood and how several celebrities spoke at the DNC convention this week: Celebrities have long played a role in party politics, particularly in the last few decades on behalf […]

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Study: Police Officers are Hesitant to Shoot Black Suspects

It’s an interesting finding, but one that won’t be broadcast on national news stations because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that police officers are racist. Note the following paragraph, which is the opening paragraph of the article: The conventional thinking about police-involved shootings, and some scientific research, has been that black suspects are more […]

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The Vanishing Western Tradition

It is astonishing that those in the West are living through the near extinction of their civilization. For students in the Academy today, the Western Civilization history course, virtually a standard curriculum offering 30 years ago, has disappeared. This survey course covering classical antiquity to the present was the glue, the all embracing narrative, that […]

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