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So Many Leaks: Trump Called Alleged Intelligence Leaks about Manchester Terrorist Attack ‘Deeply Troubling’

Leaks have been an issue in many presidential administrations, but recently, leaks have been coming out of the American government run under the Trump administration, ranging from accusations that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is the focus of the FBI probe on possible Russia-Trump collusion to crime scene photos from the Manchester, England terrorist attack. Trump, […]

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Journalists are Critical of the Trump Administration’s Interactions with the Press

Journalists are not exactly neutral with the Trump administration, but it is a two-way street. A Communications@Syracuse blog post recently asked several D.C.-based journalists, editors and producers on their thoughts on the Trump administration’s relationship with the press. Much of the feedback focused on how the Trump administration has been disorganized and how they have declared […]

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The New White House Press Order

The liberal media, which failed spectacularly in their effort to defeat Donald Trump as president, now faces the prospect of seeing their traditional role as arbiters of the news emanating from the White House completely upended when Trump takes office in January. As I have previously written, the media loved Trump during the primary campaign […]

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August 2017

8/7/2017 - Emails Prove Liberal Media Buried Details of Lynch-Clinton Meeting

May 2017

5/30/2017 - So Many Leaks: Trump Called Alleged Intelligence Leaks about Manchester Terrorist Attack ‘Deeply Troubling’

5/2/2017 - CNN Rejects Trump Ad Calling Mainstream Media “Fake News” [Video]

April 2017

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March 2017

3/24/2017 - Journalists are Critical of the Trump Administration’s Interactions with the Press

February 2017

2/20/2017 - Flashback: Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell Called the Media the “Enemy of the American People” in 2012 [Video]

January 2017

1/15/2017 - Dan Rather: Clinton Campaign, Press Were “Tone Deaf” About Trump’s Appeal

November 2016

11/30/2016 - The New White House Press Order

October 2016

10/29/2016 - As Tensions with North Korea Rise, U.S. Sends Armored Brigade to Relieve Other Soldiers

September 2016

9/1/2016 - NBC News on Trump’s Mexico Visit: He Doesn’t Play by the Rules

August 2016

8/22/2016 - It Took Over 10 Days for Obama to Visit Flooded Baton Rouge, but It Only Took George W. Bush Within 4 Days to Visit Katrina Victims

8/11/2016 - NBC News Article: Despite Clinton Foundation-State Department Emails Discovery, Hillary Clinton Runs ‘A Highly Disciplined Campaign’

June 2016

6/22/2016 - CBS Mentions Indicted Pennsylvania Congressman is a Democrat in the …3rd Paragraph

6/14/2016 - Washington Post Article Highlights Rainbow Light Displays after Orlando Shooting

March 2016

3/18/2016 - Harry Reid Praises Liberal Media for Pushing Democrats’ Talking Points on SCOTUS

3/7/2016 - Washington Post Dances on the Grave of Nancy Reagan

October 2015

10/29/2015 - CNBC’s Hack Job at their GOP Debate, a SuperCut Video

10/23/2015 - Liberal Media Covers for Hillary Clinton during Hearing about Benghazi

10/23/2015 - Remember This? Obama Orders Liberal Media to Make a Chart on Gun Deaths, Liberal Media Follows Orders

June 2015

6/26/2015 - MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Apologizes to Bill O’Reilly for Distorting His Position on Confederate Flag

May 2015

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Lack of Trustworthiness Will Come Back to Haunt Her

April 2015

4/23/2015 - Liberal Media Fact Checkers Won’t Fact Check Obama’s Less-War-Today Comments

December 2014

12/30/2014 - MSNBC President Phil Griffin Admits 2014 Was a “Difficult Year” for the Network

July 2014

7/13/2014 - Convicted Dem ex-Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

7/7/2014 - Reuters’ Op-Ed Slams Dinesh D’Souza’s Latest Film on America

April 2014

4/17/2014 - New Owner: Minneapolis Star Tribune to Be Less Liberal

October 2013

10/16/2013 - Ann Coulter Likes to Watch MSNBC—Would Fire Chris Matthews

May 2012

5/24/2012 - American Family Radio; Logan Churchwell on Media’s Celebration of Obama Record

5/17/2012 - New Book Casts Doubt on Obama’s Christian Identity

April 2012

4/23/2012 - NY Times Public Editor Admits Paper Has a Pro-Obama Bias

September 2011

9/9/2011 - Gingrich Blasts Liberal Media, Chris Wallace Calls Him “Kind of Sad”

February 2011

2/10/2011 - The Left Rises Up Against HuffPo