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Grasping for Straws? CNN Highlighted Trump’s Twitter Battles

Looks like they’re running out of anti-Trump narratives, huh? Talking about President-Elect Donald Trump’s battles on the social media platform Twitter…must be running low on topics. What did CNN’s Brian Stelter say? He said that President-Elect Trump “continues to wield Twitter as a megaphone and an insult machine, sometimes targeting recognizable figures like Carter (Vanity Fair editor ) […]

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Politico Highlights Dissension within Clinton Campaign over Michigan Strategy

Looks like Hillary Clinton’s legacy is mismanaging two presidential campaigns, huh? How is THAT not being reported, instead of the Jill Stein recount, Electoral College drama and other things? In Politico’s piece, “How Clinton Lost Michigan – and the Election,” the Clinton campaign headquarters and staff were criticized for micro-managing the grassroots campaign, ranging from […]

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Labor Union Officials Unhappy with AFL-CIO’s Ties to Environmentalist Democratic Billionaire Tom Steyer

Oh, the irony! Seven unions have demanded that the AFL-CIO cut ties with Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge fund manager and environmental activist, over his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline and other oil and gas projects. In a letter sent to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Monday, union officials accused the labor confederation of becoming “infiltrated […]

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Volkswagen Takes Union to Court

From the Free Beacon: Volkswagen is pushing back against the UAW campaign to unionize a subset of workers in right-to-work Tennessee in a case that is bound for federal court. The company says it will appeal a National Labor Relations Board ruling that would allow skilled maintenance workers to organize. The NLRB, which oversees all […]

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December 2016

12/18/2016 - Grasping for Straws? CNN Highlighted Trump’s Twitter Battles

12/15/2016 - Politico Highlights Dissension within Clinton Campaign over Michigan Strategy

June 2016

6/26/2016 - Teacher Booted from Chicago Teachers Union after Coaching Chess Team during Strike

6/8/2016 - Labor Union that Backs Hillary Clinton Endorses Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Care Plan

May 2016

5/18/2016 - Labor Union Officials Unhappy with AFL-CIO’s Ties to Environmentalist Democratic Billionaire Tom Steyer

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Volkswagen Takes Union to Court

4/22/2016 - Teachers Union President Calls GOP Governor an ISIS Recruit

4/15/2016 - LA Unions Want to Be Exempt from $15/Hour Minimum Wage

4/14/2016 - No Criticism of Hillary Clinton by Anti-Walmart Union after Hillary Gets a Donation

4/11/2016 - Labor Union Organizers Funneled Funds to ‘Fight for $15’

4/11/2016 - Court Strikes Down Wisconsin’s Right to Work Law; Appeal Planned

March 2016

3/30/2016 - SCOTUS Deadlocks, Meaning Public Employees Still Have to Pay Union Dues

3/28/2016 - $15 Minimum Wage Deal Tentatively Reached in California

3/27/2016 - Harry Reid says Unions Need an Obama SCOTUS Nominee

3/22/2016 - Ex-Judge says Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee was Pro-Labor Union

February 2016

2/15/2016 - West Virginia is Now a Right-to-Work State

2/8/2016 - West Virginia Close to Becoming the 26th Right to Work State

January 2016

1/11/2016 - SCOTUS could Free Union Members from Compulsive Dues

December 2015

12/14/2015 - Democrats Drop Top New Hampshire TV Station ahead of DNC Debate

November 2015

11/25/2015 - Unions to Picket Wal-Mart

11/17/2015 - Study: Hillary Clinton’s $12/Hr Wage Hike would Eliminate 770,000 Jobs

11/13/2015 - US Postal Service Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

October 2015

10/13/2015 - Air France Lashes Out after Violent Union Mob Attack on Executives

10/11/2015 - After SCOTUS Union Decision, SEIU is Losing Significant Numbers of Members

10/9/2015 - Chris Matthews on Hillary: “You Don’t Get Authenticity by Going on SNL and Reading Scripts” [Video]

10/6/2015 - Labor Unions, Bernie Sanders Blast Obama for Asia Free Trade Agreement

10/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton hasn’t gotten Endorsed by Teamsters Union, who Supported Her in 2008

10/4/2015 - Only One Teacher Dissented from Paying Union Dues, Labor Union Reports

September 2015

9/30/2015 - Hillary Clinton Backs Labor Unions’ Gripe about ObamaCare’s Cadillac Tax

9/25/2015 - Labor Board charges SEIU Labor Union with Coercive Dues Scheme

9/20/2015 - Anti-Wal-Mart Group Fractures into Two Groups

9/14/2015 - Scott Walker Takes Aim at Labor Unions

9/8/2015 - Joe Biden Appeals to Labor Unions

August 2015

8/28/2015 - Obama’s Labor Board Rules against McDonald’s and in Favor of Unionization

8/19/2015 - Unions want Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton

8/18/2015 - Labor Board Dismisses Unionization Effort by Northwestern Football Players

8/3/2015 - Labor Unions Donated some $400,000 to Planned Parenthood

July 2015

7/27/2015 - Hillary Backs $15 an hour Minimum Wage Hike as She Moves to the Left

7/15/2015 - Labor Unions Claim They can Defeat Scott Walker

June 2015

6/9/2015 - Hillary Clinton Embraces SEIU Labor Union that Turned Against Her in 2008

May 2015

5/28/2015 - Labor Union Leaders want Living Wage, but Not for their Unions

5/22/2015 - Alabama Union Workers Decertify Union, Again, for 5th Time

5/22/2015 - Illinois Workers can Challenge Forced Government Dues

5/18/2015 - Hillary Boosted by Unions’ Millions of Funds

5/14/2015 - WATCH: Liberals Don’t Wait to Blame GOP and Infrastructure Spending for Amtrak Disaster

5/14/2015 - Amtrak, after Deadly Accident, Blames Management for Crash

5/14/2015 - Amtrak Engineer Won’t Talk to Police after Fatal Crash

5/2/2015 - Labor Union Consolidates as Membership Declines

April 2015

4/15/2015 - SEIU Wants In, Set to Protest McDonald’s for Higher Minimum Wage

4/9/2015 - Michigan Union uses Photo ID to Avoid Right to Work Laws

4/7/2015 - Obama’s Push will Lead to Labor Blitz on Employers

4/2/2015 - 1 out of 3 SEIU Dollars go to Overhead, Politics

March 2015

3/30/2015 - U.S. Signed Agreement with Mexico, 2 Other Countries, to Teach Immigrants Labor Organizing

3/28/2015 - Judge Strikes Down Coercive Union Dues in Wisconsin

3/24/2015 - Illinois Gov’t Workers Sue to End Mandatory Union Dues

3/6/2015 - Right to Work Laws don’t Produce Immediate Effects

February 2015

2/24/2015 - Alabama Workers get Fourth Shot to Kick Out a Union

2/4/2015 - Alabama Workers trying to Kick Out Union for the 4th Time after Ballot Box-Stuffing

October 2014

10/29/2014 - Out of Options, Labor Union Group sues Wisconsin GOP Gov. Walker to Raise Minimum Wage

January 2014

1/8/2014 - Boeing Machinist Union Narrowly Approves Boeing Contract to stay in WA

June 2012

6/6/2012 - Matthews Tells Schultz That He Could Be the Head of the AFL-CIO [VIDEO]

6/2/2012 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz to Speak at Wisconsin Democratic Convention