Accuracy in Media

“Politico” Touts Russian Agent as Progressive Hero

The publication that calls itself Politico has a strange habit of ignoring the foreign backing and ownership of channels like Russia Today and Al Jazeera, preferring to treat them as legitimate news organizations. Its media reporter, Dylan Byers, is a virtual public relations agent for Al Jazeera America, which just hired Soledad O’Brien from CNN. […]

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Snowden’s Dupes Caught Red-faced

Those who claimed NSA traitor Edward Snowden was a patriot or hero have egg all over their faces, as the former NSA contract worker has fled from China to Russia and now faces espionage charges that could possibly bring the death penalty. It is emerging as one of the biggest spy cases in American history. […]

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July 2013

7/7/2013 - “Politico” Touts Russian Agent as Progressive Hero

June 2013

6/23/2013 - Snowden’s Dupes Caught Red-faced