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Washington Post Fact Checker Gives Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice Four Pinocchios for Syrian Chemical Weapons Statement

After President Trump launched a cruise-missile strike last week against Syria for apparently using sarin gas on civilians, The Washington Post Fact Checker analyzed former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s past statement about the Obama administration’s removal of chemical weapons from Syria: “We were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of […]

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PolitiFact Retracts Rating of Obama’s Policies on Syria

PolitiFact, not known to be neutral politically, has retracted its positive rating of the Obama administration’s handling of Syria. The administration claimed that they were able to remove all of Syria’s chemical weapons. The recent chemical weapon attack in Syria suggested that the Obama administration was not truthful in their claim. PolitiFact sai the following […]

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Washington Post: Yes, John Kerry Overstated Things in Israel Speech

From the Washington Post’s fact-checker on Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Israel and Israeli settlements: In his focus on Israeli settlements, Kerry did not mention that during the second Bush administration and the Clinton administration, Palestinian negotiators were said to have rejected proposals from Israeli prime ministers that would have resulted in a Palestinian […]

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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Cut off from the Internet, Triggered ‘Dead Man’s Switch’

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange found out that his Internet access was cut by Ecuador, said Wikileaks. When three tweets from the Wikileaks account were sent out, with digits coming after the names ‘Ecuador”, John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of State) and a United Kingdom government office, it was a fail-safe, or a ‘dead man’s switch’ in case […]

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April 2017

4/10/2017 - Washington Post Fact Checker Gives Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice Four Pinocchios for Syrian Chemical Weapons Statement

4/7/2017 - PolitiFact Retracts Rating of Obama’s Policies on Syria

January 2017

1/11/2017 - John Kerry Apologized to LGBT Community for Discrimination in Decades Past

1/4/2017 - Washington Post: Yes, John Kerry Overstated Things in Israel Speech

November 2016

11/16/2016 - Dear Liberal Media: No Criticism of Hillary Clinton Delaying Her Concession Speech, Bucking Trend of Last Decade?

October 2016

10/19/2016 - Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Cut off from the Internet, Triggered ‘Dead Man’s Switch’

10/5/2016 - So Much for Hillary Clinton’s Russian ‘Reset’: Peace Talks End between U.S., Russia

August 2016

8/19/2016 - Associated Press Debunks Obama’s Claim that the Iran Deal Wasn’t a $400 Million Hostage Ransom Deal

May 2016

5/12/2016 - State Department Promises to Look Into “Glitch” of Erased Part of Video

5/6/2016 - State Dept Stonewalling Gowdy, Benghazi Panel on How It’s Using Funds

5/5/2016 - Kerry Warns Syria’s Assad about Political Transition

April 2016

4/18/2016 - John Kerry Unhappy with Russian Jet Buzzing Navy Destroyer

4/14/2016 - Iran Blocks Congressional Access to Nuke Sites

4/12/2016 - John Kerry Visits Hiroshima, Japan to Push for a Nuclear-Free World

March 2016

3/31/2016 - Iran: Missile Program Matters More than Nuclear Talks

3/24/2016 - U.S. Paid Iran $2 Billion and Shipped Artifacts to Iran due to the Iran Deal

3/17/2016 - John Kerry: ISIS is Committing Genocide

3/9/2016 - Iran Threatens to Scrap Nuke Deal

February 2016

2/25/2016 - John Kerry: “He’s Not Supposed to be Doing That” on Gitmo Detainee Returning to Terrorism

2/4/2016 - Why did America Agree to Pay Iran $1.7 Billion?

2/3/2016 - John Kerry Sent Classified Information via Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server

January 2016

1/22/2016 - John Kerry Admits Some Iranian Sanctions Relief will Go to Terrorists

1/14/2016 - Iran Claims America Apologized for Incursion into Iranian Waters

1/13/2016 - Iran Releases Captured U.S. Sailors

December 2015

12/22/2015 - To Save Non-Binding Iran Nuke Deal, Obama Administration Looks to Veto Anti-Terror Measures

12/22/2015 - John Kerry admits Climate Change Deal is Voluntary, Claims It Creates Jobs

12/17/2015 - WATCH: White House says Assad could Stay in Power, if Syrian People want Him to

12/15/2015 - Obama’s Sneaky, Phantom Climate Change Deal Circumvents Congress

12/14/2015 - John Kerry says the Climate Change Deal was Made to Go Around Congress

12/10/2015 - Climate Change is Fueling the Refugee Crisis, says John Kerry

November 2015

11/29/2015 - Obama Administration Admits Iran Nuke Deal is Nonbinding

11/19/2015 - Obama’s DHS Approves People with Loose Terror Ties to Apply for Asylum

11/18/2015 - John Kerry Apparently Justified the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

October 2015

10/18/2015 - Ted Cruz Calls for John Kerry’s Resignation after ‘Terror’ Remarks

10/9/2015 - US Officials Conclude Obama’s Iran Deal Violates US Law

September 2015

9/21/2015 - John Kerry Announces Increase in Refugee Quotas the Next 2 Years

9/11/2015 - New York Times Launched ‘Jew Tracker’ in light of the Iran Deal

9/9/2015 - Russia Undeterred by John Kerry’s Phone Call, Sends Military into Syria

9/9/2015 - John Kerry Appoints Major Clinton Donor as a Transparency Coordinator at State Dept

9/3/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal is Going Around Congress

9/2/2015 - 79% of Americans are Concerned about Obama’s Iran Deal

August 2015

8/24/2015 - Of Course: Harry Reid Voices Support for Iran Deal

8/18/2015 - Nukes Inspectors have to be Approved by Iran’s Intelligence Agency

8/17/2015 - Reopening the US Embassy in Cuba is about Headlines, Not Spreading Democracy, says John Boehner

8/16/2015 - 54% of Battleground State Voters Less Likely to Vote for Hillary Clinton over Iran Deal Support

8/16/2015 - John Kerry Calls for Democracy in Cuba as US Embassy is Reopened

8/13/2015 - John Kerry said China, Russia could be Reading His E-mails

8/7/2015 - During GOP Debate, Democrat Chuck Schumer announced Opposition to Iran Deal

8/6/2015 - Rick Perry: I would rather have Carly Fiorina Negotiating with Iran than John Kerry

8/3/2015 - Majority of Congress is Against Obama’s Iran Deal

July 2015

7/31/2015 - Iran says U.S. Lied about the Iran Deal

7/20/2015 - John Kerry suggests United Nations Vote on the Iran Deal before Congress

7/20/2015 - John Kerry Admits He Never Asked for On-Demand Inspections with Iran

7/17/2015 - Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from Nuclear Plant Sites

7/15/2015 - VIDEO: Air Force General Disapproves of Iran Deal, says Iran can Increase Terrorism Sponsorship

7/14/2015 - Iran and the West Agree to a Nuclear Deal

7/10/2015 - WATCH: Senate Democrat Express Concern about Obama’s Iran Deal

7/1/2015 - Another Iran Talks Deadline Missed

June 2015

6/22/2015 - Under Hillary & John Kerry, Harassment Complaints Tripled at the State Dept

6/17/2015 - John Kerry is Certain Syria’s Assad Used Chemical Weapons

6/10/2015 - WATCH: State Dept won’t come forward on John Kerry’s Health

6/1/2015 - John Kerry breaks leg in Bike Accident, Cancels Rest of European Trip

April 2015

4/30/2015 - John Kerry wishes America had a Leader like Iran

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: White House Ditched Kerry on Iran Deal

4/16/2015 - Iran will get Chinese Nuclear Plants Soon

4/13/2015 - John Kerry tells Critics to ‘Hold Their Fire’ until a Final Deal is Made

4/10/2015 - Iran Leaders Blast Obama’s Nuke Deal, Want More Concessions

4/9/2015 - Iran says the New Iran ‘Deal’ is Unacceptable

4/3/2015 - Iran says Obama Lied about U.S. Concessions in Nukes Deal

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Israel’s Netanyahu Blasts Iran Talks led by John Kerry

4/2/2015 - Kerry almost working alone in Iran Nukes Deal as China, France, Russia Leaves Talks

March 2015

3/25/2015 - Experts: Too Many Holes in Obama’s Nukes Deal with Iran

3/25/2015 - VIDEO: Even the French are Upset over Obama’s Iran Deal, says Charles Krauthammer

3/24/2015 - Good: Deadline Passes without a Iran Deal

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept Won’t Mention Iran-Backed Civil War in Yemen during Nuke Talks

3/23/2015 - WaPo Fact Checker Gives John Kerry Four Pinocchio’s for Climate Change Hearing Claims

3/22/2015 - The French say “No Bomb” as U.S. and Kerry like Iran Nukes Deal

3/16/2015 - Flip Flopping: John Kerry says He’ll Negotiate with Syria’s Assad

3/4/2015 - State Department: Netanyahu Twisted Kerry’s Words on Iran

3/2/2015 - Delusional: Kerry says Israel is Safer after Conceding to Iran on Nukes

February 2015

2/9/2015 - John Kerry: “No Military Solution” in Ukraine

2/9/2015 - Obama White House interfering with Israel’s Elections?

January 2015

1/12/2015 - No American Dignitary Showed up to Pro-France Rally in Paris

November 2014

11/25/2014 - Iran Nuclear Talks Fail, but Kerry extends Deadline to Next Year

July 2014

7/20/2014 - Iran seeks an Extension of Nuclear Talks as the West Cowers in Fear

June 2014

6/27/2014 - Bluffing? John Kerry Promises U.S. Support in Iraq

March 2014

3/3/2014 - WaPo Editorial Says Obama’s Foreign Policy is “Based on Fantasy”

December 2013

12/9/2013 - U.S. tells Israel that ‘Core Sanctions’ in Iran remain in place

November 2013

11/17/2013 - France, not America, sinks Iran Nuclear Talks

11/3/2013 - John Kerry visits Egypt before Morsi trial

September 2013

9/12/2013 - Putin could arm Syria if U.S. Intervenes, says Putin ally

9/6/2013 - AP Reporter Questions Obama’s “Courageous move” [Video]

9/5/2013 - Senate Committee passes Syria War Resolution

August 2013

8/27/2013 - U.S. may go into Syria, says Sec of State John Kerry

8/5/2013 - U.S. Finally Approves Interim Egyptian Government

July 2013

7/30/2013 - Israel and Palestinians disagree over Peace Talks

June 2013

6/28/2013 - Russia, Putin Troll and Embarrass Obama

August 2011

8/5/2011 - John Kerry: “Media Shouldn’t Give Equal Time to the Tea Party’s Absurd Notions”