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CNN: Obama Left Behind a Strong Economy for Trump

This is the liberal media’s new narrative: President Barack Obama left a strong economy behind for President Donald Trump to enjoy. At least, that’s what a CNN Money article said: By contrast, Obama handed Trump an economy that was close to what economists consider full employment. The unemployment rate on Inauguration Day was 4.8%, and […]

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Liberal Media Cannot Avoid Good Economic News for Trump

Even though the Trump administration has not been able to implement many of their deregulatory policies, the economic numbers released on Friday indicate there is some economic progress on the horizon. The Department of Labor reported that the number of employed Americans went up, the labor force participation rate increased slightly (0.1%) and added 220,000 […]

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The Bias Buzz Podcast- Debating the Debate, Howard Dean’s Trump on Coke Tweet, Jose Fernandez, Arnold Palmer and More

Episode 27. This week Brian and I break down the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, comment on Howard Dean’s ridiculous tweet asking if Trump’s sniffling during the debate meant he was on cocaine, the public’s lack of trust in the media, the deaths of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and golfing legend […]

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CBS News Article Highlights Hillary Clinton Blasting Trump’s Reaganomics Plan, but Forgets that Reaganomics Worked

The article highlighted the criticism from Hillary Clinton of Donald Trump’s economic plan, which Clinton called “regurgitated trickle-down economics of the typical Republican, but worse.” Yet, CBS News did not report how ‘Reaganomics’, as Ronald Reagan’s economic trickle-down theory was nicknamed, actually worked and led to an economic recovery from the Jimmy Carter years.

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August 2017

8/8/2017 - CNN Avoided Mentioning How Many Jobs were Added in Jobs Report, Focused on Lack of Wage Growth

July 2017

7/11/2017 - CNN: Obama Left Behind a Strong Economy for Trump

7/10/2017 - Liberal Media Cannot Avoid Good Economic News for Trump

February 2017

2/21/2017 - ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Protesters Lost Their Day Jobs for Skipping Out on Work Without Notice

January 2017

1/19/2017 - New York Times’ Upshot Tries Hand at Obama Legacy Data and Omits Key Stats

November 2016

11/15/2016 - Liberal Media Failed to Catch Western Pennsylvania’s Shift to Trump

September 2016

9/29/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Debating the Debate, Howard Dean’s Trump on Coke Tweet, Jose Fernandez, Arnold Palmer and More

August 2016

8/26/2016 - Fight for $15 Fiasco: D.C. Restaurants Lose 1,400 Jobs

8/11/2016 - CBS News Article Highlights Hillary Clinton Blasting Trump’s Reaganomics Plan, but Forgets that Reaganomics Worked

July 2016

7/11/2016 - Jobs Outlook: Labor Force Participation Rate Increases by 0.1%

7/1/2016 - Minimum Wage Hike to Hit Several States Today

June 2016

6/22/2016 - MSNBC: Slow Economic Recovery Under Obama Problematic for Clinton [Video]

6/22/2016 - Fight for $15 Takes Hold in D.C. after City Council Approves Measure

6/16/2016 - Fed Reserve Board Faces Issues as U.S. Economy is Weak

6/5/2016 - Thanks to Obama, We’re Still in the Summer of Recovery

6/2/2016 - Ex-McDonald’s CEO: Fight for $15 will Cost Jobs, Lead to Automation

May 2016

5/19/2016 - Obama’s “Career Killer” Overtime Rules Blasted by Businesses

5/16/2016 - Thanks Fight-for-$15: Wendy’s to Introduce Self-Serve Kiosks

5/12/2016 - Fight for $15 Fallout? CBO Report finds Higher Unemployment among Unskilled Young Men

5/10/2016 - Why Does It Take 300 Hours to Be a Licensed Shampoo Worker in Tennessee?

5/8/2016 - Washington Post Makes Excuses for Obama’s Manufacturing Jobs Promise from 2008

5/6/2016 - Bill de Blasio Calls for a Boycott of Chick-Fil-A while 21 Businesses are Laying Off Workers or Moving

April 2016

4/28/2016 - Florida Governor’s Radio Ads in California Criticize New Minimum Wage

4/12/2016 - Obama: I Made the U.S. Economy Fairer and I Fixed the Economy

4/1/2016 - UCLA Professors: FDR’s Policies Prolonged the Great Depression

March 2016

3/16/2016 - Hillary Clinton Ignores Questions on Coal Jobs

3/12/2016 - Food Stamps Update: 45 Million on the Rolls for 56 Straight Months

3/4/2016 - Obama’s War on Coal, via Halting Leases, Could Cost $650 Billion

February 2016

2/23/2016 - Household Debt Spikes to $12 Trillion, Short of Recession Record

January 2016

1/27/2016 - Catholic New Hampshire University will Pay Student Loans if College Graduate Doesn’t Get a Job

1/20/2016 - 55% of Americans Out of Work for 2 Years have Given Up on Finding a Job

1/17/2016 - 48% of Millennials think the American Dream is Dead

1/15/2016 - War on Coal: Obama will Halt New Coal Leases

1/14/2016 - Food Stamp America: 45 Million on the Rolls for 54 Straight Months

1/13/2016 - 93% of U.S. Counties haven’t Recovered from the Recession

December 2015

12/23/2015 - U.S. Economic Recovery? Slow Growth Rate Reported

12/22/2015 - Food Stamp States of America: 45 Million People on Rolls for Past 53 Months

12/17/2015 - Even Hillary Clinton said ObamaCare Forces Americans into Part-Time Work

12/13/2015 - Obama Administration Looks to Overturn Fracking Ruling

November 2015

11/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Energy Plan is More ‘Clean’ Energy

11/10/2015 - Food Stamp Program still has Over 45 Million Beneficiaries

11/7/2015 - Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

11/3/2015 - Keystone XL Pipeline On Hold at TransCanada’s Request

October 2015

10/15/2015 - America has 6 Million More Students with Bachelor’s Degree than Jobs that Need Them

September 2015

9/29/2015 - Digging for Black Gold? Hillary Clinton Fundraises with Oil Investors after Opposing Keystone XL

9/28/2015 - Democrats are Slamming Obama’s Economy

9/26/2015 - Fastest-Growing Cities in America are in … Texas

9/24/2015 - ‘Bar Rescue’ TV Star Asks GOP for a Pro-Small Business Platform

9/24/2015 - 36% of Black Children in the U.S. Live Below the Poverty Line

9/17/2015 - American Income Continues to Fall under Obama’s Watch

9/10/2015 - Obama’s Welfare State? Food Stamp Recipients Hit 45 Million for 50 Straight Months

9/7/2015 - 94 Million Americans Out of the Labor Force, Stats Show

9/3/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Unemployment Rates of 2-Term Presidents, from Reagan to Obama

August 2015

8/19/2015 - Government ‘Creates Jobs’ by Buying Snowmobiles

8/12/2015 - Food Stamp & Obama: 45 Million Recipients for 49 Straight Months

8/9/2015 - U.S. Economy: Foreign-Born Female Workers Doing Fine, American Women are Not

8/9/2015 - Obamanomics: Labor Force Participation Rate Remains at 38-Year Low

8/3/2015 - U.S. Wage Growth Slowed to Historic Low

July 2015

7/28/2015 - Free Beacon: Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans

7/27/2015 - Democrats Want to Micro-Manage Your Work Hours

7/24/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: College Degree Doesn’t Guarantee a Job

7/22/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Youth Unemployment

7/8/2015 - 1 in 5 Americans Live on Gov’t Assistance Programs

June 2015

6/20/2015 - CBO Study says More Jobs would be Created if ObamaCare were Repealed

6/15/2015 - Clinton Allies may have Illegally Outsourced Jobs, Abused Visa System

May 2015

5/23/2015 - Puff Piece by WaPo Highlights 44% Underemployment Rate by College Grads

5/12/2015 - Obama’s Regulations Cost $80 Billion Annually

5/11/2015 - Obama Believes ObamaCare Created Jobs, but Ignores Statistics

5/5/2015 - Obama Launches Effort to Help Poor, Black Young Men

5/4/2015 - Reagan vs. Obama Economies: Guess Who Wins?

April 2015

4/27/2015 - Businesses Say They Can’t Find Qualified Workers

4/21/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Obama’s Handling of the Economy

4/4/2015 - Thanks, Obama: Weak Economy Worries Analysts

March 2015

3/13/2015 - Government Workers could earn up to $27,000 More than Private Sector Workers

3/10/2015 - Obama’s Next Frontier: $100 Million to Fill Tech Talent Shortage

3/3/2015 - Washington Post Fact-Checker calls out Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Remarks

February 2015

2/19/2015 - Marie Harf: Using Jobs to Combat Terror is Too “Nuanced” for Critics

2/18/2015 - Obama’s Carbon Emission Rules could cost Half a Million Manufacturing Jobs

2/17/2015 - Want a Job? North Dakota is Hiring

2/9/2015 - Government likes to Regulate People out of Jobs

2/4/2015 - Gallup says 5.6% Unemployment Rate is a “Big Lie”

January 2015

1/30/2015 - Senate passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

1/21/2015 - Missed Joni Ernst’s Response to Obama? Read it here

1/12/2015 - GOP needs 4 Votes to Pass Veto-Proof Keystone XL Bill

1/11/2015 - Unemployment Rate Falls, but Wages Flat

1/3/2015 - Liberal Media Keeps Pushing Minimum Wage Myths

December 2014

12/23/2014 - Texas Job Growth outpaces the rest of U.S. Combined

12/22/2014 - Obama: Canada, not America, benefits most from Keystone XL Pipeline

October 2014

10/27/2014 - Hillary Clinton: Businesses and Corporations don’t create Jobs

August 2014

8/12/2014 - Media Loves Jobs Report, but People are Earning LESS than in 2008

September 2013

9/25/2013 - Poll: Americans doubt Economic Recovery under Obama

November 2012

11/5/2012 - New York Daily News Spurns Obama, Backs Romney

September 2012

9/21/2012 - Four in Ten Newspaper Jobs Have Disappeared in the last Ten Years

June 2012

6/11/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Defends Obama Against WashPost Reporter

December 2011

12/13/2011 - MSNBC Is Looking For a Few Good Liberals

September 2011

9/1/2011 - Obama Tells Supporters That He Is “Frustrated” with Congress

August 2011

8/21/2011 - Axelrod Admits That Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Rely on Old Ideas

8/17/2011 - N.Y. Times Frustrated With Obama

8/5/2011 - Media: Lowest Labor Force Participation Rate since 1984 Equals some “good news”

8/5/2011 - ABC’s Jake Tapper Nails Jay Carney on Obama’s Job Creation Plans

June 2011

6/17/2011 - Weiner Who? Pelosi Ignores Scandal to Criticize GOP About Jobs