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Remembering Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

He passed away at the age of 87, but his legacy will last far beyond his lifetime. From Haaretz: Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, prolific author and outspoken activist Elie Wiesel died Saturday at the age of 87. Wiesel was perhaps best known for his major role in promoting Holocaust education, and for perpetuating the […]

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British Labour Party Rocked by Anti-Semitic Scandal

Mostly everyone knew that the party leader Jeremy Corbyn is not too friendly on the topic of Jews and anti-Semitism, so why is this a surprise? Britain’s left-wing Labour Party has secretly suspended 50 of its members over anti-Semitic and racist comments, according to a published report. The Daily Telegraph claims that the issue could […]

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June 2017

6/30/2017 - Gay March in Chicago Booted Gay Jewish Activists for Having Star of David on Flags

March 2017

3/4/2017 - Former Journalist Arrested in Connection to Some of the Bomb Threats against Jewish community centers

February 2017

2/4/2017 - Outrage over Trump White House’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement

July 2016

7/5/2016 - Remembering Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

May 2016

5/3/2016 - Should Jews be Worried about a Muslim Migration into Europe?

5/3/2016 - British Labour Party Rocked by Anti-Semitic Scandal

February 2016

2/11/2016 - Turkey May Normalize Relations with Israel Soon after Jewish Delegation Meets Turkish President

January 2016

1/11/2016 - New York Times Writes about “Jewish Terror” Group in Israel

December 2015

12/21/2015 - Professor, Students Protest Islamophobia by Using Similar Images under Nazi Germany

October 2015

10/13/2015 - Scholar Criticizes New York Times Article Questioning the Jewish Claims to the Temple Mount

September 2015

9/25/2015 - New York Times Defends “Jew Tracker” on the Iran Deal

9/11/2015 - New York Times Launched ‘Jew Tracker’ in light of the Iran Deal

July 2015

7/21/2015 - White House Seeks to Calm Jewish Community over Iran Deal

June 2015

6/17/2015 - Study finds Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Canada

May 2015

5/26/2015 - In Denial: Obama says He’s Pro-Israel

April 2015

4/23/2015 - GOP Courting Jewish Donors after Obama’s Pro-Iran Deal

4/7/2015 - More Anti-Semitism: Swastikas Painted at Northeastern University

February 2015

2/21/2015 - Vanderbilt Law Professor under fire for Anti-Israel Remarks

2/17/2015 - 2 Suspects Arrested for Helping Denmark Gunmen who killed 2 People

2/15/2015 - Police say They Killed Copenhagen Shooter

2/11/2015 - Obama Avoiding the Obvious “Radical Islam” or “Islamist” Terrorism Labels

2/11/2015 - Just Painful: White House defends Obama’s “random” Paris Deli remarks

2/11/2015 - Charles Krauthammer: Obama won’t Admit He was Wrong about Paris Terrorist Attack

January 2015

1/27/2015 - Without Obama, Survivors will Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s Liberation

July 2011

7/7/2011 - Obama’s Jewish Problem