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Islam vs. Christianity in Childbirths: Trends Indicate More Muslim Babies Born in Next 20 Years

It appears that in the next twenty years, babies born to Muslim parents will outpace those born to Christian parents, which goes along with recent trends and predictions: The study confirms previous research predicting that Muslims will be the fastest-growing religious group during the next few decades. In recent years, more babies have been born to […]

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Iran is Trying to Convert People in South and Central America

Iran is trying to expand their sphere of influence: The recent slaughter in Orlando leaves many citizens acutely aware of the dangers posed by Islamic terrorism, however, many Americans have never heard about Iran’s Islamic proselytization efforts in Central and South America. “ …The Iranian regime, for 3½ decades and counting, has been … exporting […]

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April 2017

4/7/2017 - Islam vs. Christianity in Childbirths: Trends Indicate More Muslim Babies Born in Next 20 Years

October 2016

10/21/2016 - Muslim Appreciation Month Arrives at the University of Florida

August 2016

8/3/2016 - Pope Francis Doesn’t Take the Bait on Radical Islam after Murder of French Priest

8/1/2016 - Muslims Attending Mass in Solidarity against ISIS Terrorism

June 2016

6/17/2016 - Iran is Trying to Convert People in South and Central America

May 2016

5/31/2016 - Survey of European Muslims finds 44% Align with Fundamentalist Views

April 2016

4/4/2016 - Air France Stewardesses Upset at Headscarves Order on Iran Flights

4/2/2016 - Obama White House Strikes ‘Islamist Terrorism’ from French Prez Speech

March 2016

3/5/2016 - Hijab-Wearing Professor is Now at Virginia to Research Islam

January 2016

1/30/2016 - Maryland School District Sued for Promoting Islam

1/29/2016 - INFOGRAPHIC: Is Islam the Most Persecuted Group in the U.S.? Nope

1/22/2016 - Professors at Wheaton College Disagree with Firing Professor who Compared Christianity to Islam

1/10/2016 - White House Task Force Targets Violent Extremism, but doesn’t Mention Islam

1/9/2016 - Man Tries to Kill Police Officer in Philly, Claimed Islam as Motivation

1/5/2016 - War on Christians? Iran to Turn Illegally Seized Christian Church into Islam Prayer Hall

1/5/2016 - State Dept Won’t Blame Iran for Attack on Saudi Embassy in Tehran

1/4/2016 - Iran Upset at Saudi Arabia Executing Cleric

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Real Feminism: Gambia Passes Law to Protect Women from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

12/28/2015 - Boko Haram Kills 15 with RPGs and Suicide Bombings

12/25/2015 - Middle East’s Christians are Facing Genocide, but the Liberal Media is Silent

12/20/2015 - Data says Spike in Hate Crimes against Muslim Americans since Paris Terrorist Attacks

12/17/2015 - Harvard: People Worried about Syrian Refugees are Islamophobic

12/17/2015 - San Bernardino Terrorists Buried while FBI Agents Guarded the Funeral

12/17/2015 - Headlines are Wrong: Christian College Puts Professor on Leave over Religion Comments, Not a Hijab

12/15/2015 - Obama White House looking to Combat Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America

12/15/2015 - Saudi Arabia Announces Anti-Terror Alliance of Islamic Nations

12/9/2015 - Pew Research Center: Muslim Population Growth to Surpass Christians at the end of the century

12/7/2015 - Democrats Attend a Prayer Service at a Mosque with Radical Ties, History

12/7/2015 - Free Beacon Analysis: 6 Successful Islamist Terrorist Attacks since 9/11

November 2015

11/28/2015 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Bangladesh Mosque Shooting, but Gov’t Denies It

11/25/2015 - The Left’s Poster Child for the Islamophobic ‘No-Fly’ List Arrested in Turkey as a Part of Terror Cell

11/4/2015 - Michelle Obama to Speak at Event Held by Qatari Foundation that has Radical Clerics

September 2015

9/24/2015 - Stampede Death Toll Hits 310 in Saudi Arabia

9/22/2015 - Ben Carson Stands by Comments on Sharia Muslim President

9/19/2015 - Texas High School Freshman Handed Over to Police after His Homemade Clock Scared a Teacher

9/14/2015 - Is Sweden the Rape Capital of the West, thanks to Immigration?

July 2015

7/6/2015 - Bomb Attacks kill 15 People in Iraq

June 2015

6/4/2015 - Imprisoned Pastor’s Wife says U.S. hasn’t done enough to Free Him

May 2015

5/29/2015 - DC Metro Censors Free Speech, Won’t Run Pamela Geller Ad on Mohammed

5/11/2015 - Juan Williams blasts Pamela Geller for Garland, Texas Event

5/9/2015 - Australia says They Stopped a Melbourne Bomb Plot

5/8/2015 - Associated Press Headlines Make Garland, Texas Shooters the Victims

5/8/2015 - FBI Warned Texas Police about Gunmen’s Interest in Garland, TX Cartoon Event

5/5/2015 - One Shooter at Garland, Texas Event was Monitored for Terrorism for Years

5/5/2015 - Obama Half-Heartedly Defends Free Speech in ISIS’s Garland, Texas Attack

5/5/2015 - Op-Ed: Attack in Garland, Texas is an Attack on Free Speech

5/5/2015 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Failed Attack in Garland, Texas at a Mohammed Cartoon Event

April 2015

4/22/2015 - Obama says There’s Less War than During the Cold War

4/20/2015 - Yemen’s Rebel Leader Refuses to Back Down as Saudi Arabia continues Airstrikes

4/20/2015 - ISIS Murders Ethiopian Christians

4/17/2015 - Migrant Dispute Leads to Muslim Migrants Pushing Christians Off Boat

4/2/2015 - Somali Islamist Terrorists Kill at least 15 People at Kenya University

March 2015

3/30/2015 - Iran Starts Regional War with Sunni Muslims

3/3/2015 - State Department Tweets Anti-Israel Speech by Muslim Cleric

February 2015

2/19/2015 - European Colonialism Modernized Islam

2/18/2015 - Iraq tells United Nations that ISIS is Committing Genocide and War Crimes

2/18/2015 - ISIS burns 45 people alive in Iraq

2/17/2015 - Obama White House Bans Use of “Islamic Extremism” Term at “Violent Extremism” Conference

2/17/2015 - 2 Suspects Arrested for Helping Denmark Gunmen who killed 2 People

2/15/2015 - Female Suicide Bomber kills 16 in Nigeria

2/15/2015 - Islamic State releases Video of Beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya

2/15/2015 - Islamic State is the New al-Qaeda in the Middle East

2/15/2015 - Police say They Killed Copenhagen Shooter

2/15/2015 - Dear Obama: Islamist Terrorism is Real after Copenhagen Shootings leave 2 Dead

January 2015

1/28/2015 - Krauthammer: Obama is the Only One who Doesn’t Know what Radical Islam is

1/20/2015 - Islamic State has $200 Million Ransom for Japanese Hostages

1/17/2015 - Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protests take place across the World

1/15/2015 - Duke University stops Plan to do Muslim Call to Prayer from Chapel

1/15/2015 - Obama criticized for Lack of Strong Response to Terrorism

1/15/2015 - Belgian Charlie Hebdo-type Attack averted after Successful Raid

1/14/2015 - Charlie Hebdo Terrorists were Funded from Overseas, France says

1/14/2015 - al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen Claims Responsibility for Charlie Hebdo Attack

1/8/2015 - Liberal News Media Scared of Airing Mohammed Cartoon

1/8/2015 - Howard Dean: Don’t Call Charlie Hebdo Terrorists “Muslim Terrorists”

1/8/2015 - Charlie Hebdo Attackers holed up in small French town outside Paris

July 2014

7/20/2014 - Iran seeks an Extension of Nuclear Talks as the West Cowers in Fear

June 2014

6/24/2014 - Sudanese Christian Women Freed then Rearrested after “Unprecedented” International Pressure

January 2014

1/26/2014 - That’s One Way to Do It: Iraq Hangs Terrorists for Crimes

December 2013

12/19/2013 - Justice Served? Two Muslims found Guilty of Brutally Killing a British Soldier

October 2013

10/5/2013 - No Turkish Delight: EU turns Cold Shoulder to Turkey

August 2013

8/31/2013 - Lebanon arrests 2 Suspects in Mosque Bombings

8/30/2013 - Iraq: More al-Qaeda Bomb Attacks kill 71

8/26/2013 - Twin Bombings hit Lebanese Mosques, kill at least 27

8/13/2013 - Syrian Civil War Spillover in Lebanon: Gunmen Shoot Mayor, kill 2 others

8/12/2013 - Al-Qaeda sets off Series of Iraq Bombings; Kill up to 50 Iraqis

June 2013

6/28/2013 - Iraqi Violence surges as 10 Car Bombs kill 39

6/5/2013 - Iraqi violence leaves 1,000 dead in May

May 2013

5/26/2013 - Myanmar (Burma) Muslims kill Buddhist Monk

5/21/2013 - Iraq post-U.S.: Car Bombs and Violence Galore

5/21/2012 - Washington Post Hires Left-wing Blogger to Bash Conservatives

June 2011

6/20/2011 - Politically Correct Prison Recruitment