Accuracy in Media

October 2016

10/15/2016 - American Hero’s Remains are Home: Pilot Defended Trapped Troops in Iraq

10/15/2016 - Stop Saying the Iraq War was a Mistake, says Military Website Writer

September 2016

9/9/2016 - CNN Does It Again: Headline Fact-Checks Trump, but No Article about Hillary Clinton

February 2016

2/27/2016 - 2nd Iraq War Veteran Beaten in D.C., Same Night as the Other Veteran

2/19/2016 - Footage Released of Iraq War Veteran Being Beaten by Assailants

May 2015

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton actually answered Iraq War Question, Finally

5/15/2015 - Media Focuses on Jeb Bush’s Iraq Comment, but Not Hillary’s Iraq War Vote

February 2015

2/5/2015 - “Brian Williams Misremembers” Memes Galore