Accuracy in Media

Even the New York Times Admits Email Scandal Damaged Hillary Clinton

From the Washington Examiner: The left-leaning New York Times editorial board on Tuesday backed up the FBI director’s denunciation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of sensitive government material during her tenure as head of the State Department. After FBI chief James Comey’s lengthy rebuke of Clinton, the Times said the Democratic nominee “has done damage to […]

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Hillary Pleads Case with NEA

After obtaining the recommendation of the National Education Association for president, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, spoke at the NEA’s convention in Washington, D.C. today. According to NEA’s website, in order to win the organization’s recommendation, the candidates must complete a questionnaire and then sit for an in-person, videotaped interview with the NEA president. […]

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Indicted Democratic Congressman Resigned, Effective Immediately

From the Washington Examiner: Rep. Chaka Fattah resigned from Congress Thursday, effective immediately. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who has represented West Philadelphia since 1995, was found guilty Tuesday of all the federal corruption charges he faced. Fattah lost his seat in the April primary to state Rep. Dwight Evans. Fattah is out on bail ahead of […]

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July 2016

7/12/2016 - ABC News Buries Lede that 56% of Americans Disagree with FBI Not Seeking Indictment of Hillary Clinton

7/11/2016 - Hillary Clinton in Denial, Won’t Admit She Sent Classified Information

7/11/2016 - Hillary Clinton Won’t Confirm If She’ll Cooperate with State Dept Investigation

7/8/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: FBI Recommends No Indictment of Hillary Clinton

7/7/2016 - No Surprise: Dept of Justice Won’t Charge Hillary Clinton after FBI’s Decision on Emails

7/6/2016 - ABC News: FBI Contradicted Hillary Clinton’s Emails Claims

7/6/2016 - Even the New York Times Admits Email Scandal Damaged Hillary Clinton

7/5/2016 - Hillary Pleads Case with NEA

7/5/2016 - FBI Won’t Recommend Pressing Charges against Hillary Clinton Over Secret Emails

June 2016

6/24/2016 - Indicted Democratic Congressman Resigned, Effective Immediately

6/22/2016 - CBS Mentions Indicted Pennsylvania Congressman is a Democrat in the …3rd Paragraph

6/16/2016 - Government Fraud Scandal: $1.3 Million Scheme Allegedly Run by Government Official for Her Family Members

May 2016

5/2/2016 - Pro-Life Activists Reject Plea Deals in Exposing Planned Parenthood Organ Harvesting

April 2016

4/5/2016 - ‘Fear of Losing’ may lead to No Indictment against Hillary Clinton Over Emails

February 2016

2/1/2016 - FBI Director May Indict Hillary Clinton over Emails, Classified Information

2/1/2016 - Huh? White House believes Hillary Clinton Won’t be Indicted

January 2016

1/25/2016 - Huh? Grand Jury Indicts Center for Medical Progress Activists, Not Planned Parenthood

1/6/2016 - Hillary Clinton could face an Indictment over Her Emails