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CNN Compared VP Mike Pence’s Email Revelation to Hillary Clinton, but Washington Post Disagrees

CNN’s article continued to reference Hillary Clinton’s exclusive and illegal use of private e-mails to conduct State Department (i.e. federal government) business with Vice President Mike Pence’s use of a private e-mail account at AOL to conduct political business. However, the Washington Post disagreed with the liberal misinformation and pointed out that Pence used the […]

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CBS News Covered Possible Voter Fraud in Indiana

But we thought voter fraud was a conservative myth? Looks like conservatives have been proven correctly, in the case of dead people voting in elections. We spoke about voter fraud with Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky in a recent Bias Buzz podcast. You can tune into the SoundCloud link below OR the YouTube recording:

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Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Running Mate

In a nod to Mike Pence’s social conservatism, Donald Trump selected the embattled Indiana Republican governor to appease the conservative base. However, the initial reaction from social media is not enthusiastic, considering Pence isn’t overwhelmingly adored in his home state (he ranks 33rd among governors in positive approval rating, per ). Photo by DarrylSmithPhotog

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March 2017

3/6/2017 - CNN Compared VP Mike Pence’s Email Revelation to Hillary Clinton, but Washington Post Disagrees

October 2016

10/27/2016 - CBS News Covered Possible Voter Fraud in Indiana

July 2016

7/17/2016 - Mike Pence is Not a Good Choice for Trump as VP, says Writer

7/15/2016 - Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Running Mate

7/15/2016 - NBC News Outlines How Democrats will Attack Mike Pence, Potential Trump VP Pick

May 2016

5/4/2016 - Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary Clinton in Indiana

5/4/2016 - Ted Cruz Suspends Presidential Campaign

5/4/2016 - Donald Trump Sweeps Indiana, Almost Assured the GOP Nomination

5/3/2016 - Cruz Should Stay in the Race, Win or Lose in Indiana, says Cruz Supporter

5/3/2016 - Out of Time? Polling Shows Cruz May Lose Indiana GOP Primary

5/3/2016 - Poll finds Trump, Clinton are Perceived to be the Party Nominees

5/2/2016 - Poll: Cruz Leads Trump by Double Digits in Indiana

April 2016

4/21/2016 - Donald Trump Calls the Media “Dishonest;” Gives them Credit for Helping His Campaign [Video]

4/7/2016 - The Liberal Media Hates Religious Freedom

August 2015

8/28/2015 - Election Group finds 141 U.S. Counties have More Registered Voters than People

April 2015

4/8/2015 - Dear Hillary Clinton: Your Husband, Bill, Passed RFRA Laws back in the Day

4/4/2015 - CBS Employee Silent after She Flagged Memories Pizza GoFundMe Crowdfund

4/4/2015 - Memories Pizza gets over $842,000 in Crowdfunding Campaign

4/3/2015 - Crowdfunding Helps Memories Pizza Hits $740K and Closes Tonight!

4/2/2015 - Indiana Set to Pass Anti-Discrimination Law after Media Outcry and Lies about RFRA

4/1/2015 - Media’s Heads Explode after Arkansas passes RFRA Law, Similar to Indiana’s

4/1/2015 - Reporters Join In on Slamming Indiana’s RFRA Law, Exposing Biases

March 2015

3/31/2015 - So Many Media Lies in the Indiana RFRA ‘Controversy’

3/30/2015 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Media Created a “Red Herring” with RFRA Outrage

3/30/2015 - Have Questions about Indiana’s RFRA? The Federalist has Answers

3/29/2015 - SalesForce CEO Blasts Indiana for RFRA, but Does Business in Communist China

3/29/2015 - Hey Liberals: Bill Clinton Signed a RFRA Bill First, but Where’s the Outrage?

3/29/2015 - Indiana’s RFRA doesn’t Discriminate against Gays

3/29/2015 - Indiana Governor supports Clarifying Religious Objections Law

3/1/2015 - Mike Pence hints at potential 2016 Bid

February 2015

2/23/2015 - Indiana Governor Mike Pence weighs 2016 Bid

January 2015

1/27/2015 - Journalists Criticize Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Plan to Launch State-Run News Outlet